Top Starship Picks for No Man’s Sky Travelers

In the vast expanse of No Man’s Sky, your starship is more than just a vehicle – it’s your loyal companion, mobile home, and symbol of your intergalactic adventures. With a diverse range of starships available,  choosing the right one can be daunting.  

This guide delves into the  “best”  starships  in  No Man’s Sky,  considering  various  factors  like  playstyle,  aesthetics,  and  resource  availability.  Remember,  the  “best”  starship  is  ultimately  subjective,  but  this  article  will  equip  you  with  the  knowledge  to  make  an  informed  decision  for  your  spacefaring  needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Starship

Before  we  dive  into  specific  recommendations,  let’s  explore  the  key  factors  to  consider  when  selecting  your  ideal  starship:

Class:  Starships  come  in  five  classes  (Hauler, Fighter, Explorer, Shuttle, Exotic)  each  with  unique  strengths  and  weaknesses.  Haulers  boast  massive  cargo  holds,  ideal  for  traders.  Fighters  excel  in  combat  scenarios.  Explorers  have  increased  hyperdrive  range,  perfect  for  venture  explorers.  Shuttles  are  balanced  all-rounders,  good  for  beginners.  Exotics  are  exceptionally  rare  and  offer  a  mix  of  positive  stats.

Stats:  Each  starship  has  various  stats  like  Hyperdrive  Range  (warp  travel  distance),  Maneuverability,  Shields,  and  Weapon Slots.  Prioritize  stats  that  complement  your  playstyle.  For  combat,  focus  on  shields  and  weapons.  Explorers  need  good  hyperdrive  range  and  maneuverability.

Aesthetics:  Let’s face it,  you’ll  be  spending  a  lot  of  time  in  your  starship.  Choose  one  that  appeals  to  your  visual  taste!  No Man’s Sky  offers  a  wide  variety  of  ship  designs,  from  sleek  fighters  to  bulky  haulers.

Top Contenders for Different Playstyles

Now,  let’s  explore  some  of  the  top  starship  contenders  based  on  different  playstyles:

The Intrepid Explorer: For those driven by discovery, the Explorer class is your go-to. The Explorer Guppy is a popular choice due to its excellent hyperdrive range and maneuverability, allowing you to reach distant star systems with ease. The Explorer Squid is another great option, offering similar benefits with a unique aesthetic.

The Commerce King/Queen: For players who thrive on galactic trade, cargo capacity is key. The Hauler class reigns supreme in this category. The Hauler Mack boasts an unmatched cargo hold, allowing you to transport vast quantities of goods across the galaxy. The Hauler Galleon offers a balance between cargo space and aesthetics, with a more streamlined design.

The Fearsome Fighter: For those who embrace space combat, a powerful fighter is essential. The Fighter Alpha is a fan-favorite for its combination of heavy weaponry and maneuverability. The Fighter Needle prioritizes speed and agility, allowing you to outmaneuver your opponents in dogfights. Remember, fighter effectiveness also depends on the weapons you install.

The All-Rounder:  For  players  who  prefer  a  balanced  approach,  the Shuttle  class  offers  a  jack-of-all-trades  approach.  The Shuttle Speeder  provides  decent  stats  across  the  board,  making  it  a  reliable  choice  for  new  players  or  those  who  haven’t  defined  a  specific  playstyle  yet.

The Exotic Allure:  For  those  who  seek  the  rarest  and  most  visually  striking  starship,  an Exotic  is  the  ultimate  prize.  Exotics  offer  a  unique  blend  of  superior  stats  across  the  board,  making  them  coveted  by  all  players.  However,  encountering  an  Exotic  is  a  matter  of  chance,  so  patience  and  exploration  are  key.

Beyond the Top Picks: Upgrading Your Starship

While  these  are  some  of  the  most  popular  choices,  don’t  limit  yourself!  The  beauty  of  No Man’s Sky  lies  in  discovery.  Explore  space stations  and  trade  outposts  to  find  unique  starships  that  speak  to  you.  Remember,  you  can  upgrade  your  starship  by  installing  technology  modules  that  enhance  its  stats  and  functionality.  Here’s what you can upgrade:

Hyperdrive: Increase your warp travel distance to reach farther star systems.

