Armored Core 6: Forging Your Destiny – A Guide to All Endings

Armored Core 6 plunges you into the war-torn Rubicon, piloting a customizable Armored Core (AC) mech in a desperate fight for survival. Beyond the thrilling combat and strategic mech customization, the game offers a surprising narrative depth with branching storylines and impactful choices. This guide delves into all three endings of Armored Core 6, providing insights into the decisions that shape your fate and the fate of Rubicon.

Important Note:  To experience all three endings, you’ll need to play through the game multiple times or utilize New Game+. Each playthrough requires specific choices at critical points in the story.

The Fires of Raven: Embracing Corporate Power

The Fires of Raven ending aligns you with the Ravens, a powerful megacorporation vying for control of Rubicon’s resources. Here’s how to achieve this ending:

Throughout the campaign, prioritize missions offered by Handler Walter and Cinder Carla, representatives of the Ravens. This strengthens your ties to the corporation.

During critical story moments, choose options that favor the Ravens’ agenda. This might involve acquiring valuable technology or eliminating rivals who threaten their dominance.

In Chapter 5, the pivotal decision arrives – the mission select screen presents two options:

Intercept the Corporate Forces

Eliminate “Cinder” Carla

Choosing “Intercept the Corporate Forces” leads you down the path of the Fires of Raven. 

You’ll confront and defeat a rival corporation attempting to disrupt Raven operations.

The Fires of Raven Outcome:  By siding with the Ravens, you become a powerful mercenary within their ranks. While you gain access to advanced technology and influence, the ending implies the Ravens will continue their ruthless exploitation of Rubicon’s resources, leaving the future uncertain.

Liberator of Rubicon: A Beacon of Hope

The Liberator of Rubicon ending positions you as a force for change, battling against corporate control and striving to bring stability to Rubicon. Here’s how to achieve this path:

During the campaign, prioritize missions offered by the Resistance Liberation Front (RLF). This strengthens your connection to the rebellion fighting for Rubicon’s freedom.

Make choices that align with the RLF’s goals, such as disrupting Raven operations or acquiring resources to bolster the rebellion.

In Chapter 5, the critical decision arrives – the mission select screen presents two options:

Intercept the Corporate Forces

Eliminate “Cinder” Carla

Choosing “Eliminate ‘Cinder’ Carla'” sets you on the Liberator of Rubicon path. You’ll confront and defeat Carla, a key figure within the Ravens, weakening their hold on Rubicon.

The Liberator of Rubicon Outcome:  By defeating Carla and weakening the Ravens, you become a symbol of hope for Rubicon’s people. While the ending doesn’t depict a complete utopia, it suggests a chance for rebuilding and a future free from corporate control.

The True Ace: A Hidden Path of Mystery

Armored Core 6 offers a mysterious third ending shrouded in secrecy – The True Ace.  Information on achieving this ending is scarce, but here are some insights gleaned from the online community:

The True Ace is believed to require a near-perfect playthrough with specific actions and decisions throughout the campaign. The exact requirements remain elusive.

Some theories suggest maximizing your reputation with both the Ravens and the RLF, creating a delicate balance. This might involve completing specific side missions or achieving certain objectives within missions.

Another theory suggests a hidden mission or series of actions unlocked by fulfilling specific, yet unknown, conditions.

The True Ace Outcome: Due to its hidden nature, details about The True Ace ending are purely speculative.  Rumors suggest it unveils a deeper truth about the conflict in Rubicon and the true motives of the Ravens and the RLF. It might even offer a glimpse of a different future for the war-torn world.

Alea lacta Est: The Enigma Unveiled (New Game++ Exclusive)

Armored Core 6 holds a secret ending – “Alea lacta Est,” which translates to “The die has been cast.” This unique conclusion offers a deeper look into the events of Rubicon and the enigmatic AI known as ALLMIND.

