The Continental: Inside the Star-Studded Cast

The John Wick universe has captivated audiences with its stylish action sequences, intricate world-building, and the stoic, gun-slinging persona of Keanu Reeves’ titular character. But the world of assassins doesn’t revolve solely around Baba Yaga. Enter “The Continental,” a three-part miniseries that delves deeper into the inner workings of the assassins’ haven, the very hotel that serves as a neutral ground and sanctuary for these deadly professionals.

While John Wick himself doesn’t appear in this prequel series, The Continental introduces a compelling new cast of characters navigating the complex social hierarchy and unspoken rules that govern this clandestine world. Let’s step through the doors and meet the key players who bring this hidden society to life:

Leading the Charge: A Fresh Generation of Assassins

Colin Woodell as Winston Scott: Stepping into the shoes previously filled by Ian McShane, Woodell portrays a younger Winston, the enigmatic manager of the New York Continental. We see Winston at a pivotal point in his life, learning the ropes of the Continental’s operations and grappling with the moral complexities of the assassin underworld.

Mel Gibson as Cormac:  A legendary assassin with a shrouded past, Cormac is a mentor figure to a young Winston. Gibson brings his trademark intensity to the role, creating a character both admired and feared within the Continental’s walls.

Mishel Prada as KD: A talented young assassin with a mysterious past, KD navigates the dangerous world of the Continental, seeking both purpose and redemption. Prada delivers a captivating performance, showcasing both KD’s raw talent and vulnerability.

Guardians of the Code: Upholding the Rules

Peter Greene as a Young Charon:  Before becoming John Wick’s loyal confidant, Charon honed his skills within the Continental. Played by the ever-reliable Peter Greene, this younger Charon embodies the silent efficiency and unwavering loyalty that become his hallmarks.

Katie McGrath as The Adjudicator: Enforcer of the Continental’s code of conduct, the Adjudicator is a powerful figure shrouded in secrecy. McGrath portrays this enigmatic character with a steely resolve, leaving no doubt about the consequences of breaking the Continental’s rules.

The Continental’s Ecosystem: A Network of Players

Ayomide Adegun as a Young Charon:  While Peter Greene takes on the role in later episodes, Adegun first introduces us to a fledgling Charon, showcasing the Continental’s rigorous training methods that shape its elite assassins.

Jeremy Bobb as Mayhew:  A Continental concierge with a dry wit and a sharp mind, Mayhew serves as a guide and facilitator for those seeking the hotel’s services. Bobb’s portrayal adds a layer of humor and intrigue to the often-serious world of assassins.

Nhung Kate as Yen: A skilled assassin with a quiet demeanor, Yen represents the diverse range of talents that find refuge within the Continental. Kate imbues Yen with a sense of strength and purpose, hinting at the battles she has fought.

Jessica Allain as Lou: A resourceful smuggler who operates on the fringes of the Continental’s world, Lou often finds herself entangled in the hotel’s affairs. Allain delivers a captivating performance, showcasing Lou’s resourcefulness and determination.

Adding Depth and Texture: The Supporting Cast

The world of The Continental is further fleshed out by a talented supporting cast. Actors like Adam Shapiro (Lemmy), Mark Musashi and Marina Mazepa (The Twins – Hansel and Gretel), Ray McKinnon (Gene Jenkins), and Chris Ryman (Ronnie) create a rich tapestry of characters, each with their own motivations and allegiances. 

Their performances breathe life into the bustling underworld of the Continental, from seasoned assassins to those just starting their journeys.

A Cast for a Hidden World

The Continental’s cast is a carefully chosen ensemble that brings depth and humanity to this often-brutal world. From the established Hollywood veterans like Mel Gibson and Peter Greene to the rising stars like Mishel Prada and Colin Woodell, each actor delivers a nuanced performance that sheds light on the motivations and complexities of their characters.

This combination of fresh faces and familiar names creates a sense of intrigue and anticipation, leaving the audience eager to explore the hidden corners of the Continental and the lives of those who operate within its walls. As the series delves deeper into the Continental’s history and the events that shaped it, the performances of this talented cast promise to keep viewers captivated.


In The Continental, who portrays the youthful Winston?

Colin Woodell takes on the mantle of Winston Scott, the enigmatic manager of the New York Continental. We see him in his younger years, learning the ropes of running the Continental and confronting the moral dilemmas inherent in the assassin underworld.

Is Keanu Reeves in The Continental?

While John Wick himself doesn’t appear in the series, it serves as a prequel, focusing on events that happened before his arrival.

Who is Mel Gibson’s character in The Continental?

Mel Gibson portrays Cormac, a legendary assassin with a shrouded past. He acts as a mentor to a young Winston, with Gibson’s trademark intensity creating a character both respected and feared within the Continental.

Who plays the young Charon in The Continental?

The role of Charon, John Wick’s loyal confidant, is split between two actors. Ayomide Adegun first introduces us to a young Charon undergoing the Continental’s rigorous training, showcasing how these elite assassins are formed. Later episodes see Peter Greene take over the role, portraying the stoic efficiency and unwavering loyalty that become Charon’s signature traits.

Who is The Adjudicator, and who plays her?

The Adjudicator, played by Katie McGrath, is the enforcer of the Continental’s ironclad code of conduct.  She’s a powerful and enigmatic figure who ensures the assassins operate within the established rules, leaving no room for doubt about the consequences of breaking them.

Does The Continental introduce any new female assassins?

Absolutely! Mishel Prada steps into the role of KD, a talented young assassin with a mysterious past.  Prada delivers a captivating performance as KD navigates the dangerous world of the Continental, seeking both purpose and redemption. Additionally, Nhung Kate portrays Yen, a skilled assassin with a quiet demeanor, showcasing the diverse range of women who find refuge within the Continental.

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