Launch Thrusters: Improve acceleration for faster takeoffs and landings.

Pulse Drive: Boost your in-system travel speed for quicker exploration.

Shields: Enhance your defense against enemy fire and environmental hazards.

Weapon Systems: Install powerful weapons to dominate space combat.

The Final Frontier Awaits: Choose Your Starship and Explore!

With  knowledge  of  different  starship  classes,  playstyle  considerations,  and  upgrade  options,  you’re  well-equipped  to  find  the  perfect  vessel  for  your  intergalactic  adventures.  No Man’s Sky  offers  a  vast  universe  to  explore,  so  set  course  for  uncharted  territories,  engage  in  thrilling  dogfights,  or  uncover  the  secrets  of  ancient  alien  ruins – all  from  the  comfort  of  your  customized  starship!  Remember,  the  journey  is  just  as  important  as  the  destination,  so  choose  your  starship  wisely  and  prepare  to  leave  your  mark  on  the  endless  cosmos  of  No Man’s Sky.


The starship you choose in No Man’s Sky becomes more than just a vehicle; it’s your home, your symbol of exploration, and your trusty companion. With a  vast  selection  of  starships  available,  deciding  which  one  suits  you  best  can  be  daunting.  This  FAQ  guide  addresses  common  questions  players  have  about  starships  in  No Man’s Sky,  helping  you  find  your  perfect  vessel  to  conquer  the  galaxy.

General Starship Questions

What are the different starship classes in No Man’s Sky?

There are five main starship classes, each with unique strengths and weaknesses:

Haulers:  Bulky  freighters  ideal  for  traders  with  massive  cargo  holds.

Fighters:  Agile  warriors  built  for  combat  situations  with  powerful  weapons.

Explorers:  Versatile  starships  perfect  for  exploration,  boasting  long  hyperdrive  range  and  good  maneuverability.

Shuttles:  Balanced  all-rounders  well-suited  for  beginners,  offering  decent  stats  in  all  categories.

Exotics:  Exceptionally  rare  starships  with  superior  stats  across  the  board  and  unique  visual  designs.

What should I prioritize when choosing a starship?

The  “best”  starship  depends  on  your  playstyle.  Consider  these  factors:

Playstyle:  For  explorers,  hyperdrive  range  is  key.  Traders  need  cargo  space.  Combat  pilots  prioritize  weapons  and  shields.

Stats:  Each  starship  has  stats  like  hyperdrive  range,  maneuverability,  shields,  and  weapon  slots.  Pay attention to the data that fit your style of play.

Aesthetics:  You’ll  spend  a  lot  of  time  in  your  starship,  so  choose  one  that  you  visually  like!

How can I upgrade my starship?

You  can  upgrade  your  starship  by  installing  technology  modules  in  various  slots.  These  modules  enhance  stats  like  hyperdrive  range,  weapon  power,  and  shields.  You can find  technology  modules  at  space  stations  and  trade  outposts.

Starships for Different Playstyles

What’s the best starship for exploration?

Explorer  class  starships  like  the  Explorer Guppy  and  Explorer  Squid  excel  in  exploration.  They  boast  long  hyperdrive  range  and  good  maneuverability  for  reaching  distant  star  systems  and  navigating  planetary  terrain.

What starship should I get for trading?

Haulers  like  the  Hauler Mack  and  Hauler Galleon  are  ideal  for  traders  due  to  their  massive  cargo  holds  that  allow  you  to  transport  large  quantities  of  goods  across  the  galaxy.

What fighter should I choose for combat?

For  combat-focused  players,  fighters  like  the  Fighter Alpha  and  Fighter Needle  are  excellent  choices.  The  Alpha  offers  a  balance  of  firepower  and  maneuverability,  while  the  Needle  prioritizes  speed  and  agility  for  outmaneuvering  your  opponents.

Advanced Starship Knowledge

How do I find an Exotic starship?

Exotic  starships  are  extremely  rare  and  appear  randomly  at  space  stations.  Regularly  visiting  space  stations  and  trading  outposts  increases  your  chances  of  encountering  one.

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