A Guide to the Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Puzzle

Hogwarts Legacy, the immersive open-world action RPG set in the Wizarding World, is brimming with magical secrets waiting to be discovered. One such secret lies on the grand bridge connecting the Great Hall and the Library Annex – the Viaduct Courtyard Bridge Puzzle. 

This seemingly innocuous bridge holds a hidden challenge that rewards those with a keen eye and a bit of fire magic.

Locating the Puzzle: A Bridge with a Secret

The Viaduct Courtyard Bridge is a frequently traversed pathway for Hogwarts students. It offers a scenic view of the castle grounds and serves as a convenient shortcut between the two prominent locations. However, beneath its majestic facade lies a hidden puzzle waiting to be unearthed.

Here’s how to find the bridge puzzle:

Navigate to the Viaduct Courtyard:  This courtyard is located between the Great Hall and the Library Annex.It is reachable from any direction.

Cross the Bridge:  Walk across the bridge towards the opposite side.

Examine the Ground:  As you approach the other side, look down at the ground near the center of the bridge. You’ll see a circular engraving with intricate symbols etched within it. This is the key to unlocking the hidden chamber.

Solving the Puzzle: Fire Up Your Knowledge

The bridge puzzle requires a combination of observation, spellcasting, and a touch of logic. Here’s what you need to do:

Identify the Braziers:  On either side of the bridge, you’ll find four mounted braziers (decorative basins that can hold burning material). One of these braziers will already be lit, but the others will be inactive.

Match the Symbols:  Take a closer look at the circular engraving on the ground. You’ll see four different symbols surrounding a central point. These symbols correspond to the four braziers on the bridge.

Light Up the Braziers:  Use your fire spell, Incendio (learned early in the game), to light the unlit braziers.

Rotate the Dials:  Once a brazier is lit, approach it and interact with it. You’ll notice a dial on the base of the brazier. Rotate this dial until it displays the Roman numeral that matches the symbol next to the corresponding brazier on the ground engraving.

Matching Guide (Symbol – Roman Numeral):

Upside-down Triangle – IV

Triangle Pointing Left – II

Crescent Moon – III

Diamond – I

Witness the Magic: Once all four braziers are lit, and their dials are set to the correct Roman numerals, the circular engraving on the ground will glow. The center of the bridge will then open up, revealing a hidden chamber beneath.

Claiming Your Reward: The Spoils of the Puzzle

Descending the ladder into the hidden chamber unveils a treasure trove of rewards for your puzzle-solving skills. Here’s what you might find:

Collection Chests:  These chests contain valuable items like coin pouches, crafting materials, and potentially even rare equipment pieces.

Legendary Chest:  This chest, if present, holds a legendary item, a powerful piece of equipment that can significantly enhance your character’s abilities.

Wand Cosmetic:  You might discover a unique cosmetic item to customize the appearance of your wand, adding a touch of personalization to your magical arsenal.

Conjuration Recipe:  This recipe teaches you a new conjuration spell, allowing you to expand your magical repertoire and unlock new combat or utility options.

The specific rewards you find will vary depending on your gameplay progress and potentially some randomization. However, the satisfaction of solving the puzzle and claiming the hidden treasure is a guaranteed reward.

Tips and Tricks for Puzzle Mastery

Here are some additional pointers to ensure a smooth experience with the Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Puzzle:

Pay Attention to Detail:  The key to solving the puzzle lies in observing the symbols on the ground engraving and matching them to the braziers and their dials.

Explore Early and Often:  Don’t wait until later in the game to explore Hogwarts. The bridge puzzle can be solved relatively early on, once you learn the Incendio spell.

Consult Online Resources:  If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to search online for guides and walkthroughs. Many players have documented the solution to the bridge puzzle, providing visual aids and detailed instructions.

Enjoy the Exploration:  Hogwarts Legacy is filled with such hidden secrets and puzzles. Embrace the spirit of exploration and keep your eyes peeled for other magical challenges that await discovery within the castle walls.


Ah, the bridge puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy!  This seemingly simple environmental puzzle can leave some young witches and wizards scratching their heads. But fear not, for this guide will equip you with the knowledge to solve it and claim your loot!

Where is this Bridge Puzzle?

The bridge puzzle resides on the grand viaduct bridge connecting the Great Hall and the Library Annex. Keep an eye out for it as you traverse this bridge during your Hogwarts explorations.

What do I need to solve the Bridge Puzzle?

The key to this puzzle lies in fire and numbers! Make sure you’ve learned the Incendio spell (or Confringo, if you prefer) to light things up.

So, how do I actually solve it?

Light the Braziers:  On the bridge, you’ll find four braziers mounted on plinths.  Each brazier has a symbol in front of it.  Use Incendio or Confringo to ignite all four.

Match Symbol and Number:  Look closely at the bridge’s central relief sculpture. It displays Roman numerals (I, II, III, IV) alongside matching symbols (upside-down triangle, triangle pointing left, crescent moon, diamond). Now, correlate these symbols with the symbols in front of the braziers.

Spin the Dials:  Each brazier has a hidden dial you can interact with.  Turn the dial on each brazier to display the Roman numeral that corresponds to the symbol next to it according to the relief sculpture.

Success!  Once all four braziers are lit and their dials display the correct Roman numerals, the ground beneath the bridge will magically open, revealing a hidden chamber.

What awaits me in the chamber?

Descend the ladder and claim your reward! The chamber typically houses a collection of chests containing valuable loot, including items like cosmetic gear and powerful equipment.

Still stuck? Need more help?

No worries! Here are some additional resources:

Visual Guide: If you prefer a visual walkthrough, search for “Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Puzzle” on YouTube.

Written Guide with Images: https://gamerant.com/hogwarts-legacy-viaduct-courtyard-bridge-puzzle-guide/ provides a detailed explanation with screenshots.

With this knowledge, you’re well on your way to solving the Hogwarts Legacy bridge puzzle and enriching your Hogwarts experience! Now go forth, young witch or wizard, and claim your hidden treasures!

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