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EA Mobile and EA Canada, EA FC Mobile (previously referred to as FIFA Mobile) is a free of charge soccer simulator video game available on iOS and Android platforms. After EA’s license arrangement with FIFA expired in 2023, the app became known as EA FC Mobile. It initially launched as FIFA Mobile in 2016.

There are several modes of play in the app, such as:

  • Greatest Staff: Assemble a group of people from the past and present, then engage in online gaming competition.
  • During times: Try winning a league or cup by playing throughout the entire season with your preferred team.
  • Incidents: Take part in exclusive activities to win prizes.
  • Teams: Join a group of gamers or acquaintances and vie towards the top rank.
  • Although you are able to play this game for no cost, there are in-app payments available which you can make to strengthen your squad.

Here are a few EA FC Mobile app evaluations:

“A fantastic portable soccer game has a lot of features, but you’ll need to spend cash if you’d like to be successful.” – Five out of five stars – Gamer on the Go

” An entertaining and addicting game that is simple to set out and games, but can be harder to perfect.” – 4 out of 5 stars – TouchArcade

Here’s more details on FIFA mobile devices, previously referred to as EA FC Mobile:

Playing the game:

  1. Matching Virtual reality: You play a strategic decision-making game where games are replicated. To affect the result, you can modify your development, make alternatives, and utilize techniques.
  1. Putting Together Your Team: assemble athletes from leagues and teams all over the world. Every player has characteristics that influence how well they play.
  1. Instruction and Modernization: Teach your gamers to raise their ranking and skill level. 

Additionally, you can enhance their powers with goods.

  • Chemistry: Establishing a positive team dynamic is crucial. There is often stronger synergy between athletes from a single club or country, which improves efficiency.

Other than the ones already listed, the game types are:

  • VS Attack: A quick-paced multiplayer game in which you compete against somebody else competing.
  • Play in real-time games that are modeled after actual football games.
  • Campaigns option: A multiplayer game option with a variety of tasks and goals.
  • alterations from FIFA Mobile
  • Title and Advertising: The biggest modification is the switch from FIFA Mobile to EA FC Mobile as a result of FIFA’s license arrangement expiring.
  • Possible Revisions: To set it apart from the prior FIFA Mobile expertise, EA may add fresh functions, incidents, or modes of play in the future, even if the fundamental game keeps staying the same.

Last Words:

A free of charge portable soccer game featuring multiple different modes of play, team construction, and players administration is provided by EA FC Mobile. As the app develops with its new moniker, keep a look out for any modifications and upgrades, even though some features may still resemble the former FIFA Mobile application.

Although it is a sequel to FIFA, FC Mobile, originally referred to as FIFA Mobile, is not precisely a comparable game. 

Below is a summary of the main ideas:


FIFA, the organization that oversees football worldwide, granted permission for the game, which went by the name FIFA Mobile.

Right now:

The FIFA and EA license deal expired in 2023.

EA FC Mobile was the new name given to the sport; “FC” most likely stands for “Football Association.”

Many aspects and the fundamental concept are still the same.

Principal Disparities:

  • Marketing: The title and marketing change from FIFA Mobile to EA FC Portable is the biggest modification.
  • Possible Future modifications: To set it apart from the prior FIFA Mobile expertise, EA may add fresh functions, incidents, or modes of play in the years to come, even though the fundamental play is still the same as it was.
  • As a whole: Consider EA FC Mobile to be a development of FIFA Mobile, albeit with a different moniker because of the copyright shift.

Those who have played FIFA Mobile may recognize the basic playing mechanics, however further improvements and modifications to the game are possible.

How to download EA FC on mobile

According to the OS you’re using, there are two straightforward methods for downloading EA FC Mobile to the device you’re using:

For gadgets running Android:

Google Play Store:

This method of downloading the video game is the cleanest and most advised.

  • Look up “EA FC Mobile” using the searching function.
  • The game ought to show up in the search engine outcomes if it’s accessible in your area.
  • To read the game’s ratings and specifics, tap the symbol.
  • Press the button that says “Install” if you’re good to go.
  • Your smartphone is going to install the application for the game.

Websites for independent APKs (Not suggested):

  • Apps downloaded from unreliable sources should be used with caution. These internet pages could be infected with malicious software or viruses that could damage your gadget.
  • Use caution while downloading anything from an unknown site. Check for ratings and repute beforehand.
  • You are at risk when searching for “EA FC Mobile APK” on the internet.
  • If you can discover a reliable source, download the Android application package from them.
  • Go into your Android preferences and enable “Install from unexpected sites” (there is an anonymity issue).
  • Open the APK file that you received.

Regarding iOS gadgets:

Application Business:  On your iPhone or iPad, launch the App Store app.

Look up “EA FC Mobile” using the lookup function.

The game should show up in the search outcomes if it’s accessible in your area.

To read the game’s user ratings and specifics, tap the icon.

Press the “GET” key if you’re good to go.

To verify the set up, you may have to use Face ID or Touch ID or input your password for the Apple ID.

Your smartphone is going to install the application for the game.

Crucial Information:

Although it is fair to use, EA FC Mobile allows you to make in-app purchases.

To ensure a good gaming experience, verify that the gadget satisfies the minimal system requirements. This kind of data is typically available on the manufacturer’s game websites or app store listing.


What is EA FC Mobile?

EA FC Mobile is a free portable football simulator game made by EA for iOS and Android smartphones. It was previously referred to as FIFA Portable. Create the squad of your dreams, engage in a variety of game styles, and enjoy the excitement of football wherever you are!

Is it the FIFA Mobile version of it?

Not precisely. Due to a contractual change, FIFA Mobile was replaced with EA FC Mobile, even though the fundamental concept is still the same. Although the logo and name have changed, the game types and functionality are still the same.

What is the price of it?

Although you can play the game for free, you can upgrade your group or advance more quickly by making mandatory in-app payments.

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