A Guide to the Domizuin Shrine in The Legend of Zelda

The sprawling world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is riddled with Shrines, each offering unique puzzles and rewarding you with valuable items upon completion. Among these is the Domizuin Shrine, located in the southern Akkala Highlands. 

This guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to navigate the Domizuin Shrine’s puzzling interior and claim your prize.

Unveiling the Domizuin Shrine

The Domizuin Shrine can be found overlooking the South Akkala Plains chasm entrance, just north of the Akkala Citadel Ruin. Look for a small, elevated plateau with a glowing blue entrance marking the Shrine’s location.

 The easiest way to reach it is by using the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower as a fast travel point and then paragliding down to the Shrine’s location. Alternatively, you can traverse the terrain from the South Akkala Stable, but be prepared for a longer journey.

A Prone Pathway: Deciphering the Puzzle

Upon entering the Domizuin Shrine, the name of the challenge is revealed: “A Prone Pathway.” This cryptic clue hints at the core mechanic of the Shrine’s puzzle – a giant, rotating cube that forms the central platform. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough to conquer this mind-bender:

Activate the Mechanism: Look for a switch on the outer wall of the central platform. Hit this switch with an arrow or your weapon to activate the cube’s rotation.

Ascend the Pillars: As the cube rotates, several Ascendable pillars will rise from its surface at specific intervals. Use the Sheikah Slate’s “Magnesis” Rune to activate these pillars and climb them to reach the higher levels of the cube.

Navigate the Rotating Landscape: The key to this puzzle is timing your jumps and movements as the cube rotates. Be patient and wait for the platforms you need to reach to emerge before attempting a jump. Utilize the Sheikah Slate’s “Stasis” Rune to temporarily freeze rotating platforms if needed, creating a safe window for you to maneuver.

Inner Workings: Once you reach the top level of the cube, you’ll find another switch on the inner wall. Hit this switch to reveal the interior of the cube. This hidden chamber houses a second switch and a chest containing a valuable treasure.

Claim Your Reward:  Activate the inner switch to rotate the cube once more, aligning the exit with the platform you’re standing on. Head back down to the ground floor and claim your prize from the chest.

Treasures and Triumph

Congratulations on conquering the Domizuin Shrine! The chest within the rotating cube usually contains a valuable item, such as a Spirit Orb fragment or a new weapon. These rewards will aid you on your journey through Hyrule.

Here are some additional tips for tackling the Domizuin Shrine:

Practice Makes Perfect: The rotating cube can be disorienting at first. It’s okay if you stumble a few times. Take your time, observe the rotation pattern, and practice your jumps until you can navigate the cube efficiently.

Utilize the Environment: Look for any additional platforms or structures within the Shrine that might aid your ascent. You can use these for extra leverage or to create shortcuts during the climb.

The Power of Sheikah Runes: Don’t forget about the versatile tools at your disposal. “Magnesis” is crucial for activating Ascendable pillars, while “Stasis” can be a lifesaver for creating safe jumping opportunities on the rotating platforms.

By following these steps and utilizing your skills, you’ll be conquering the Domizuin Shrine and collecting its rewards in no time. Remember, patience, observation, and strategic use of your Sheikah Runes are key to succeeding in this Shrine’s unique challenge.

So, prepare to test your spatial awareness and claim your prize within the rotating heart of the Domizuin Shrine!


The Domizuin Shrine in  The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is one of 152 hidden challenges scattered across the vast world.  This FAQ tackles the most common questions adventurers have about conquering this mind-bending puzzle:

Where can I find the Domizuin Shrine?

The Domizuin Shrine is nestled atop a high peak overlooking the South Akkala Plains.  Look for it southeast of the South Akkala Stable and southwest of the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower.  Here are the exact coordinates to make your search easier: 3305, 1443, 0426.

How do I access the Shrine?

You’ll find a winding staircase spiraling up the mountainside leading directly to the shrine’s entrance.  Alternatively, you can test your climbing skills and scale the peak directly.

What awaits me inside the Domizuin Shrine?

This shrine presents a unique challenge.  The entire interior is a giant, rotating cage-like room with several Ascendable pillars.  Your objective is to manipulate the rotation to create a path that allows you to reach the exit and claim your reward.

Conquering the Rotating Cage: Tips and Tricks

Observe and Plan: Take a moment to examine the layout of the room and potential pathways.

Rotate Wisely: There are mechanisms on the walls that control the rotation of the cage. Use them strategically to position the Ascendable pillars for a clear path upwards.

Mind the Gaps: Be mindful of gaps that appear during rotation and adjust accordingly to avoid a frustrating fall.

Embrace Experimentation: Don’t be afraid to try different rotations and combinations. The solution might not be immediately obvious.

Are there any helpful resources available online?

Here are some resources to guide you through the Domizuin Shrine’s challenge:

IGN Walkthrough: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-zSb9WSEGz0

YouTube Video Guide: Search for “Domizuin Shrine Walkthrough Tears of the Kingdom” on YouTube for a visual explanation.

What can I expect to find after completing the Domizuin Shrine?

Once you conquer the rotating cage and reach the exit, you’ll be rewarded with a valuable Spirit Orb, a crucial currency for enhancing your character’s abilities.

Remember: With a bit of patience, strategy, and maybe some trial and error, you’ll be out of the Domizuin Shrine a champion, ready to tackle the next challenge in Tears of the Kingdom!

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