Baldur’s Gate 3: Aww or Awful? The Truth About the Baby Owlbear

In Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3), your adventures take you through a world teeming with danger and wonder. One encounter that stirs up a surprising amount of debate is with a creature both adorable and ferocious: the baby owlbear. 

This guide dives into everything you need to know about this fuzzy (and feathery) friend (or foe).

First Steps: The Owlbear Encounter

Early in Act 1, you’ll stumble upon a cave northeast of the Blighted Village. Inside, you’ll find a mama owlbear and her cub. A cutscene triggers, revealing a tense standoff. Here’s where your choices shape the encounter:

Peaceful Resolution:  Use Animal Handling or Speak with Animals (if available) to calm the mother owlbear. You can then leave peacefully, or (if hostility ensues later) return to find the cub alone.

Hostile Encounter:  If you attack or provoke the mother, a fight ensues. Defeating her allows you to potentially take the cub, but this approach comes with a hefty moral cost.

The Moral Conundrum: Owning a Cub

Should you take the cub? This decision sparks debate among BG3 players. Here’s a breakdown of both sides:

The Case for Companionship: The cub is undeniably adorable, and some players find the idea of raising it heartwarming. It can become a camp follower, adding a unique touch to your base.

The Ethical Concerns:  Taking the cub after killing its mother is a cruel act. Owlbears are intelligent creatures, and separating a cub from its parent is morally questionable.

Befriending the Cub: A Different Path

There’s a way to have your (figurative) cake and eat it too. Here’s how to befriend the cub without resorting to violence:

Resolve the Mother Situation Peacefully:  As mentioned earlier, use Animal Handling or Speak with Animals to calm the mother. You can then leave the cave.

Travel to the Goblin Camp:  West of the Druid Grove lies the Goblin Camp. Inside, you’ll find the orphaned cub. Interact with it to trigger a conversation with a goblin named Krolla.

Chicken-Chasing or Compassion:  Krolla proposes a “game” involving the cub – a cruel practice. You can refuse and earn Krolla’s grudging respect. This paves the way for the cub to follow you back to camp later.

At Camp: Your Feathery Friend

If you’ve successfully befriended the cub, it will appear at your camp after a long rest. Here’s what you can expect:

A Camp Follower:  The cub becomes a permanent fixture in your camp, adding a touch of cuteness and a reminder of your choices.

Limited Interaction:  While the cub is adorable, it doesn’t offer any gameplay benefits like combat assistance or inventory management.

The Future of the Baby Owlbear

As of Early Access, the baby owlbear’s role is limited to being a camp follower. However, with future updates planned, there’s a chance its presence could have a larger impact on the story. Here are some possibilities:

Growth and Change:  Perhaps the cub will grow over time, offering new interactions or even combat capabilities.

Impact on the Story:  The presence of a friendly owlbear might influence certain quests or storylines, adding a unique wrinkle to your Baldur’s Gate 3 experience.

The Choice is Yours: Embrace the Aww or the Awful

The decision of what to do with the baby owlbear is entirely yours.  This encounter highlights the complex moral choices you’ll face throughout BG3. Will you embrace the chance to raise a unique companion, or will you prioritize the well-being of the owlbear family? No matter your choice, the baby owlbear remains a memorable aspect of your Baldur’s Gate 3 adventure.


The little owlbear cub in Baldur’s Gate 3 has captured the hearts of many players. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about this feathery friend:

Where do I find the owlbear cub?

The cub isn’t initially available. You’ll first encounter its momma bear in an owlbear cave located northeast of the Blighted Village, near the bridge.

Choices, Choices: Depending on your actions here (fighting, persuasion, etc.), the mother might die, leaving the cub alone.

How do I get the owlbear cub?

Rescue Mission: Travel westward from the Druid Grove to the Goblin Camp. There, you’ll find the orphaned cub being used for “entertainment” by the goblins.

Talking it Out: Interact with the cub and a goblin named Krolla. You can attempt to persuade her to let you take the cub, but success depends on charisma checks.

Can I keep the owlbear cub?

Yes! If you manage to convince Krolla, the cub becomes a camp follower. It’ll reside near your camp, adding a touch of cuteness to your adventuring crew.

What can the owlbear cub do?

Not much in combat (yet). The cub is currently too young to fight alongside you.

Night Vision: On the bright side, the cub can see in the dark, offering a passive benefit while exploring.

Is there any future for the owlbear cub?

The developers haven’t revealed everything. There’s speculation that the cub might play a larger role in the future, potentially growing into a powerful companion.

Fan Theories Abound: Some players believe the cub might be connected to a certain druid character… but that’s for you to discover!

Looking for more info on the owlbear cub?

Web Guides: Check out IGN’s guide ( or TheGamer’s walkthrough ( for detailed steps on acquiring the cub.

YouTube Search: Look for “BG3 Owlbear Cub” to see gameplay footage of encountering and befriending this adorable creature.

Remember: While the owlbear cub might not be a battle-hardened companion yet, it  adds a delightful touch to your Baldur’s Gate 3 experience. Who knows, maybe this little guy will become a legend in the making!

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