From Adorable Owlet to Fletchery Master: The Evolution of Rowlet

Rowlet, the Grass/Flying type starter Pokémon from Generation VII, has captured hearts with its wide eyes, round body, and perpetually grumpy expression. But this little owl evolves into a powerful archer, showcasing a fascinating transformation.

 Let’s explore the evolution of Rowlet, from its humble beginnings to its final majestic form.

A Wide-Eyed Wonder: Rowlet

Rowlet is a tiny Pokémon, barely a foot tall, with a round body covered in green feathers. Its most striking feature is the large, expressive eyes that often appear closed, giving it a constantly grumpy look. Don’t be fooled by the frown, though! Rowlet is a curious Pokémon, always peeking out from its large leaf bowtie to observe its surroundings.

This leaf bowtie isn’t just for decoration; it’s a crucial part of Rowlet’s attack strategy. Rowlet can twirl the leaves at high speed, creating a sharp and powerful projectile. The leaves are also incredibly aromatic, and Rowlet uses their scent to lull opponents to sleep before a surprise attack.

In the wild, Rowlet are known to live in dense forests, hiding amongst the foliage. They are fiercely territorial and will attack any intruders with surprising ferocity. However, Rowlet also form strong bonds with their trainers, becoming loyal and dependable companions.

The Determined Dartrix: Finding its Calling

At level 17, Rowlet evolves into Dartrix. Dartrix retains the overall owl-like appearance of Rowlet, but it grows taller and develops a more slender build. The grumpy expression persists, but Dartrix’s eyes are now wider and more alert, reflecting its growing confidence.

The most significant change in Dartrix is the development of a distinctive chest piece that resembles a fletching, the feathered part of an arrow. This foreshadows Dartrix’s evolution into a skilled archer. Dartrix can launch razor-sharp feathers with incredible precision, making it a formidable opponent. These feathers are even sharper than Rowlet’s leaf projectiles and can pierce through most defenses.

Dartrix also possesses a unique ability called “Keen Eye,” which improves its accuracy. This ability reflects Dartrix’s growing focus and determination to become a master archer. While still retaining a playful nature, Dartrix becomes increasingly serious about honing its combat skills.

The Fletchery Master: Decidueye Takes Flight

At level 34, Dartrix undergoes its final evolution into Decidueye, a majestic Grass/Ghost-type Pokémon. Decidueye stands tall and proud, its green plumage accented by dark, almost spectral feathers.  The grumpy expression has finally faded, replaced by a keen and focused gaze.

Decidueye’s most defining feature is the large, nock-like structure that has developed on its chest. This structure, combined with the fletching-like design, solidifies Decidueye’s role as a master archer. Decidueye can fire arrows made of pure spirit energy with devastating accuracy. These arrows can home in on targets, making it nearly impossible to dodge them.

Adding to its offensive prowess, Decidueye gains the ability “Overgrow,” which increases the power of its Grass-type attacks. Furthermore, its Ghost-typing grants it a resistance to Fighting and Normal-type attacks, making it a more well-rounded fighter.

Decidueye is a loyal and courageous Pokémon, fiercely protective of its trainer and territory. It possesses a strong sense of honor and fights with a disciplined and calculated approach.

A Legacy of Strength and Determination

Rowlet’s evolution line is a captivating journey, showcasing the transformation of a curious owlet into a skilled and respected archer. Each stage of evolution highlights a different aspect of this Pokémon’s development – from Rowlet’s initial shyness to Dartrix’s determined focus and finally to Decidueye’s mastery and unwavering loyalty.

Beyond its combat prowess, Rowlet’s evolution line is also aesthetically pleasing. The design choices, from the adorable owlet to the majestic archer, are well-executed and showcase the impressive artistic vision behind Pokémon.

Whether you choose Rowlet as your starter or encounter it later in your journey, its evolution line offers a rewarding experience, filled with strategic battles and a deep bond between trainer and Pokémon. So, the next time you see a Rowlet, remember the powerful archer it has the potential to become!


Rowlet, the adorable Grass/Flying type starter from Pokémon Sun and Moon (and the Hisui region in Pokémon Legends: Arceus!), has captured hearts with its round shape and sleepy demeanor. But this little owl packs a punch, and its evolution offers exciting new forms!

What is Rowlet’s evolution line?

Rowlet evolves into Dartrix at level 17. Dartrix then evolves into its final form, Decidueye, at level 34.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each stage:

Rowlet (Lv. 1-16): This wide-eyed owl is known for its sharp kick and the ability to store energy in its chest bowtie.

Dartrix (Lv. 17-33): Dartrix becomes more sleek and athletic, wielding twin blades formed from its wing feathers.

Decidueye (Lv. 34+): The majestic Decidueye transforms into a skilled archer, wielding a spectral bow and arrow.

What are the differences between the Alolan and Hisuian Decidueye?

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which takes place in the Hisui region (present-day Sinnoh), Rowlet can evolve into a Hisuian Decidueye. Here’s the key difference:

Alolan Decidueye (Grass/Ghost): This Decidueye is known for its spectral abilities and powerful Ghost-type attacks.

Hisuian Decidueye (Grass/Fighting): This Decidueye takes on a more martial appearance and utilizes powerful Fighting-type moves.

How do the evolutions affect Rowlet’s stats and moves?

As Rowlet evolves, its stats become more focused on Attack and Special Attack. It also learns a wider range of moves, including powerful Grass, Flying, Ghost, and Fighting-type attacks (depending on the final form).

Are there any tips for training Rowlet’s evolution line?

Absolutely! Here are some helpful pointers:

Focus on Special Attack: Since Rowlet’s final forms lean towards Special Attack, prioritize moves and items that boost this stat.

Utilize Training Items: Use items like Exp. Candy or Lucky Eggs to accelerate your Rowlet’s growth.

Explore Different Movesets: Experiment with TM’s (Technical Machines) and move tutors to find a moveset that complements your playstyle.

Where can I find more information on Rowlet’s evolution?

Bulbapedia: This comprehensive Pokémon encyclopedia provides in-depth details on Rowlet’s evolution line, including stats, movesets, and trivia:

Serebii: Another valuable resource for Pokémon information, Serebii offers detailed guides on Rowlet and its evolutions:

YouTube: Search for “Rowlet Evolution” to find gameplay videos showcasing each stage in action!

Witnessing Rowlet’s transformation is a rewarding part of the Pokémon journey. With dedication and the right strategies, you can watch this little owl blossom into a powerful force!

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