FC Crotone’s Rise: 2000-2001 Season

FC Crotone, the underdog club from Calabria, Italy, has a rich history of defying expectations. This article delves into the 2000-2001 season, a pivotal chapter in their journey. 

Relegated to Serie C1 just a year prior, Crotone embarked on a campaign marked by resilience, tactical nous, and a sprinkle of magic.

A Club Reborn

The year 2000 found FC Crotone in Serie C1, the third tier of Italian football. Relegation from Serie B the previous season cast a shadow, but a new era was dawning.  

The club, nicknamed “Squali” (The Sharks), was under the guidance of President Raffaele Vrenna, a man determined to see Crotone rise again.

Building the Squad: A Focus on Grit

The management, led by sporting director Eugenio Koren, opted for a pragmatic approach. They assembled a squad built on experience and a strong work ethic. Players like goalkeeper Eugenio Pini, the ever-reliable defender Ciccio Marino, and the creative spark of midfield maestro Francesco Modesto brought leadership and tactical discipline.

Upfront, the arrival of the prolific Carmine Gautieri, a seasoned striker with a nose for goal, proved to be a masterstroke.  Crotone also nurtured young talent, with the likes of midfielders Giuseppe Abonizio and Fabio Levarella showcasing their potential.

The Tactical Mastermind: Francesco Miceli

At the helm was manager Francesco Miceli, a coach known for his meticulous planning and defensive solidity.  His preferred 4-4-2 formation emphasized organization, with a focus on quick transitions and exploiting counter-attacking opportunities.  Miceli instilled a never-say-die attitude in his players, a vital ingredient for their success.

The Grueling Grind of Serie C1

Serie C1 was a notoriously competitive league.  Crotone faced established clubs like Avellino, Salernitana, and Messina.  

The season began with a mixed bag of results, but the Squali slowly found their rhythm.  Miceli’s tactics proved effective, with Pini marshalling a resolute defense and Gautieri converting chances with predatory efficiency.

Midseason Surge and a Glimpse of Glory

The turning point came around the halfway mark.  Crotone embarked on a winning streak, showcasing their newfound confidence.  Gautieri netted crucial goals, while Abonizio and Levarella provided creativity in midfield.  The defensive unit, marshalled by Marino, remained resolute.

By the season’s end, Crotone found themselves locked in a thrilling promotion battle.  Every match became a nerve-wracking affair, with passionate supporters filling the Stadio Ezio Scida to cheer on their heroes.

The Dramatic Climax and a Return to Serie B

The final few games were a rollercoaster of emotions.  Crotone faced direct rivals in crucial clashes, and each victory was met with euphoric celebrations.  In the end, they emerged triumphant.  

Crotone secured promotion back to Serie B, a testament to their unwavering determination and tactical prowess.

The Gautieri Factor: A Talismanic Figure

Carmine Gautieri emerged as the hero of the season.  His 25 goals were instrumental in propelling Crotone towards promotion.  His clinical finishing and ability to score in clutch moments made him a fan favorite.  

Gautieri’s performances not only earned him the Capocannoniere (top scorer) award in Serie C1 but also garnered him the respect of opponents and solidified his place in Crotone folklore.

A Stepping Stone to Greater Heights

The 2000-2001 season was a defining moment for FC Crotone.  It marked their return to Serie B and showcased their potential to compete at a higher level.  

The lessons learned from that grueling campaign – the importance of a strong work ethic, tactical discipline, and a touch of magic – would serve them well in the years to come.


What is FC Crotone’s highest league position?

FC Crotone’s highest league position was achieved in the 2016-2017 Serie A season, where they finished in a remarkable 17th place. This was a historic feat for the club, having battled their way up from the depths of Serie C1.

What league is FC Crotone currently in (as of June 20, 2024)?

Currently, FC Crotone resides in Serie B, the second tier of Italian football.  The 2023-2024 season saw them narrowly miss out on promotion back to Serie A, finishing in a respectable playoff position.

How many times has FC Crotone been promoted to Serie A?

The Sharks have achieved promotion to Serie A a total of three times in their history. The first came in the 2016-2017 season, followed by a brief return in 2018-2019. Their most recent promotion was secured in 2021-2022.

What are some of FC Crotone’s most memorable finishes in the Serie A table?

While their Serie A stints have been short-lived, Crotone has produced some impressive results. The 17th-place finish in 2016-2017 stands out, showcasing their ability to compete against established top-flight teams. Additionally, their fight for survival in 2021-2022, despite ultimately being relegated, displayed their unwavering spirit.

How have FC Crotone’s standings fluctuated throughout the years?

FC Crotone’s journey has been one of perseverance. They have cycled through all three tiers of Italian football (Serie A, Serie B, and Serie C) multiple times. Relegations have been followed by determined promotions, demonstrating the club’s resilience and ability to bounce back from setbacks.

What factors have contributed to FC Crotone’s fluctuating standings?

Several factors influence Crotone’s position in the league table.  Financial limitations compared to bigger clubs often restrict their ability to attract top players.  However, shrewd management and a strong focus on youth development have helped them compete.  Additionally, the impact of managers like Francesco Miceli, who instilled a winning mentality, has proven crucial during promotion campaigns.

How do FC Crotone’s standings compare to other Calabrian clubs?

Crotone is the most successful club from Calabria in recent times.  Their Serie A appearances place them above other regional teams.  However, clubs like Reggina and Catanzaro have also had top-flight experiences, making for interesting rivalries within the region.

What are the expectations for FC Crotone’s future standings?

The future looks promising for the Squali.  Their recent promotion pushes to Serie A show ambition.  The club’s focus on youth development, coupled with strategic acquisitions, could see them establish themselves in Serie B and potentially challenge for another Serie A promotion in the coming seasons.

FC Crotone’s 2000-2001 season is a story of resilience and unwavering determination. They defied the odds, rising from the ashes of relegation to achieve promotion back to Serie B. 

This campaign laid the foundation for future success, establishing Crotone as a force to be reckoned with in the lower echelons of Italian football.  

The spirit of that season – the fight, the belief, and the unwavering passion – continues to inspire generations of Crotone supporters and players alike.

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