Nightsong Saga: Guide to Power and Choices in BG3

The Nightsong, a legendary artifact shrouded in mystery, beckons adventurers in Baldur’s Gate 3 with its allure and potent magic. This multi-act quest, spanning across the game’s narrative, demands cunning exploration, puzzle-solving, and potentially, confrontations with formidable foes. 

This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of finding the Nightsong, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to navigate its secrets.

Planting the Seeds of the Quest: Whispers in the Grove

Your journey towards the Nightsong begins in the idyllic Druids’ Grove, where you encounter Aradin, a tiefling consumed by regret. Witnessing his heated exchange with Zevlor, a tiefling cleric, you learn about their ill-fated expedition into a goblin-infested temple in search of the Nightsong. 

This interaction triggers the “Find the Nightsong” quest, though its true pursuit unfolds in Act Three.

Act One: Clues and Corpses Scattered in the Shadows

While Act One doesn’t offer a direct path to the Nightsong, it lays the groundwork for future discoveries. As you delve into the Goblin Camp within the Shattered Sanctum, you may stumble upon the chilling remains of Aradin’s companions. 

Their scattered belongings and diaries hold valuable clues, including mentions of the “Gauntlet of Shar,” a series of trials guarding the Nightsong, and the potential existence of a map leading to its location.

Act Two: A Shrouded Land Awaits

Reaching Act Two grants access to the Shadow-cursed Lands, a region shrouded in perpetual darkness. Here, you’ll encounter challenges that provide the tools necessary to proceed with the Nightsong quest in Act Three. 

The key lies in acquiring a lantern or receiving a blessing that protects you from the region’s pervasive darkness. Without this protection, venturing into the Shadow-cursed Lands proves perilous, if not impossible.

Act Three: The Grand Mausoleum Beckons

With the necessary protection against the shadows secured, Act Three marks the turning point in your Nightsong pursuit. Head westward, crossing the bridge into Reithwin Town. 

Northwest of the Last Light Inn lies the Grand Mausoleum, a foreboding structure housing the Gauntlet of Shar and the coveted Nightsong.

The Gauntlet of Shar: Trials of Skill and Resolve

Within the Grand Mausoleum lies the Gauntlet of Shar, a series of trials designed to test your skills and resolve. Each challenge demands a unique approach, pushing you to utilize your cunning, strategic thinking, and combat prowess:

The Moonstone Puzzle: Scattered throughout the Gauntlet are moonstone discs. Locate and correctly position them within a designated chamber, aligning them with celestial patterns etched on the walls. A keen eye and problem-solving skills are crucial for success.

Yurgir’s Contract: Deep within the Gauntlet resides Yurgir, a formidable demon bound by a contract. You have two options: defeat him in a challenging combat encounter or exploit a loophole in his contract, potentially manipulating him to eliminate his own minions and ultimately himself.

The Sharran Trials: Three additional trials await, each testing a specific attribute:

Soft-step Trial: Navigate a treacherous maze unseen by watchful shadows. Invisibility spells or strategic use of turn-based mode prove advantageous here.

Whispers of the Past Trial: Decipher cryptic messages whispered by spectral figures, demanding a combination of logic and intuition.

Trial by Fire: Face waves of increasingly difficult enemies, requiring tactical combat prowess and a well-coordinated party composition.

The Umbral Orbs and the Inner Sanctum

Successfully overcoming these trials rewards you with Umbral Orbs, each imbued with the essence of Shar. Collect four Umbral Orbs, one from Yurgir and three from the Sharran trials. With these orbs in hand, gain access to the Gauntlet’s Inner Sanctum, where the Nightsong awaits.

Claiming the Nightsong: Power and its Price

Claiming the Nightsong marks a significant achievement, granting you access to its immense power. However, the true implications of its possession remain shrouded in mystery. Its influence can potentially:

Alter the Narrative: The Nightsong’s power might influence the narrative around you, presenting unique dialogue options, altering character interactions, and potentially shaping the course of major events.

Present Critical Choices: Decisions surrounding the Nightsong’s use will shape your character’s path. Will you utilize its power for good, succumb to its potential corruption, or forge a path that transcends its influence entirely?

Attract Powerful Entities: Wielding an artifact of such immense power is bound to attract attention, both benevolent and malevolent. Be prepared to face the potential consequences of your actions and the choices you make.

Beyond the Gauntlet: A Legacy of Choice

The conclusion of the Nightsong quest isn’t a singular, definitive ending. Instead, it culminates in a series of potential outcomes heavily influenced by your choices throughout the journey:

Embracing the Power: Utilizing the Nightsong for personal gain or wielding it to influence the world around you. This path potentially leads to increased influence and potential manipulation of others.

Seeking Guidance: Consulting with companions or advisors about the Nightsong’s true nature and seeking their counsel on how to handle its power responsibly.

Rejecting its Influence: Choosing to discard or destroy the Nightsong, fearing its corrupting potential or seeking a path free from its burden.


When does the Nightsong quest begin?

The quest officially starts in the Druids’ Grove, where you encounter Aradin and witness his exchange with Zevlor. However, the actual pursuit of the Nightsong unfolds in Act Three.

What are the initial clues in Act One?

Exploring the Goblin Camp within the Shattered Sanctum reveals clues about the Nightsong’s location. Look for diaries and belongings of Aradin’s companions, which mention the “Gauntlet of Shar” and a map leading to the Nightsong.

How do I prepare for the Nightsong quest in Act Two?

Act Two takes you to the Shadow-cursed Lands. To proceed in Act Three, acquire a lantern or receive a blessing that protects you from the pervasive darkness.

Where is the Grand Mausoleum located?

Head westward from Reithwin Town in Act Three. You’ll find the Grand Mausoleum northwest of the Last Light Inn.

What are the challenges within the Gauntlet of Shar?

The Gauntlet presents a series of trials:

Moonstone Puzzle: Align moonstone discs with celestial patterns etched on the walls.

Yurgir’s Contract: Defeat the demon Yurgir or exploit his contract to eliminate him and his minions.

Sharran Trials: Test your skills in:

Soft-step Trial: Navigate a maze unseen by shadows.

Whispers of the Past Trial: Decipher cryptic messages.

Trial by Fire: Face increasingly difficult enemies.

How do I acquire the Umbral Orbs?

One orb comes from Yurgir, and three from the Sharran trials. Collect all four to access the Inner Sanctum.

What happens when I claim the Nightsong?

Claiming the Nightsong marks a significant achievement, potentially influencing the narrative and presenting critical choices that shape your character’s path.

Does the Nightsong have consequences?

Yes, its power can attract powerful entities, both good and evil. Be prepared for potential repercussions based on your actions and the choices you make.

Do my choices in Act One affect the Nightsong quest?

Yes, certain decisions can alter the location of key items or even companions involved in the questline.

What resources can help me further?

Online guides, walkthroughs, and community forums offer detailed strategies and solutions for specific challenges within the Nightsong quest.

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