Guns Akimbo: A Hilariously Dim Plummet into a Livestreamed Passing Match

Guns Akimbo is a 2019 action-comedy film that infuses a dose of dull humor into the brutal world of underground battling. 

Coordinated by Jason Lei Howden and starring Daniel Radcliffe, the film follows the story of Miles, a nerdy video amusement designer whose online trolling lands him in a nightmarish situation.

This article plunges into the world of Guns Akimbo, investigating its plot, characters, subjects, and the questions it has started among watchers on YouTube.

From Console Warrior to Guns Akimbo Gladiator

Miles (Radcliffe) is your normal, alienated programmer with a propensity for online secrecy. He spends his evenings venting dissatisfaction through caustic comments on Skizm, a livestreamed death-match channel. 

One intoxicated evening, his trolling takes an extreme turn when he insuperable Riktor, the savage engineer behind Skizm.

The following morning, Miles wakes up to a horrific reality. Two pistols have been catapulted into his hands, successfully turning him into a human weapon. 

He before long learns that Riktor has chosen him as the newest hopeful in Skizm’s bent recreations. His adversary? Nix (Samara Weaving), a heartless and profoundly talented killer who flourishes in the brutal Skizm arena.

A Hilariously Chaotic Journey of Survival

Guns Akimbo throws Miles, a man more comfortable behind a computer screen, into a world of savagery and chaos. The craziness of his circumstance is emphasizd by the film’s frantic pace and peculiar humor. 

Envision a man with weapons forever joined to his palms attempting to explore regular tasks – it’s both silly and strangely relatable.

The film isn’t modestly absent from activity, conveying over-the-top gunfights and battle choreography. 

However, the savagery is regularly implanted with humor, making an obscure comedic tone. Think of a more bent adaptation of Scott Traveler vs. the World, where the stakes are life and death.

Unlikely Alliances and Covered up Depths

As Miles battles to survive, he shapes an unexpected organization together with Nix. Their energy is a highlight of the film. 

Nix, initially depicted as a homicidal warrior, uncovers hidden depths. She as well is a casualty of Riktor’s pitilessness, and together they must discover a way to elude the Skizm games.

The film investigates subjects of online secrecy and the threats of swarm mentality. Miles’ beginning trolling highlights the ease with which negativity spreads online. 

Skizm itself serves as a chilling commentary on our voyeuristic propensities and the potential for savagery to become entertainment.

Is the Violence too Graphic?

The activity groupings in Guns Akimbo are certainly realistic, but the film’s comedic tone frequently undercuts the brutality. 

It’s more stylized savagery than practical gut. If you’re comfortable with activity movies with a touch of dim humor, you shouldn’t be as well bothered.

Guns Akimbo: A Film that Makes You Think (and Laugh)

Guns Akimbo is a wild ride that mixes activity, comedy, and social commentary. It’s a film that will remain with you long after the credits roll, clearing out you considering the dim side of online culture and the cost of web anonymity. 

So, if you’re looking for a film that’s both engaging and thought-provoking, Guns Akimbo might be the ideal watch.


What is Guns Akimbo about?

Guns Akimbo is a 2019 action-comedy film starring Daniel Radcliffe as Miles, a programmer whose online trolling lands him in an unsafe situation. 

He wakes up to find guns blasted to his hands and is constrained to participate in Skizm, a brutal livestreamed death-match diversion. 

The film takes after his chaotic travel of survival as he groups up with another warrior, Nix (Samara Weaving), to elude the dangerous games.

Is Guns Akimbo a comedy or an action movie?

Guns Akimbo mixes both activity and comedy. The film highlights over-the-top gunfights and battle choreography, but with a solid dose of dim humor. 

Envision a more bent adaptation of Scott Pioneer vs. the World, with a comedic turn on the violence.

Is the violence in Guns Akimbo too graphic?

The activity sequences are realistic, but the film’s comedic tone regularly undercuts the brutality. It’s more stylized violence than practical gut. 

If you’re comfortable with activity movies with a touch of dim humor, you shouldn’t be too bothered.

What are the themes of Guns Akimbo?

Guns Akimbo explores several topics, including:

The threats of online secrecy: Miles’ story highlights the ease with which cynicism spreads online and the potential consequences of online trolling.

The dim side of online culture: Skizm speaks to the voyeuristic propensities of society and the disturbing drift of viciousness becoming entertainment.

Finding quality in unforeseen places: Miles, initially a hesitant character, must overcome his fears and discover the courage to survive.

Is Guns Akimbo based on a video game?

No, Guns Akimbo isn’t based on a particular video amusement. However, it draws inspiration from video amusement aesthetics and topics. 

The concept of a livestreamed passing coordinate can be seen as a commentary on the ubiquity of online gaming and the rise of esports.

Is Guns Akimbo a sequel?

No, Guns Akimbo is a standalone film. There are currently no plans for a sequel.

What are individuals saying around Guns Akimbo?

Reviews for Guns Akimbo are mixed. A few commend the film’s inventiveness, humor, and social commentary. 

Others criticize the savagery and uneven tone. Eventually, whether you appreciate the film will depend on your taste for dull humor and action-packed storytelling.

Where can I observe Weapons Akimbo?

Availability can shift depending on your area, but you can check gushing services or computerized retailers like iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, or Google Play Movies & TV to see if Guns Akimbo is accessible for buy or rental.

Is there a trailer for Guns Akimbo?

Yes, you can discover the trailer for Guns Akimbo on YouTube or other video platforms.

Overall, the conclusion of Guns Akimbo offers a sense of closure for Miles’ personal journey, but leaves the broader societal issues raised by Skizm unresolved. This ambiguity encourages viewers to reflect on the film’s themes and the potential dangers of online culture.

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