England vs Ukraine: Player Ratings Unveiled

In a gripping encounter that had fans on the edge of their seats, the England national football team faced off against the Ukraine national football team in a match filled with skill, strategy, and suspense. 

Both teams displayed exceptional talent and determination, making it a night to remember for football enthusiasts worldwide. Here, we delve into the player ratings for both teams, assessing performances, contributions, and key moments that defined the match’s outcome.

England’s Lionheart Performances

Goalkeepers & Defenders

Jordan Pickford (7/10): The Everton shot-stopper showcased his reflexes with crucial saves, keeping England in the game during tense moments. His distribution under pressure was commendable.

Kyle Walker (7.5/10): Walker’s pace and physicality were vital in nullifying Ukraine’s attacks down the flank. His forward runs added an extra dimension to England’s offensive play.

John Stones (8/10): A rock at the back, Stones displayed his aerial dominance and was pivotal in playing out from the back, showing poise under pressure.

Harry Maguire (7/10): Despite facing criticism in the lead-up, Maguire stepped up with important clearances and interceptions. His leadership qualities shone through in key defensive moments.

Luke Shaw (7.5/10): Shaw was a constant threat on the left, combining well with the midfield and delivering dangerous crosses into the box. His defensive duties were also performed with diligence.


Declan Rice (7/10): Rice’s role as the midfield anchor was crucial in breaking up Ukraine’s play and initiating England’s attacks. His tireless work rate was a standout.

Mason Mount (6.5/10): Mount had moments of brilliance but struggled to impose himself fully on the game. His pressing off the ball, however, was instrumental in England’s defensive strategy.

Phil Foden (8/10): Foden was a creative force, consistently posing a threat to Ukraine’s defense with his dribbling and sharp passing. His involvement in the opening goal was a highlight.


Raheem Sterling (7/10): Sterling’s pace caused problems for Ukraine’s defense throughout the match. While he missed a couple of opportunities, his assist was a moment of high quality.

Harry Kane (8.5/10): England’s captain led by example, scoring a crucial goal and always being a focal point in attack. His link-up play and hold-up ability allowed England to maintain pressure.

Bukayo Saka (7/10): Saka’s work rate and willingness to take on defenders added verve to England’s attack. His defensive tracking back was also commendable.

Ukraine’s Valiant Efforts

Goalkeepers & Defenders

Georgiy Bushchan (6.5/10): Faced with England’s relentless attack, Bushchan made several key saves. However, he might feel he could have done better with the goals conceded.

Oleksandr Karavayev (6/10): Karavayev struggled at times with England’s pace down the wings but made crucial interventions and tackles to thwart several dangerous situations.

Mykola Matviyenko (7/10): A solid performance at the heart of Ukraine’s defense, Matviyenko was key in aerial duels and made numerous clearances.

Illya Zabarnyi (6.5/10): The young defender showed promise with his positioning and bravery, though he was caught out on a few occasions by England’s attacking movements.

Vitaliy Mykolenko (7/10): Mykolenko’s overlapping runs and crosses were a primary outlet for Ukraine. Defensively, he put in a shift, containing England’s wingers effectively.


Taras Stepanenko (6/10): Tasked with shielding the defense, Stepanenko made important tackles and interceptions but found it difficult to control the midfield battle against England’s quality.

Ruslan Malinovskyi (7.5/10): Ukraine’s standout midfielder, Malinovskyi’s vision and passing range caused problems. His set-piece delivery was top-notch, creating several chances.

Oleksandr Zinchenko (7/10): Playing a more central role, Zinchenko’s work rate and ability to link play stood out. He was a constant engine in the midfield, driving Ukraine forward.


Andriy Yarmolenko (6/10): Yarmolenko’s experience was vital, but he struggled to leave a significant mark on the game, with limited service and few chances to make an impact.

Roman Yaremchuk (6.5/10): Yaremchuk’s physical presence was a challenge for England’s defenders, and his hold-up play was effective. However, he lacked a clear-cut scoring opportunity.

Viktor Tsygankov (6/10): Showed flashes of skill and pace but ultimately couldn’t find the end product. His efforts, however, did not go unnoticed, contributing to Ukraine’s attacking phases.


How are player ratings determined?

Player ratings are typically determined by analyzing several aspects of a player’s performance during a match, including but not limited to their contribution to goals, defensive work, passing accuracy, work rate, and impact on the game’s outcome. Analysts, coaches, and fans may have varying criteria and perspectives, leading to diverse opinions on player ratings.

Why did Harry Kane receive a higher rating than most players?

Harry Kane received a higher rating due to his crucial role in the match, including scoring a pivotal goal and contributing significantly to England’s attacking plays. His ability to hold up the ball and link play effectively allowed England to maintain offensive pressure, showcasing his importance to the team.

Can player ratings change after a match?

While the initial ratings provided shortly after a match reflect immediate reactions to players’ performances, these ratings can be subject to re-evaluation. Analysts might adjust ratings slightly after a more thorough review of the match footage or considering additional statistical insights. However, significant changes to published ratings are uncommon.

What does a rating of 6/10 or 7/10 signify for a player’s performance?

In the context of player ratings, a score of 6/10 usually signifies an average performance where the player did their job but didn’t stand out or significantly impact the game. A 7/10 suggests a solid performance, indicating the player contributed positively to the team, either defensively or in attack, without necessarily being a game-changer.

Why might a goalkeeper receive a lower rating despite making several key saves?

A goalkeeper’s rating not only reflects their ability to make saves but also considers other aspects of their game, such as distribution, command of the penalty area, and decision-making. If a goalkeeper makes key saves but is at fault for a goal or demonstrates poor handling or distribution, their rating can be affected negatively.

The match was a testament to the quality and resilience of both teams. England’s blend of experience and youthful exuberance proved too much on the day, but Ukraine’s spirited display, especially in midfield and defense, showcased their tactical acumen and determination. 

As fans and pundits dissect performances and key moments, the player ratings reflect the contributions of each individual in a match that was closely contested and rich in narrative. 

This encounter will undoubtedly be remembered for its intensity, skill level, and the emotional rollercoaster it took supporters on, from the opening whistle to the final, decisive moments.

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