The Enigma of Do Bronx: Unveiling Charles Oliveira’s Next Move

Charles Oliveira, the captivating Brazilian jiu-jitsu wiz better known as “Do Bronx,” has carved his name into UFC history. A former two-time lightweight champion, his journey is a testament to perseverance and resilience. 

After a string of early defeats, Oliveira emerged as a dominant force, racking up an impressive win streak and eventually claiming the coveted belt. However, the question on every fight fan’s mind lingers: who will Charles Oliveira face next?

A Derailed Rematch and Mounting Injuries

Oliveira’s most recent fight was slated to be a highly anticipated rematch against Islam Makhachev for the lightweight title at UFC 294 in October 2023. 

However, injuries forced Oliveira out, paving the way for Alexander Volkanovski to step in and secure a dominant victory. This turn of events left Oliveira’s immediate future uncertain.

The Contender Conundrum

While the UFC hasn’t officially announced Oliveira’s next fight, speculation runs rampant.  Here are the possibilities:

Top Lightweight Contender:  A logical choice would be a clash with a top-ranked lightweight contender.  Beneil Dariush, whom Oliveira defeated via TKO in May 2023, could be a rematch option. Other contenders like Justin Gaethje or Dustin Poirier would also be electrifying matchups, offering a chance for Oliveira to reclaim his throne.

Welterweight Shift:  Oliveira has hinted at a potential move to the welterweight division. This could be a strategic decision to avoid a congested lightweight title picture and potentially challenge for a new belt.  Champion Kamaru Usman looms large, but rising stars like Khamzat Chimaev would present a fascinating stylistic clash.

The Volkanovski Challenge:  An intriguing possibility is a champion vs. champion bout against Alexander Volkanovski.  Volkanovski, the current featherweight king, dominated Oliveira’s replacement in their lightweight title fight.  A superfight between these two champions would be a historic event, testing the boundaries of weight class dominance.

The “Do Bronx” Dilemma

Oliveira’s next fight hinges on several factors.  His recovery from injuries is paramount. Additionally, his own aspirations will play a significant role.  Does he crave an immediate return to lightweight title contention, or is a welterweight challenge more enticing?

Fan Theories and Media Frenzy

The MMA community is abuzz with speculation.  Fans debate Oliveira’s ideal opponent on social media.  Analysts dissect potential matchups and their strategic implications.  This media frenzy fuels the intrigue surrounding Oliveira’s return.

A Look Beyond the Fight

Regardless of his next opponent, Oliveira’s impact on the sport transcends individual fights.  His come-from-behind story inspires fighters and fans alike.  His mastery of jiu-jitsu has pushed the boundaries of grappling within MMA.

The Fire Still Burns

One thing is certain: Charles Oliveira’s fighting spirit remains undimmed.  He is a force to be reckoned with, and his next fight promises to be a spectacle.  Whether he reclaims lightweight gold, conquers new weight classes, or carves a unique path entirely, “Do Bronx” will continue to enthrall the MMA world.

The Final Word

As we eagerly await the official announcement,  one thing is undeniable: Charles Oliveira’s next fight will be a marquee event.  It will be a testament to his fighting spirit, a strategic puzzle for fight analysts, and a thrilling spectacle for fans.


When will Charles Oliveira fight again?

Unfortunately, there’s no official announcement from the UFC regarding Oliveira’s return. His withdrawal from the Islam Makhachev fight in October 2023 due to injury has thrown a wrench into the schedule. However, considering his history and fighting spirit, a return in late 2024 or early 2025 seems likely.

Who is the most likely opponent for Oliveira’s next fight?

This is the million-dollar question. Several possibilities exist:

Top Lightweight Contender: A logical choice would be a fight against a top-ranked lightweight contender. Beneil Dariush, whom Oliveira defeated in 2023, could be a rematch option. Other contenders like Justin Gaethje or Dustin Poirier would be exciting matchups, offering a chance for Oliveira to reclaim his lightweight throne.

Welterweight Shift: Oliveira has hinted at a potential move to welterweight. This could be a strategic decision to avoid a congested lightweight title picture and potentially challenge for a new belt.

Should Oliveira face a rematch against Islam Makhachev?

The canceled Makhachev fight left the lightweight title picture in flux. While the UFC might prioritize a fresh matchup for Makhachev, a rematch is not entirely out of the question. It would depend on Oliveira’s recovery and the overall lightweight landscape when he returns.

Is a champion vs. champion fight against Alexander Volkanovski a possibility?

This would be a historic event. Volkanovski, the current featherweight king who dominated Oliveira’s replacement in the lightweight title fight, has expressed interest. However, the UFC might be hesitant to risk both belts in one fight.

Will Oliveira’s choice depend on his health?

Absolutely.  His recovery from injuries will be a crucial factor in determining his next fight.  A safe return to lightweight might be prioritized over a potentially more demanding welterweight challenge.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a lightweight contender fight?


A familiar division where Oliveira has excelled.

A clear path to regaining the lightweight title.

High-profile fights against popular contenders would generate excitement.


A congested lightweight division with many deserving contenders.

The risk of facing a stylistic nightmare and potential setbacks.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a move to welterweight?


A fresh challenge against potentially new opponents.

The opportunity to become a two-division champion.

A less congested division with fewer immediate contenders.


Facing larger, stronger fighters who might have a size advantage.

The need to adjust his fighting style to a new weight class.

In conclusion, the fog surrounding Charles Oliveira’s next fight is slowly clearing. While injuries and the ever-evolving UFC landscape complicate matters, the possibilities are tantalizing.  Oliveira, a true enigma, could face a top contender, explore a new weight class, or even challenge for a champion vs. champion superfight.  

Ultimately, his next move will be a strategic decision fueled by his own ambitions and the ever-present desire to etch his name deeper into MMA history.  One thing remains certain:  when “Do Bronx” steps back into the Octagon, the MMA world will be watching with bated breath.

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