Building the Ultimate Hero: A Guide to Feats in Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3), feats offer a fantastic way to customize your character beyond class and race. These special abilities provide unique bonuses that can enhance your strengths, shore up weaknesses, or unlock entirely new playstyles.

This guide dives deep into the world of BG3 feats, providing you with the information you need to make informed choices and craft the perfect hero for your adventures.

Feats 101: How and When You Get Them

Feat Acquisition:  You gain feats at specific points during character progression. All classes receive a feat at level 4, 8, and 12. Fighters gain an additional feat at level 6, and Rogues get one at level 10.

Making Choices:  With a wide array of feats available, selecting the right ones can be daunting. Consider your character’s class, playstyle, and party composition when making your choices.

Feat Categories: Tailored Enhancements

Feats in BG3 can be broadly categorized into the following groups:

Ability Score Boosts:  These feats, like Ability Improvement, allow you to increase your core ability scores by 2 points or one ability score by 2 and another by 1. This is a solid choice for well-rounded characters or those who need a slight nudge to reach an ability score breakpoint.

Skill Mastery:  Feats like Skilled grant proficiency in additional skills, expanding your character’s versatility outside of combat.

Combat Prowess:  This category is vast, offering feats that enhance specific combat styles. Great Weapon Master bolsters damage for two-handed weapon users, while Sharpshooter improves ranged accuracy.

Spellcasting Versatility:  Casters can benefit from feats like Magic Initiate, allowing them to learn spells from a different spellcasting class.

Utility and Roleplaying:  These feats cater to specific playstyles.  Lucky grants rerolls for crucial moments, while Actor enhances your ability to deceive others.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list, and new feats may be added as BG3 continues development.

Must-Have Feats for Different Playstyles

While the best feat choice depends on your character build, some feats consistently rank high for specific playstyles:

The Damage Dealer:  For characters focused on raw damage output, feats like Great Weapon Master (melee) and Sharpshooter (ranged) are excellent choices.

The Tank:  Characters who excel at absorbing punishment can benefit from feats like Heavy Armor Master (reduces damage from non-magical weapons) and Sentinel (prevents enemies from disengaging after attacking your character).

The Skill Monkey:  If your character thrives outside of combat, consider feats like Skilled to become proficient in a wider range of skills or Observant to gain a permanent boost to your Intelligence and passive Investigation score.

The Spellcaster:  Magic users can expand their repertoire with feats like War Caster (advantage on concentration checks) or Ritual Caster (learn to cast specific rituals).

Making the Most of Multiclassing and Feats

Multiclassing allows you to combine abilities from two different classes. This opens up interesting feat opportunities:

Feat Prerequisites:  Some feats have ability score prerequisites. Multiclassing can help you meet these requirements, allowing you to access feats that might not be available to single-classed characters.

Filling the Gaps:  Multiclassing can sometimes leave your character with weaknesses. Feats can help address these shortcomings.  For example, a Fighter/Cleric who lacks strong ranged options could consider taking the Sharpshooter feat.

Remember: Multiclassing can delay your access to higher-level class features.  Carefully weigh the benefits of feats against potential slowdowns in your character’s core class progression.

Feats and the Future of BG3

As BG3 continues development, new feats are likely to be added. Stay tuned for updates that may introduce feats catering to specific subclasses, playstyles, and character concepts.

With a diverse selection of feats available, Baldur’s Gate 3 empowers you to create a character that is truly unique and plays to your strengths.  So, experiment, explore different feat combinations, and have fun building the hero that will conquer the challenges and claim victory in the world of BG3!


Feats in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) are powerful options that grant unique abilities and enhancements to your character.  Here’s a breakdown to help you decide which feats are right for your adventurer:

What are Feats?

Feats are special choices you make at specific levels (typically 4, 8, and 12) to customize your character beyond class features.

They offer benefits like boosting stats, gaining new skills, or unlocking special combat maneuvers.

Do I take Feats or Ability Score Improvement?

This is a key decision!

Ability Score Improvement: This feat increases your core abilities (Strength, Dexterity, etc.) by 2 points, or 1 point to two abilities. It’s a solid choice for a well-rounded boost.

Feats: These offer more specific benefits, tailoring your character to a particular playstyle or shoring up weaknesses.

How do I choose the right Feat?

Consider these factors:

Your Class: Different feats synergize better with specific classes.

Playstyle: Do you want to be a damage dealer, a tank, or a skill monkey? Choose feats that support your goals.

Party Composition: Feats can fill gaps in your party’s abilities.

What are some popular Feats in BG3 (as of May 2024)?

Here are some highly-regarded feats, but keep in mind the information may change as the game is in Early Access:

Great Weapon Master: Ideal for Strength-based characters, this feat increases damage and offers bonus attacks. (Great for Fighters and Barbarians)

Sharpshooter: Perfect for ranged attackers, it allows for long-distance precision shots with increased damage. (Fantastic for Rangers and Rogues)

Lucky: A versatile feat, it grants you points to reroll dice rolls, potentially turning the tide of battle in your favor. (Useful for any class)

War Caster: A boon for spellcasters, it lets you cast spells while holding a weapon and offers advantage on concentration checks. (Essential for Wizards and Clerics)

Sentinel: This feat excels in crowd control, allowing opportunity attacks when enemies attack your allies and hindering their movement. (Great for Fighters and Paladins)

How can I learn more about BG3 Feats?

Search Online: Look for “BG3 Feats Guide” or “Best Feats in BG3” to find detailed explanations and recommendations.

YouTube Videos: Numerous content creators offer video guides on BG3 feats, showcasing their effectiveness in action.

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Wiki:’s+Gate+3+Wiki provides a comprehensive list of feats with descriptions.

Remember: Choosing the right feats takes planning. Consider your character’s build, party dynamic, and desired playstyle to make the most of these powerful options. Happy adventuring!

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