Italy 31-29 Scotland: Six Nations 2024

Italy 31-29 Scotland on March 9, 2024 in the Stadio Olimpico in Rome to win the 2024 Six Nations Football series in a thrilling comeback.

Synopsis of the Coordinate:

  • High-scoring Opening Quarter: Zander Fagerson, Kyle Steyn, and Pierre Schoeman scored a trio of tries as Scotland controlled the opening quarter. But Italy rallied, trailing 22–16 at the break after tries from Juan Ignacio Brex and conversions from Paolo Garbisi and Martin Page-Relo.
  • Italian Fightback: Garbisi’s penalty goal helped the visiting team reduce the score as they came out firing in the subsequent half. Italy then scored a wonderful try after a pivotal shift, with their attackers doing a fantastic job of preparing for the victory.With minutes left, Garbisi’s goal leveled the score at 29-29.
  • Exciting Coating: Italy kept up the intensity, and Garbisi’s final penalty gave the Azzurri a historic triumph. Their first Six Nations victory in their own country since 2013 occurred with this victory.

Important Aspects:

  • Scotland’s Initial Offer: The foreigners made an impressive beginning and displayed their offensive prowess.
  • Italian Resilience is Italy persevered, coming back from behind to earn a justifiable win.
  • Paolo Garbisi’s skillful kicking, which included the game-winning punishment, was essential to Italy’s victory.


  • Italy will have a significant lift in confidence as a result of this triumph, as they look to advance in the Six Nations tournament.
  • Scotland’s loss: Italy 31-29 Scotland While still in the running for the crown, Scotland’s ambitions are dented by the loss.

Additional Research:

  • Match Reports: Check out in-depth articles from reputable sporting media outlets or the Six Nations homepage.
  • Evaluation: For a deeper understanding of the methods and strategies used in rugby, peruse papers and clips written by rugby experts.

This win is a major turning point for Italian rugby, and it is going to be intriguing to watch how both sides perform in the remaining Six Nations matches.

The 2024 Six Nations schedule

The 2024 Six Nations Tournament is under progress, with the final leg set to start shortly! The events you could have missed are listed here (as of this morning, Tuesday, March 12, 2024):

First Game (Finished):

  • Friday, February 2nd: France vs Ireland (17-38)
  • Saturday, February 3rd:
  • Italy vs England (24-27)
  • Wales vs Scotland (26-27)

Round 2 (Completed):

  • Saturday, February 10th:
  • Scotland vs France (16-20)
  • England vs Wales (16-14)

Round 3 (Completed):

  • Saturday, February 24th:
  • Ireland vs Wales (31-7)
  • Scotland vs England (30-21)

Round 4 (Completed):

  • Saturday, March 9th:
  • Italy vs Scotland (31-29)
  • Wales vs England (lost, exact score unavailable)

Round 5 (Upcoming – Final Round):

  • Saturday, March 16th:
  • Wales vs Italy (2:15 PM)
  • Ireland vs Scotland (4:45 PM)
  • France vs England (8:00 PM)

How to purchase tickets for the Six Nations 2024

Since the final round of the 2024 Six Nations Tournament is scheduled for March 16th (today is March 12th, 2024), seats have probably already sold out.  For future use, or in the event that tickets should come accessible for reuse, below are a few choices:

Routes of Officialdom:

  • Six Nations Website: For details on any possible resale opportunities provided by the presenting labor organizations, visit the recognized Six Nations website at When the game gets nearer, certain unions may release seats that have been returned.
  • Participant Member Ticket Workplaces: Every one of the six national football labor organizations, namely Scotland, Wales, England, France, Ireland, and Italy, has its own ticket shop or portal. Any refunded tickets may be released there. To help you get began, here some of the assets:
  1. England:
  2. France: (French language)
  3. Ireland:
  4. Italy: Federazione Italiana Rugby (in Italian) does not appear to have an online ticket area on their official website, however you may try emailing them at  ( to get more information.
  5. Scotland:
  6. Wales: Principality Stadium (

Tertiary Markets for Tickets:

  • Selling Systems: People may resell tickets on websites such as StubHub or viagogo, but it’s important to keep an eye out for exaggerated pricing and make sure that the site is reliable.
  • Social networks: Some supporters may resale tickets on networking sites like Twitter in the run-up to the game, while this is not advised owing to possible frauds. Once more, if you’re thinking of taking this road, tread very carefully.

Upcoming Six Nations Competitions:

  • Preparing Further: Keep a watch on the main Six Nations webpage and the collaborating organizations’ booking webpages for information regarding the date of ticket sales if you have an interest in visiting the Six Nations tournament in 2025 or later. Usually, they go on purchase a few weeks prior to the start of the competition.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get tickets to more Six Nations games. Recall that tickets for big sporting occasions often sell swiftly, so being organized and moving promptly are essential.

Rugby six nations 2024

The 2024 Six Nations Tournament is a competition that takes place in all six of the nations that are participating, hence it is not geographically specific:

  • England
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Wales and Scotland

Every team plays a single home match and one away match while visiting each of the five countries.

The competition is presently in its last round, which is scheduled for Saturday, March 16, 2024.

What is the cost of the foreign tickets?

Since “The International” is a popular term for several international athletic contests, it depends upon which “International” thing you’re referring to. Here’s where to go for purchase knowledge for a few well-known situations:

What was the total result in the end?

Italy 31-29 Scotland in a thrilling contest.

Q: Who were Italy’s main participants?

Louis Lynagh, making his international debut, scored a try, and Stephen Varney added another vital score to put Italy ahead. Three chances were also scored by Paolo Garbisi.

How did Scotland fare in the end?

After scoring three tries in the opening fifteen minutes, Scotland faltered in the second period as a result of mistakes and mistakes. They pulled off a last-minute bonus goal attempt, but it was not enough to steal the win.

What implications does this outcome have for both collaborations?

Italy is seriously disturbed by its victory. They’ve won at home in the Six Nations since 2013 and against Scotland for the first time in a decade. This defeat damages Scotland’s prospects of retaining the title.

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