Al-Ittihad’s star power: Saudi giants to fear

Al-Ittihad, the “Tigers of Jeddah”, have continuously been a powerhouse in Saudi Middle eastern football. With a later administrative shakeup and a squad boasting a blend of world-class encounters and energising youthful abilities, Al-Ittihad is balanced to overwhelm the 2023-2024 season. Let’s dive into a few of the key players who will be instrumental in their success.

Veteran Pioneers Clearing the Way:

Al-Ittihad brags an imposing assaulting constraint, initiated by none other than French striker Karim Benzema. 

Benzema’s encounter and goal scoring ability are verifiable, having demonstrated himself time and once more at Genuine Madrid. Near him is the ever-reliable Abderrazak Hamdallah, a deadly finisher with a talent for finding the net in the Saudi Professional League.

In midfield, N’Golo Kanté brings his resolute work ethic and world-class cautiousness. Joining him is the inventive maestro Fabinho, known for his brilliantly passing and capacity to control the beat of the diversion. 

These experienced veterans give a solid establishment for the more youthful players to thrive.

Rising Stars on the Horizon:

Al-Ittihad is not a fair approximate built up name. The club has moreover contributed intensely in youthful Saudi Middle eastern ability. 

Winger Fawaz Al-Sqoor is a title to observe, his pace and aptitude on the right flank posture a steady danger to resistance protections. In central defence, youthful weapons Talal Haji and Sultan Al-Farhan are learning from the likes of Marcelo Vieira and displaying their potential.

This mix of encounter and energetic abundance makes Al-Ittihad an energising group to observe. 

The veterans give direction and authority, whereas the adolescents bring new vitality and a starvation to demonstrate themselves.

Al-Ittihad’s Energetic Team: Benzema and Hamdallah

Al-Ittihad’s assaulting drive is without a doubt one of the most talked-about viewpoints of the group. 

The entry of Karim Benzema near the existing vicinity of Abderrazak Hamdallah has fans buzzing with expectation. 

But can these two unfathomably diverse strikers fashion a clairvoyant association, or will their styles clash?

Benzema: The Clinical Finisher 

Karim Benzema is a family title. An enhanced striker with a long time of encounter at the most noteworthy level, Benzema brings a richness of composure and wrapping up capacity to Al-Ittihad. 

His development off the ball and capacity to discover space in the punishment region are moment to none. He flourishes on making chances for himself and changing over half-opportunities into goals.

Hamdallah: The Persistent Poacher

Abderrazak Hamdallah is a diverse breed of striker. Known for his tenacious work ethic and savage instinctual in the box, Hamdallah is a steady danger. 

He doesn’t require expanded build-up play; a flick-on, a free ball in the region – that’s all it takes for him to jump and discover the net.

Can They Co-Exist?

The address remains: can these differentiating styles complement each other, or will they battle to discover a beat playing together?

There’s a chance they may frame an annihilating organisation. Benzema’s capacity to make Hamdallah wrap up. 

Envision Benzema dropping profoundly to get the ball, weaving through protectors, and slipping a flawlessly weighted pass for Hamdallah to crush home.

However, there are too many challenges. Benzema flourishes with a supporting cast that can make space for him. If Hamdallah possesses the same ranges, it might disturb Benzema’s common game.

Only Time Will Tell:

The victory of this assaulting team pivots on supervisor Marcelo Gallardo. Can he plan a framework that utilises both players’ qualities? Pre-season and the introductory matches of the season will be significant in deciding if Benzema and Hamdallah can end up the goal-scoring machine Al-Ittihad fans are trusting for.

Al-Ittihad’s Spine: The Cautious Divider Stands Strong

While Al-Ittihad’s star control lies in assault, their victory intensely depends on the robustness of their defence. 

Director Marcelo Gallardo has built an imposing backline that mixes encounters with promising youth. Here’s a closer look at the protectors who will be imperative in keeping clean sheets for the Tigers of Jeddah.

Experience Rules Preeminent: Al-Mayouf and the Veterans

Goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Mayouf is the foundation of Al-Ittihad’s defence. His reflexes, shot-stopping capacity, and encounter commanding his range make him a divider against contradicting assaults. 

In front of him, guards like Osama Hawsawi and Marcelo Vieira bring a richness of involvement and administration. Hawsawi, a stalwart of the Saudi national group, is known for his airborne ability and capacity to marshal the defence. 

Marcelo Vieira, the amazing Brazilian centre-back, includes strategic nous and calmness to the backline, indeed at the dusk of his career.

The Challenge: Building Cohesion

While Al-Ittihad gloats a solid protective unit on paper, the genuine test lies in how rapidly they can gel as a unit. Joining youthful players with nearby experienced veterans requires a period of alteration. Marcelo Gallardo’s strategic approach and capacity to get his shields working in match ups will be crucial.

A Divider to be Feared

If Al-Ittihad’s youthful shields can learn from the encounter around them and adjust to the demands of top-flight football, they have the potential to frame an imposing cautious association for a long time to come. 

With a solid backline to complement their star-studded assault, Al-Ittihad has all the pieces in place to challenge for trophies on different fronts.

In Summary:

With a squad brimming with ability and an unused supervisor in the highly-respected Marcelo Gallardo, Al-Ittihad has all the fixings for a fruitful season. Whether they can decipher that potential into trophies remains to be seen. 

But one thing is for certain: Al-Ittihad is a group to observe, and their rivals ought to be watchful of the Tigers’ bite.


Who are Al-Ittihad’s greatest star signings?

A: Karim Benzema and N’Golo Kanté are seemingly the greatest names. Benzema brings world-class wrapping up and involvement, whereas Kanté includes steel and cautious dominance to the midfield.

What is the assaulting twosome of Benzema and Hamdallah like?

A: It’s an energising prospect on paper. Benzema’s inventiveness might open Hamdallah’s capacity. In any case, their differentiating styles might require strategic alterations to work smoothly.

Who are Al-Ittihad’s key defensive players?

A: The experienced trio of Al-Mayouf (goalkeeper), Hawsawi (center-back), and Marcelo Vieira (center-back) provide a strong foundation. Youngsters like Talal Haji and Sultan Al-Farhan are also ones to watch.

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