The Treasure Hunters: Unveiling the Cast of Detectorists

Detectorists, the poignant and hilarious BBC sitcom created by Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones, has garnered a cult following for its portrayal of the quirky world of metal detecting.  The show’s success hinges not just on its witty writing but also on the brilliant performances by its central cast. 

Let’s delve into the lives and careers of the talented individuals who brought the detectorists of Danebury to life.

Mackenzie Crook (Lance Hacker)

Mackenzie Crook, the co-creator, co-writer, and director of Detectorists, takes center stage as Lance Hacker. Lance is an awkward yet endearing detectorist,  consumed by the thrill of the hunt.  Crook, with his lanky frame and deadpan delivery, perfectly embodies the social ineptitude of a man more comfortable unearthing Roman coins than engaging in conversation.

Beyond Detectorists, Crook has carved a niche for himself in British comedy. He’s known for his role as Gareth Keenan in the mockumentary sitcom “The Office” and for creating and starring in the dark comedy series “Garfield’  (not to be confused with the lasagna-loving cat).  He has also had notable roles in films like “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” and “The Brother Who Slept With My Wife.”  Detectorists cemented Crook’s reputation as a multi-faceted talent with a knack for portraying endearingly oddball characters.

Toby Jones (Andy Stone)

Balancing out Lance’s introversion is Andy Stone, played by the ever-reliable Toby Jones.  Andy is the more outgoing of the detecting duo,  a history buff with a thirst for camaraderie. Jones, with his booming voice and expressive face, imbues Andy with a warmth that makes him instantly likable.

A veteran of British cinema and television, Jones has graced our screens in a multitude of roles.  He played Truman Capote in “Infamous,”  Arnim Zola in the Captain America films,  and Alfred Pennyworth in DC’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”  His distinctive voice has also been featured in films like “Ratatouille” and the “Harry Potter” series.  Jones brings a wealth of experience and gravitas to Detectorists, making Andy a relatable and grounded character.

Rakhee Thakrar (Diana ‘Dee’ Khan)

Rakhee Thakrar injects a refreshing dose of energy as Diana Khan,  a newcomer to the metal detecting scene.  Dee is a modern woman, juggling a demanding job with her newfound hobby.  Thakrar portrays Dee’s initial skepticism and eventual fascination with the world of metal detecting with perfect comic timing.

Thakrar is a rising star in British television.  She has had prominent roles in shows like “Four Weddings and a Funeral” (miniseries), “The Syndicate,” and “Doctor Who.”  In Detectorists, she shines as the voice of reason amidst the quirky antics of the detecting club.  Her performance adds a layer of relatable normalcy to the show’s eccentric world.

Laurence Rickard (Simon Foster)

The ever-optimistic Simon Foster is played by Laurence Rickard.  Simon is the epitome of the enthusiastic amateur detectorist,  always hopeful of finding the next big treasure.  Rickard brings a childlike innocence and wide-eyed wonder to the role, making Simon a source of constant amusement.

While Detectorists might be Rickard’s most notable work, he is a seasoned character actor with a long list of television credits to his name.  He has appeared in shows like “Doc Martin,” “Midsomer Murders,” and “Casualty.”  Rickard’s portrayal of Simon adds a touch of heartwarming naiveté to the detectorist group.

Diane Morgan (Sophie Whitehead)

The formidable Sophie Whitehead is brought to life by the brilliant Diane Morgan.  Sophie is the leader of the Danebury Metal Detecting Club,  a woman who takes her hobby very seriously.  Morgan, known for her deadpan humor and sharp wit,  perfectly captures Sophie’s no-nonsense demeanor and underlying care for her club members.

Morgan is a prominent figure in British comedy.  She has her own stand-up routines, has written and starred in the sitcom “Motherland,” and has appeared in shows like “Would I Lie to You?” and “QI.”  Her comedic timing and dry delivery elevate Sophie’s character from a stern leader to a scene-stealing highlight of Detectorists.


Who are the main characters in Detectorists?

The show revolves around the unlikely partnership of Lance Hacker (Mackenzie Crook) and Andy Stone (Toby Jones). Lance is a shy, introverted detectorist, while Andy is more outgoing and enjoys the social aspects of the hobby.  As they search for buried treasure, they encounter a cast of colorful characters like the ambitious newcomer Diana Khan (Rakhee Thakrar), the ever-optimistic Simon Foster (Laurence Rickard), and the stern leader of the detecting club, Sophie Whitehead (Diane Morgan).

Tell me more about Mackenzie Crook, the co-creator of Detectorists.

Besides playing the endearingly awkward Lance, Mackenzie Crook co-created the show with Toby Jones.  He’s a multi-faceted talent known for his work in British comedy.  Crook found fame as Gareth Keenan in “The Office” and  created and starred in the dark comedy series “Garfield.”  He has also appeared in Hollywood films like “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.”

What about Toby Jones, the other co-creator?

Toby Jones brings gravitas and warmth to the role of Andy Stone.  He’s a veteran actor with a vast filmography.  Jones has played iconic characters like Truman Capote in “Infamous,”  Arnim Zola in the Captain America films,  and Alfred Pennyworth in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”  His distinctive voice has also been featured in animated films like “Ratatouille” and the “Harry Potter” series.

Who plays the ambitious detectorist Diana Khan?

Rakhee Thakrar portrays Diana Khan, a newcomer to the world of metal detecting.  Thakrar is a rising star who has impressed audiences in shows like “Four Weddings and a Funeral” (miniseries), “The Syndicate,” and even “Doctor Who.”  She brings a modern sensibility and relatable perspective to the show.

Tell me about Laurence Rickard, the actor behind the optimistic Simon Foster.

Laurence Rickard embodies the enthusiastic amateur detectorist Simon Foster.  While Detectorists might be his most well-known work, Rickard is a seasoned character actor with a long list of television credits, including appearances in “Doc Martin,” “Midsomer Murders,” and “Casualty.”  His portrayal of Simon adds a touch of heartwarming optimism to the group.

Is Diane Morgan funny in real life?

Diane Morgan, who plays the formidable Sophie Whitehead, is a force to be reckoned with in British comedy.  She performs stand-up routines, wrote and starred in the sitcom “Motherland,” and has graced shows like “Would I Lie to You?” with her signature deadpan humor and sharp wit. Her comedic timing is a highlight of Detectorists.

The cast of Detectorists isn’t just a collection of talented actors; they’re a group who bring the quirky world of metal detecting to life with warmth, humor, and surprising depth.  From Mackenzie Crook’s endearingly awkward Lance to Diane Morgan’s hilariously dry Sophie, each character adds a unique flavor to the show.

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