Catch the Beasts: Where to Watch Newcastle United vs Brentford

The Premier League returns at the end of the week with a clash between two groups on inverse closes of the frame table. High-flying Newcastle United, as of now pushing for European capability, invites Brentford, who are looking to dodge getting dragged into a transfer battle.

This guarantees to be an energizing experience, and if you’re pondering where you can capture the activity, see no advance! This direct will break down all the broadcast options accessible depending on your location.

Domestic Broadcasts (UK)

Sky Sports and BT Sport:

For viewers in the UK, the match will be broadcast live on Sky Sports and BT Sport, the official Premier League broadcasters. Subscription to one of these channels is required to observe the game legally.

Here’s a fast breakdown of the channels appearing the game:

Sky Sports: The correct channel will be affirmed closer to the match date. You can check the Sky Sports plan on their site or app for the most recent information.

BT Sport: Similar to Sky Sports, the particular channel will be reported closer to the match. Consult the BT Sport schedule for confirmation.


If you can’t observe the game live, both Sky Sports and BT Sport will offer match highlights in the blink of an eye after the last whistle. These highlights bundles will be accessible to see on-demand through their particular apps and websites.

Free-to-Air Options:

Unfortunately, there are no free-to-air broadcasts of Premier League matches in the UK.

International Broadcasts (Outside UK)

The Premier League appreciates an enormous worldwide following, and Newcastle vs Brentford will be played in numerous nations around the world. Here’s a see into a few of the broadcasters:

USA: NBC Sports regularly broadcasts Premier League matches in the United States. Check their plan for confirmation of the channel appearing in the game.

Canada: DAZN holds the rights to broadcast Premier League matches in Canada. A subscription is required to watch the game.

Australia: Optus Sport is the official broadcaster for the Premier League in Australia. You’ll require a membership to get to the live stream.

India: Star Sports Arrange holds the rights for the Premier League in India. The particular channel appearing in the match will depend on your membership package.

For a comprehensive list of broadcasters by nation, you can refer to the Premier League’s official website.

Additional Resources:

Several websites and apps total broadcast postings for sporting occasions around the world. These can be supportive tools to discover which channel is appearing the diversion in your locale. 

A few well known alternatives include:



TV Guide (by region): Most districts have their own TV guide websites or apps that list upcoming broadcasts.

Streaming Administrations (International)

If you’re outside the UK and do not have a membership to a conventional broadcaster appearing in the coordinate, there might be a spilling benefit choice accessible in your nation. Here are a few examples:

Peacock (USA): If you have a Peacock Premium membership in the US, you might be able to stream the match through the NBC Sports app.

fuboTV (International): fuboTV offers memberships that include channels that broadcast the Premier League in a few nations. Check their site for accessibility in your region.

DAZN (various countries): DAZN holds the rights to the Premier League in a few regions and offers subscription-based streaming.

Important Note: Streaming rights for the Premier League can change by nation. It’s vital to check the terms of benefit of any streaming platform some time recently subscribing to guarantee they carry the match.

Other Ways to Follow the Match

Official Club Websites and Apps:

Both Newcastle United and Brentford FC have official websites and apps that will give live upgrades, commentary, and match insights all through the game.

Social Media:

Follow the official social media channels of both clubs (@NUFC and @BrentfordFC) for live updates, behind-the-scenes content, and post-match reactions.

Sports News Websites and Apps:

Many sports news websites and apps will offer live content commentary, match investigation, and master conclusions all through the game.

Radio Broadcasts:

Some local radio stations, especially in the UK, might offer live radio commentary of the match.

So, Who Will You Be Cheering For?

With a put in Europe on the line for Newcastle and Brentford frantic to dodge a transfer scrap, this guarantees to be a tense and energizing experience. No matter where you are in the world, there are a bounty of ways to capture the activity. So, get your jersey, settle in, and get prepared for an exciting match between the Magpies and the Bees!


Where can I watch the Newcastle vs Brentford match in the UK?

The match will be broadcast live on Sky Sports and BT Sport, the Premier League’s official UK broadcasters. A membership to one of these channels is required.

Are there any free-to-air broadcasts of the game?

Unfortunately, there are no free-to-air broadcasts of Premier League matches in the UK.

How can I watch the match if I’m outside the UK?

The Premier League has appeared in numerous nations around the world. Check the broadcaster for your region. A few cases include:

USA: NBC Sports

Canada: DAZN

Australia: Optus Sport

India: Star Sports Network

For a total list, visit the Premier League’s official website.

Can I stream the match online?

Streaming options depend on your location. Here are a few possibilities:

USA (with Peacock Premium): NBC Sports app

Other nations: fuboTV or DAZN (subject to availability)

Important: Streaming rights change by locale. Always check the platform’s terms of benefit some time recently.

 What are a few elective ways to take after the match?

Club websites and apps: Live overhauls, commentary, and stats.

Social media: Take after clubs and sports news for live overhauls and reactions.

Sports news websites and apps: Live content commentary, examination, and master opinions.

Radio broadcasts: A few nearby stations might offer live radio commentary.

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