Afternoon Tea with Wonderdays A Delightful Respite

Step into a world of refined elegance, where delicate finger sandwiches and fluffy scones meet steaming cups of aromatic tea. Afternoon tea, a cherished tradition steeped in history, beckons you to slow down, savor the moment, and indulge in a delightful social ritual.

A Timeless Tradition: A Look Back at Afternoon Tea’s Origins

The concept of can be traced back to 17th-century England. Back then, the upper class typically consumed two main meals: a hearty breakfast and a late dinner. The story goes that Duchess Anna, wife of the 7th Duke of Bedford, felt peckish around four o’clock in the afternoon. To satisfy her craving, she requested a light refreshment of tea, bread, and butter.

By the Victorian era (1837-1901), afternoon tea had become a cornerstone of aristocratic social life. Elaborate tea services featuring fine china and dainty sandwiches became a symbol of refinement and social status. Over time, the tradition trickled down to the middle class, transforming into a beloved ritual enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

A Symphony of Sweet and Savory: The Delights of Afternoon Tea Fare

The quintessential afternoon tea menu revolves around a delightful combination of sweet and savory treats. Here’s a breakdown of the customary offerings:

Finger Sandwiches: These bite-sized delights come in various fillings, often featuring crustless bread.

Scones: Freshly baked scones, often served warm, are a quintessential element. Enjoy them plain or indulge in the classic pairing of clotted cream and jam. Raisin scones offer a delightful twist.

Pastries and Cakes: A selection of sweet treats completes the experience. Delicate pastries like éclairs, cream puffs, and fruit tarts tantalize the taste buds. Small slices of rich cakes, such as Victoria sponge cake or Battenberg cake, are also common offerings.

Tea: No is complete without a perfectly brewed cup or Earl Grey offers alternative flavor profiles.

The specific selection of food items can vary depending on the occasion, time of day, and regional preferences.  Some establishments might offer themed menus, featuring seasonal ingredients or celebrating special events.

WonderDays’ Afternoon Tea Experiences

WonderDays Partnership: might mention partnerships with hotels, restaurants, or event venues that offer afternoon tea experiences. Check their “experiences” section or search for keywords like or “partner experiences” to see if they have any collaborations.

Afternoon Tea Near WonderDays Tracks: If you know the location of your WonderDays driving experience, you can research afternoon tea options nearby.

Alternative Afternoon Tea Experiences:

Themed Tea:  Consider an experience with a theme that complements your driving experience.  For example, if you’re driving a luxury car, a high-end champagne might be a fitting choice.

Relaxing Pre-Drive Ritual:  An experience could be a relaxing pre-drive ritual before your WonderDays experience. Enjoy a delightful spread of scones, sandwiches, and tea, then head to the racetrack feeling refreshed and ready for your driving adventure.

Overall, while WonderDays might not offer standalone afternoon tea experiences, you can explore partnership options on their website or research afternoon tea locations near their tracks to create a delightful add-on to your driving adventure.


Does WonderDays offer afternoon tea as part of their driving experiences?

Not directly. WonderDays focuses on driving experiences, but they might have partnerships with establishments offering afternoon tea. Check their website’s “Experiences” section or search for keywords like “afternoon tea” or “partner experiences” to see if any collaborations exist.

Can I have afternoon tea delivered to enjoy after my driving experience?

While WonderDays might not offer delivery themselves, some restaurants and cafes do. Coordinate a delivery to your hotel or accommodation near the track, creating your own luxurious tea haven.

Is it okay to pack a picnic tea to enjoy after driving?

Absolutely! Pack a basket with homemade finger sandwiches, scones, pastries, and your favorite tea. Find a scenic spot near the track to unwind and savor your picnic tea after your thrilling drive.

What is the difference between afternoon tea and high tea?

It is typically features a lighter menu with finger sandwiches, scones, and pastries, while high tea can be a more substantial meal with additional savory options like quiches or sausage rolls.

Are there any fun afternoon tea themes I could incorporate after my WonderDays experience?

Absolutely! Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

Formula One Fanatic:  Embrace your inner racing enthusiast with a checkered flag tablecloth, miniature car cupcake toppers, and finger sandwiches cut into car shapes.

Vintage Chic: Channel the glamour of a bygone era with mismatched vintage china, floral arrangements, and delicate finger sandwiches with cucumber and smoked salmon.

Global Flavors: Take inspiration from the car you drove! If you piloted a German sports car, consider offering miniature pretzels, sausages, and Black Forest cake bites.

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