FIFA 23 Ultimate Team™: 92+ Attacker Icon Upgrade Guide

The beautiful game comes alive in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team™ (FUT 23), where building a dream squad is an ongoing quest. Strikers with legendary finishing, wingers with electrifying pace – these attackers are the difference between a nail-biting defeat and a glorious victory. 

The 92+ Attacker Icon Upgrade, a special Squad Building Challenge (SBC) introduced during the Futties promo, presented a golden opportunity to bolster your frontline with a guaranteed high-rated attacker icon. 

This comprehensive guide delves into everything you need to know about this coveted SBC, including its requirements, potential rewards, strategies for completion, and the impact these iconic attackers can have on your team.

Understanding the 92+ Attacker Icon Upgrade

The 92+ Attacker Icon Upgrade SBC was a unique challenge within the Futties promo, designed to reward players with a coveted icon attacker card. Unlike traditional packs, which rely on chance, this SBC guaranteed a high-rated attacker icon, adding a touch of certainty to the squad-building process.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

Reward: One Icon Attacker card with an overall rating of 92 or higher.

Focus: The reward pool exclusively included attackers, specifically Strikers (ST), 

Centre-Forwards (CF), Left Wingers (LW), and Right Wingers (RW).

Requirement: Submitting squads that met specific player rating and chemistry thresholds.

The high minimum rating for the reward pool (92+) meant only the most prestigious icon attackers were obtainable. This included legendary names like Pelé, Ronaldo (R9), Cruyff, and many more.

Requirements and Strategies for Completing the SBC

While the allure of a top-tier icon attacker was undeniable, the SBC presented a significant challenge. Here’s a closer look at the requirements and strategies for successful completion:

Understanding the Requirements:

The specific requirements for the SBC could vary depending on the event date and potential updates by EA Sports. However, the general format typically involved submitting multiple squads, each adhering to specific criteria:

Squad 1: This squad might have required a minimum overall rating (e.g., 84) and a certain chemistry threshold (e.g., 50). Players from a specific league or nation might also be included.

Squad 2: This squad could have demanded a higher overall rating (e.g., 86) and a stricter chemistry requirement (e.g., 60). Additionally, including a certain number of in-form players could be necessary.

Squad 3: The final squad might have been the most demanding, requiring a very high overall rating (e.g., 88) and a near-perfect chemistry (e.g., 70). Specific player types (e. g., Rare) might also be mandated.

Strategies for Completion:

Planning and Preparation: Researching potential icon attackers in the reward pool is crucial. This helps you tailor your strategy towards building squads that utilize specific league or nation requirements, maximizing chemistry and potentially saving on valuable resources.

Squad Building Tips: Utilize squad builders available online or on mobile apps. Experiment with different player combinations to find the most cost-effective solutions that meet the SBC requirements.

Trading and Investment: The transfer market is your friend. Invest wisely in players anticipated to rise in value due to SBC demand. Utilize expired SBCs and objectives that reward untradeable packs to generate fodder (low-rated players) for squad submissions.

Completion During Promo Events: Certain promo events, like Flash Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), can offer valuable high-rated players or packs at a discount. Time your SBC completion strategically to take advantage of these opportunities.

Remember, patience and a calculated approach are key to successfully completing this high-value SBC.

The Alluring Rewards: Potential Icon Attackers

The true prize of the 92+ Attacker Icon Upgrade was the guaranteed high-rated attacker icon card. Here’s a glimpse into the types of legendary attackers you could have potentially obtained:

Iconic Strikers and Centre-Forwards:

Pelé: The undisputed king of football, Pelé boasted exceptional dribbling, finishing, and passing, making him a nightmare for any defender.

Ronaldo (R9): The “Phenomenon” was renowned for his lightning-fast pace, incredible dribbling skills, and a clinical eye for goal.

Gerd Müller: A prolific goalscorer with exceptional positioning and finishing, Müller could single-handedly win you matches.


What was the reward for the 92+ Attacker Icon Upgrade?

This SBC guaranteed you one Icon Attacker card with an overall rating of 92 or higher. This pool included legendary Strikers (ST), Centre-Forwards (CF), Left Wingers (LW), and Right Wingers (RW).

What were the requirements for completing the SBC?

The specific requirements could vary, but typically involved submitting multiple squads with increasing difficulty. Each squad needed to meet specific overall rating and chemistry thresholds. Additionally, specific leagues, nations, player types (e.g., In-Form) or rarities (e.g., Rare) might be required.

How could I complete the SBC efficiently?

Planning was crucial! Researching potential icon attackers helped tailor your squad building towards specific league or nation requirements, maximizing chemistry and potentially saving resources. Utilize online squad builders and experiment with different player combinations.

Could I use untradeable players in the SBC?

Absolutely! Completing expired SBCs and objectives that rewarded untradeable packs generated valuable “fodder” (low-rated players) for squad submissions.

Was there a good time to complete the SBC?

Yes! Events like Flash SBCs could offer valuable high-rated players or discounted packs. Strategically timing your completion during such promotions could be advantageous.

Who were some of the potential Icon Attackers I could have obtained?

The pool included legendary figures like:

Strikers/CFs: Pelé (exceptional dribbling, finishing, passing), Ronaldo (R9) (lightning pace, dribbling, clinical finishing), Gerd Müller (prolific goalscorer, positioning)

Wingers: Garrincha (“Little Bird” with incredible dribbling and crossing), George Best (majestic dribbling, creativity)

Did I need to spend real money to complete the SBC?

Not necessarily. Skillful trading, utilizing untradeable rewards, and smart planning could lead to completion without real-money spending. However, depending on market prices and your existing resources, it might have been helpful.

Was the 92+ Attacker Icon Upgrade worth it?

For many, adding a true footballing legend to their team was invaluable. These high-rated icons offered exceptional skillsets and a significant boost to squad performance.

Is the 92+ Attacker Icon Upgrade still available?

Since SBCs are constantly evolving, this specific upgrade might not be available in future versions of FUT. However, the strategies discussed here (planning, resource management) remain valuable for future challenges.

What are some alternatives to the 92+ Attacker Icon Upgrade?

FUT offers various ways to acquire high-rated attackers. Consider completing other SBCs, participating in Weekend League rewards, or grinding through objectives that offer high-rated player picks. The transfer market can also be an option, but requires careful investment and trading strategies.

The 92+ Attacker Icon Upgrade offered a unique opportunity in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. While the challenge was significant, the reward – a guaranteed high-rated attacker icon – was a game-changer. These legendary players, with their unmatched skillsets and historical significance, could elevate your squad to a whole new level.

However, it’s important to remember that SBCs are constantly evolving, and the 92+ Attacker Icon Upgrade might not be available in future iterations of FUT. But the lessons learned here – planning, strategizing, and maximizing resources – remain valuable for tackling any future SBC.

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