Into the Unknown: A Deep Dive into Starfield’s Pivotal Mission

Starfield, the highly anticipated RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, promises a vast universe filled with exploration, discovery, and adventure. Among its many intriguing quests lies “Into the Unknown,” a pivotal mission that thrusts you into the heart of the game’s central mystery: the Artifacts.

This guide delves into everything we know so far about “Into the Unknown” in Starfield, based on information gleaned from trailers, gameplay demos, and community discussions.

Unearthing the Mystery: The Quest’s Significance

“Into the Unknown” appears to be a critical story mission in Starfield. Here’s why it holds so much importance:

Introduction to Artifacts:  The quest revolves around your search for Artifacts, ancient objects scattered throughout the cosmos. These artifacts are shrouded in mystery, but they are believed to hold immense power and are central to the game’s overarching narrative.

A Turning Point:  Completing “Into the Unknown” seems to be a turning point in the story. It likely unlocks new locations, factions, and deeper layers of the mystery surrounding the Artifacts.

Character Development:  The quest might involve interactions with key characters who provide valuable information about the Artifacts and your role in uncovering their secrets.

Following the Trail: The Quest Walkthrough (Based on Available Information)

While details are scarce, here’s a possible breakdown of “Into the Unknown” based on available information:

Meeting Vladimir Sall:  The quest likely begins by meeting Vladimir Sall, a seasoned spacer with knowledge about the Artifacts. He might point you towards a specific location or provide clues to initiate your search.

The Search for the Eye:  Your investigation might lead you to a mysterious space station called “The Eye.” This station could hold vital information or even house an Artifact itself.

Navigating the Station:  The Eye might be a complex structure with puzzles, security measures, or hostile forces to overcome. You’ll need to utilize your combat skills, hacking abilities, and problem-solving to navigate the station’s challenges.

Unearthing Secrets:  Within The Eye, you might encounter data logs, recordings, or hidden chambers that offer clues about the Artifacts and their origins.

The Temple and the Rings:  The quest might involve a visit to an ancient alien temple rumored to hold an Artifact.  Trailers showcase a section with floating, rotating rings. Solving this puzzle might be necessary to access a hidden chamber or activate the Artifact.

Beyond the Basics:  Unanswered Questions and Player Speculation

While the core objective seems clear, several questions remain unanswered:

Who Created the Artifacts?  The quest might provide hints about the creators of the Artifacts and their motives for placing them across the galaxy.

The Artifacts’ Purpose:  What power do the Artifacts possess? Are they benevolent or malicious?  “Into the Unknown” might offer the first glimpse into their purpose.

Factions and Competition:  Are there other factions vying for the Artifacts?  The quest might introduce rival groups with their own agendas, adding a layer of complexity to the narrative.

Impact on Gameplay:  Will acquiring an Artifact grant your character new abilities or alter the course of the story?  Completing “Into the Unknown” could have significant gameplay ramifications.

Embarking on Your Own Journey

With its focus on unraveling the mysteries of the Artifacts, “Into the Unknown” promises to be a pivotal moment in Starfield. The quest is likely to set the stage for your grand spacefaring adventure, shaping the narrative and pushing you towards the heart of the game’s core conflict.

While details remain shrouded in secrecy, this deep dive has explored the known aspects of “Into the Unknown” and the questions that pique player interest.  As Starfield’s launch approaches, prepare to embark on your own interstellar voyage,  unearth the secrets of the Artifacts, and leave your mark on the vast expanse of space.


“Into the Unknown” is a pivotal quest in Starfield, Bethesda’s highly anticipated space exploration RPG.  Here’s a breakdown to quench your thirst for knowledge:

What is the “Into the Unknown” mission about?

This mission throws you headfirst into the heart of Starfield’s central mystery:¬† Unity.¬† Partnering with Matteo, a fellow Constellation member, you embark on a thrilling chase for clues, deciphering cryptic messages and navigating mind-bending puzzles.

When can I play “Into the Unknown”?

The mission unlocks after completing “The Old Neighborhood” alongside “Back to Vectera” and “The Empty Nest.”

What are the key objectives of the mission?

Unravel the Enigma: Gather intel and uncover the secrets surrounding Unity.

Puzzle Power: Prepare to solve intricate puzzles that will test your logic and observation skills.

A Piece of the Puzzle: This mission is considered a stepping stone, offering crucial information for the overarching Starfield narrative.

Are there any tips for conquering “Into the Unknown”?

Consult Your Crew: Chat with your fellow Constellation members; they might hold valuable insights.

Eagle Eyes: Every location you visit likely harbors clues. Scrutinize your surroundings for hidden notes, terminals, or interactive objects.

Embrace the Challenge: The puzzles can be tricky. Analyze the clues, experiment with solutions, and don’t get discouraged!

Where can I find a walkthrough for the mission?

Several resources offer detailed walkthroughs, including:

IGN Starfield Guide:

Prima Games (when available): Keep an eye out for Prima’s official Starfield guide, likely to include a detailed walkthrough for “Into the Unknown.”

YouTube Video Guides: Search for “Starfield Into the Unknown Walkthrough” on YouTube for video tutorials.

What can I expect to learn from this mission?

While the full picture remains shrouded in mystery, “Into the Unknown” is rumored to provide significant insights into:

The Starborn: You might uncover intriguing details about these enigmatic beings who play a major role in Starfield’s lore.

The Nature of Unity: The mission may shed light on what Unity truly is and its significance to the game’s universe.

Story Progression: Expect revelations and plot points that propel you further into the main Starfield storyline.

Remember: While these FAQs provide a roadmap, experiencing the thrill of discovery firsthand in Starfield is the best way to unravel the mysteries of Unity. So, buckle up, spacefarer, and get ready for an unforgettable quest!

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