Delving Deep: A Hollow Knight Walkthrough for New Seekers

Hollow Knight, the hauntingly beautiful Metroidvania by Team Cherry, has captivated players with its challenging combat, rich lore, and sprawling, interconnected world. This walkthrough serves as your guide through the forgotten kingdom of Hallownest, offering tips, strategies, and boss fight breakdowns to aid you on your journey.

A Hollow Beginning: The Forgotten Crossroads

Your adventure starts in Dirtmouth, a desolate town clinging to the remnants of its former glory.  After acquiring your basic abilities – the Nail (sword) and Soul Focus (magic gathering) –  descend into the well, entering the forgotten depths of Hallownest – the Forgotten Crossroads.

Explore and Conquer: Navigate the twisting caverns, encounter friendly NPCs like the shopkeeper Sly, and battle your first foes – Mantis Lords and Gruz Mother. Master dodging and utilize Soul Focus to gather Soul essence, which fuels your spells.

Unlock Abilities: Locate hidden passages and break breakable walls to discover Soul Twister, your first offensive spell, and the Mantis Claw, granting grappling abilities.

Unveiling Secrets: Keep an eye out for hidden Geo (currency) caches, Shaman Shrines (upgrade Soul spells), and entrances to secret areas like the Queen’s Gardens.

Facing the False Knight: A Test of Strength

The Forgotten Crossroads culminate in a battle against the imposing False Knight.

Strategy: Learn the False Knight’s attack patterns. Dodge its lunges, jump over shockwaves, and heal when needed. Focus on attacking during recovery frames after its attacks.

Fury of the Fallen: When the False Knight falls, it explodes into maggots that spawn smaller enemies. Use area-of-effect spells like Soul Twister to clear them efficiently.

Crystallizing Your Path: Crystal Peak and Beyond

With the False Knight vanquished, new areas open up. Here are some key locations:

Crystal Peak: This luminescent realm requires the Crystal Heart ability (acquired from an area above the False Knight fight) to navigate its crystal formations. Master wall-jumping and pogo-ing (downward attack) on enemies to reach new heights. Here, you’ll face the imposing Crystal Guardian boss.

Greenpath: This lush area contrasts starkly with the previous zones. Defeat Hornet, a formidable foe who serves as a recurring challenge. Utilize the Dashmaster charm (acquired in the Fungal Wastes) to quickly dodge her attacks.

Fungal Wastes: This sprawling network of fungal tunnels holds secrets like the Spore Shroom (upgrades Spore Cloud spell) and the powerful Defender’s Crest charm. Be wary of the mantis warriors and the brooding Mantis Lords, a challenging double boss fight.

Descending Deeper: The City of Tears and Beyond

As you delve deeper, the world becomes more perilous. Here’s what awaits:

The City of Tears: This once-majestic city is now shrouded in sorrow. New abilities like Desolate Dive (downward slash) and Monarch Wings (double jump) open up new areas. Brace yourself for a battle against the Soul Master, a foe who attacks with Soul projectiles. Learn to parry his attacks and heal efficiently.

The Royal Waterways: This dank and dangerous area is filled with aquatic foes and environmental hazards. Be prepared for a close encounter with the grotesque Dung Defender, a surprisingly chivalrous foe.

Deepnest: Venture into the perilous depths at your own risk. This area is filled with nightmarish creatures and challenging platforming sections. The boss fight against the brooding Nosk requires patience and precise timing.

Unveiling the Mysteries: The Ancient Basin and Beyond

The final leg of your journey takes you to the hidden corners of Hallownest:

The Ancient Basin: This desolate area serves as the gateway to the endgame. Locate Isma’s Tear (upgrades Soul Orb spell) and face the White Palace, a perilous platforming challenge leading to the final confrontation.

The Hollow Knight: The true final boss awaits. This fight tests your mastery of the game’s mechanics. Learn its attack patterns, dodge effectively, and unleash your full offensive potential.

Multiple Endings and Secrets

Hollow Knight offers multiple endings depending on your actions throughout the game. Explore every nook and cranny to uncover its rich lore, hidden challenges, and secret bosses like the White Defender and the Radiance.

Tips for Success:

Talk to NPCs: Many NPCs offer valuable information and side quests.

Charm Customization: Equip charms that complement your playstyle. Try different things to see what suits you the best.

Dream Warriors: Defeat these powerful entities scattered across Hallownest to gain unique abilities.


Welcome to Hallownest, a vast, ruined kingdom teeming with danger and secrets. This FAQ will equip you for your adventure in Hollow Knight, a critically acclaimed Metroidvania.

Getting Started:

Movement and Combat: Master the basics of movement (jumping, dashing, wall clinging) and combat (nail attacks, spells).

Soul and Geo: Collect Soul from enemies to heal and cast spells. Gather Geo, the currency, to purchase items and upgrades.

Map and Benchmarks: Purchase maps from Cornifer in Dirtmouth to reveal areas and track your progress. Rest on benches to heal and create save points.

Exploring Hallownest:

Non-Linear Gameplay: Hollow Knight offers a non-linear world. Explore freely, backtrack to previously inaccessible areas as you gain new abilities.

Secrets and Upgrades: Keep your eyes peeled for hidden passages, breakable walls, and grubs to collect. Upgrades like charms and nail arts enhance your abilities.

Talk to the Bugs!: Chat with friendly NPCs for hints, lore, and quests. Some offer valuable services or items.

Conquering Bosses:

Learn the Patterns: Each boss has unique attack patterns. Observe, dodge, and counter-attack to emerge victorious.

Soul Management: Use Soul efficiently for healing and spells during boss fights.

Practice Makes Perfect: Don’t get discouraged! Bosses often require multiple attempts to master.

Progression Tips:

Talk to the Hunter: He offers bounties for defeating enemies, rewarding you with Geo and Hunter’s Marks (used for unique charms).

Unlock Charms Slots: Locate hidden notches throughout Hallownest to equip more charms and customize your build.

Explore at Your Pace: Don’t be afraid to explore and collect resources before tackling tougher areas.

Popular Online Resources:

IGN Walkthrough:

Mossbag’s YouTube Guides: (Mossbag offers comprehensive guides for all areas, bosses, and completion goals)

Hollow Knight Wiki:

Beyond the Basics (for Experienced Players):

Hidden Dream Warriors: Defeat these powerful foes to unlock challenging endgame content.

Collectibles and Completion: Hallownest is packed with secrets to uncover. Aim for 100% completion for the ultimate challenge.

Multiple Endings: Your choices throughout the game can influence the final outcome.

Remember, this FAQ is just a starting point. The true joy of Hollow Knight lies in uncovering its mysteries yourself. So, delve deep, embrace the challenge, and enjoy your exploration of this hauntingly beautiful world!

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