Here’s the key to unlocking this elusive ending:

Twice Through the Fire: You’ll need to complete the game at least twice to unlock Alea lacta Est. It’s recommended to experience both the Fires of Raven and Liberator of Rubicon endings on your initial playthroughs.

New Game++ Required: Alea lacta Est becomes accessible only on New Game++ (NG++). This mode carries over your progress and unlocks additional challenges and story elements.

Without spoiling the specifics, here’s a glimpse into what awaits you in Alea lacta Est:

A Different Path: On NG++, new missions will appear from ALLMIND, offering a distinct narrative thread separate from the Ravens and RLF.

Unraveling the Mystery: This ending delves deeper into the true nature of ALLMIND and its objectives for Rubicon.

A Choice with Consequences: Alea lacta Est presents you with a crucial decision that significantly impacts the fate of Rubicon and the future.

Remember: Due to the NG++ requirement, Alea lacta Est offers a significant reward for dedicated players, providing closure and a deeper understanding of the game’s lore.

Beyond the Endings: The Weight of Your Choices

Armored Core 6’s multiple endings go beyond simply offering different cutscenes. The choices you make throughout the game influence the narrative, your relationships with factions, and ultimately, the future of Rubicon.

Do you prioritize stability under corporate control (Fires of Raven), fight for a free and independent Rubicon (Liberator of Rubicon), or delve into the secrets of ALLMIND (Alea lacta Est)? The decision is yours, pilot. The fate of Rubicon rests on your armored shoulders.

The Choice is Yours, Pilot

Armored Core 6’s endings go beyond traditional “good” and “bad.” Each path offers a unique perspective on the conflict and the potential consequences of your actions. Whether you choose to align with a powerful corporation, fight for liberation, or uncover a hidden truth, your choices shape the destiny of Rubicon and your place within it.


Armored Core 6 offers a branching storyline culminating in three distinct endings. Here’s a breakdown to quench your thirst for closure (or fuel your multiple playthroughs):

How Many Endings are There in Armored Core 6?

Brace yourself, mercenary – Armored Core 6 boasts three unique endings, each significantly impacting the fate of Rubicon and its inhabitants.

What Choices Determine the Endings?

A pivotal decision point emerges late in the game, presenting you with two critical missions:

Intercept the Corporate Forces: Aligns with Handler Walter and Cinder Carla, potentially favoring corporate interests.

Eliminate “Cinder” Carla: Sides with Ayre and the Round-Table Liberation Front (RLF), prioritizing Rubicon’s independence.

What are the Different Endings?

1. The Fires of Raven

Choice: Intercept the Corporate Forces.

Outcome: Colony ship Xylem survives (potentially for nefarious purposes) and crashes into Arquebus’s Vascular Plant, potentially causing ecological disaster.

2. Liberator of Rubicon

Choice: Eliminate “Cinder” Carla.

Outcome: Xylem is destroyed, hindering corporate control over Rubicon. However, the future of the ravaged planet remains uncertain.

3. Alea lacta est, meaning “the die is cast.”

Unlock: Requires multiple playthroughs (available on NG+). Specific missions need completion across previous runs.

Outcome: Considered the “true” ending, offering a more hopeful yet bittersweet resolution.

How Can I See All the Endings?

The beauty (and challenge) lies in experiencing them all! Here’s a suggestion:

Playthrough 1 or 2: Choose whichever mission piques your interest (Intercept or Eliminate).

Subsequent Playthroughs: Utilize New Game Plus (NG+) to explore the remaining choices and unlock the secret Alea lacta Est ending by completing specific missions across previous runs.

Looking for a Detailed Guide?

Several resources offer in-depth walkthroughs for each ending:

IGN Armored Core 6 Endings Guide:

PushSquare Armored Core 6 Endings Guide:

Fextralife Armored Core 6 Endings Guide:

Remember, pilot, the fate of Rubicon rests on your decisions. Choose wisely!

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