A Tale of Two Teams: A.S. Roma vs Salernitana Standings

While the top of the Serie A table boasts a battle between perennial giants, a different kind of story unfolds further down the standings. AS Roma and US Salernitana, two clubs from the Italian capital region, currently find themselves at opposite ends of the Serie A spectrum. This article dives into a.s. roma vs salernitana standings current positions, how they arrived there, and what the rest of the season might hold.

AS Roma: Rebuilding for Glory

A Season of Transition: AS Roma enters the 2023-24 season under a new manager, José Mourinho, following the departure of Paulo Fonseca. The “Special One” brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success, tasked with revitalizing a club that finished a disappointing sixth in the previous season.

Early Season Struggles: Mourinho’s tenure began with a mixed bag of results. While they secured impressive victories against weaker teams, inconsistent performances against stronger opponents left fans questioning the team’s overall direction. Injuries to key players like Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham further hampered their progress.

Finding their Footing: As the season progressed, Roma began to find their rhythm under Mourinho’s pragmatic approach. They tightened up defensively, with Chris Smalling and Gianluca Mancini forming a formidable partnership at the back. New signings like Rick Karsdorp at right-back and the creative midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan added depth and experience to the squad.

Current Standings: At the time of writing (July 9, 2024), AS Roma sits comfortably in sixth place. They are well within reach of the coveted Champions League spots, just five points behind fourth-placed Atalanta. While consistency remains a concern, the Giallorossi faithful are cautiously optimistic about the team’s chances under Mourinho’s leadership.

Key Questions for Roma: Can Roma maintain their form and secure a Champions League spot? Will Mourinho be able to integrate new signings effectively in the upcoming transfer window? Can key players like Pellegrini and Abraham stay fit and replicate their past performances?

US Salernitana: Battling Relegation

A Return to the Top Flight: After a 22-year absence from Serie A, US Salernitana made a triumphant return to the top flight in 2023. However, the joy of promotion was quickly overshadowed by the daunting task of avoiding relegation.

Underdog Status: Salernitana entered the season with a squad lacking experience in Serie A. The departure of key players who helped them achieve promotion further weakened their position. Financial constraints limited their ability to significantly strengthen the squad in the transfer window.

A Fight for Survival: As expected, Salernitana has found itself embroiled in a relegation battle. Their attacking play has been decent, with Franck Ribéry’s experience proving valuable. However, a leaky defense has conceded the most goals in the league so far.

Current Standings: Salernitana currently occupies the dreaded 20th position in the Serie A table. They are six points adrift of safety with 11 games remaining. The upcoming fixtures include clashes against several top teams, making their fight for survival even more challenging.

Key Questions for Salernitana: Can Salernitana pull off a miraculous escape from relegation? Will they be able to strengthen their defense in the January transfer window?

The Capital Clash: A Tale of Two Cities

The upcoming Serie A fixture between AS Roma and US Salernitana holds special significance beyond the three points at stake. It’s a clash between two teams from the same city, representing opposite ends of the footballing spectrum.

For Roma, a victory would solidify their Champions League aspirations. For Salernitana, it could be a crucial step towards avoiding relegation. The passionate Roman fans will undoubtedly create a charged atmosphere at the Stadio Olimpico, adding another layer of intrigue to this local derby.

Beyond the Standings: A Look Ahead

Roma’s Future: While currently in a good position, Roma’s future success depends on several factors. Mourinho’s ability to continue motivating the players and integrate new signings will be crucial. Additionally, the development of young talents like Cristian Volpato and Felix Afena-Gyan will be essential for long-term success.

Salernitana’s Fight: Salernitana’s fight for survival hinges on their ability to tighten up their defense. Bringing in experienced defenders during the January transfer window could be a game-changer. The performance of key players like Franck Ribéry and their young star Simone Verdi will also be critical.

A Shared City, Divided Destinies: The upcoming clash between Roma and Salernitana promises to be a captivating encounter. While they share the same city, their current positions in the Serie A table paint a contrasting picture.


Q: What are the current standings for AS Roma and Salernitana?

A: As of today, July 9th, 2024, there is no active Serie A season happening. The latest Serie A season concluded in May 2024. Based on the available information, here’s what we know about the last season’s standings:

AS Roma: Secured 6th place.

Salernitana: Finished the season in 20th place, which unfortunately meant relegation to Serie B.

Q: Where can I find the official Serie A standings?

A: The official Serie A website (https://www.legaseriea.it/en) publishes the league table throughout the season. You can also find the standings on various sports news websites and apps.

Q: Why did Salernitana get relegated?

A: Teams finishing in the bottom three places of Serie A are relegated to Serie B, the second division of Italian football. Salernitana’s performance throughout the season likely resulted in them accumulating fewer points than the teams above them, leading to their relegation.

Q: How did AS Roma perform last season?

A: By finishing 6th, AS Roma achieved a respectable position in Serie A. This placement might have secured them a spot in European competitions like the Europa Conference League or the Europa League itself, depending on the cup winners and other factors.

Q: What is the head-to-head record between AS Roma and Salernitana?

A: Looking at historical data, AS Roma has generally dominated the head-to-head record against Salernitana. However, for specific details and recent results, you can search for “AS Roma vs Salernitana Head to Head” on websites like AiScore or Flashscore.

Q: Will AS Roma and Salernitana play each other again soon?

A: It depends. If both teams are placed in Serie A for the upcoming season (starting around August 2024), they will definitely face each other twice during the season. However, since Salernitana was relegated last season, they won’t play in Serie A in 2024-2025. They would need to achieve promotion from Serie B to meet AS Roma again in the top division.

Q: Where can I find information about the upcoming Serie A season?

A: The official Serie A website and reputable sports news sources will start releasing information about the upcoming season closer to the start date (usually in August). This will include the fixtures, including which teams will play each other.

Q: Can I watch AS Roma and Salernitana matches online?

A: Broadcast rights for Serie A matches vary depending on your location. Streaming services or television channels might hold the rights to show the games. It’s best to check with your local providers closer to the season kickoff.

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