A Guide to the Jirutagumac Shrine in The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom throws Link at a multitude of Shrines, each one a unique test of his abilities and problem-solving skills.  Soaring high above the clouds in the Lanayru Sky region is the Jirutagumac Shrine. This shrine focuses on utilizing the innovative Zonai technology, specifically the ability to construct flying machines. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide to conquering the Jirutamac Shrine, from locating it to solving its aerial puzzles and claiming your reward.

Seeking the Skybound Shrine: Locating the Jirutamac Shrine

The Jirutagumac Shrine is cleverly hidden within a large, rotating orb high above the Lanayru Sky region. Here’s how to find it:

Travel to the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower. This prominent landmark often serves as a great starting point for exploring the Lanayru Sky.

As you launch yourself into the sky with your paraglider, keep a keen eye out below. You’ll spot the massive, spherical structure with the Jirutagumac Shrine nestled within.

The shrine’s orb rotates slowly, so you’ll need to time your descent perfectly to enter. Look for an opening – a gap in the sphere’s surface – that appears periodically during its rotation.

Carefully paraglide towards the opening and maneuver yourself inside the rotating sphere. This is your gateway to the Jirutagumac Shrine!

Alternatively, if you’ve befriended Sidon, the Zora prince, and completed some of his quests, you might have access to a more convenient route.  Following Sidon’s questline may lead you near the shrine, allowing you to simply enter the opening without the paragliding challenge.

The Rotating Gatekeeper: Deactivating the Fan and Entering the Shrine

Upon entering the spherical chamber, you’ll find yourself face-to-face with a large fan attached to the wheel that rotates the entire orb.  This fan is the key to unlocking the entrance to the shrine itself. Here’s what to do:

Approach the fan cautiously. You’ll notice a Sheikah Slate activation panel nearby.

Interact with the panel to activate the Sheikah Slate. This will deactivate the fan, halting the sphere’s rotation and creating a temporary window of opportunity.

While the sphere is stationary, locate the entrance to the actual shrine – a doorway embedded within the sphere’s wall. This entrance will only be accessible when the fan is deactivated.

Quickly enter the doorway before the sphere resumes its rotation. You’ve bypassed the rotating gatekeeper and gained access to the heart of the Jirutagumac Shrine.

Taking Flight: Assembling a Zonai Flying Machine

Now that you’re inside the shrine, it’s time to tackle the core puzzle – constructing a flying machine using the provided Zonai parts. What you will need and how to assemble it are as follows:

Gather the necessary components scattered around the central platform. You’ll need:

A Wing – This large, sail-like structure provides lift for your flying machine.

Two Fans – These powerful fans will propel your creation forward.

A Steering Stick (Optional) – While not essential for completing the shrine, the steering stick allows for greater control over your flying machine’s direction.

Use the Sheikah Slate’s magnesis ability to grab and position the Zonai components. Carefully place the Wing on the platform as the base of your flying machine.

Next, attach the two Fans to the back of the Wing.  These will act as your machine’s engines.

If you have the Steering Stick, attach it to the designated slot on the Wing. This will allow you to steer your contraption during flight.

Congratulations! You’ve assembled your very own Zonai flying machine!

Soaring Through the Skies: Navigating the Shrine’s Interior

With your flying machine complete, it’s time to take to the skies and navigate the shrine’s interior:

Climb onto the platform behind your flying machine. This will serve as your launchpad.

Interact with the Sheikah Slate activation panel near the platform’s edge. This will activate the wind current, propelling your flying machine forward.

Here comes the fun part – flying!  Use the control stick (if you have one) to steer your machine through the designated course.  The path is fairly straightforward, but be mindful of obstacles like swinging pendulums and fiery eruptions.

Navigate the course skillfully, avoiding any collisions.


The Jirutagumac Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is shrouded in mystery until you solve its unique puzzle. Here are some answers to burning questions players have about this airborne challenge:

Where is the Jirutagumac Shrine?

Look to the skies above the Lanayru Great Spring region. You’ll find the Shrine tucked away inside a large, rotating orb.  The shrine’s exact coordinates are (2916, 0533, 0951) in-game, but spotting the giant sphere itself is the easiest way to locate it.

How do I get inside the Shrine?

Reaching the Jirutagumac Shrine requires some creative thinking. Here are two options:

Craft a Flying Machine: This is the intended solution. Use the Zonai device crafting mechanic to build a flying machine with a Wing, two Fans, and a Steering Stick (if available). Glide or fly towards the opening on the rotating sphere to enter.

Gliding Prowess: If you’re confident in your gliding skills, you can potentially paraglide from the top of the Water Temple all the way to the rotating orb’s opening. This method requires a lot of stamina and precise maneuvering.

What awaits me inside the Shrine?

The Jirutagumac Shrine challenges you with a unique flying puzzle. You’ll need to use your understanding of Zonai devices and environmental manipulation to solve it.  Consult a walkthrough for a step-by-step solution if you get stuck.

Where can I find a walkthrough for the Jirutagumac Shrine?

Several resources offer detailed walkthroughs for the Jirutagumac Shrine, including:

IGN Guide: https://www.ign.com/videos/the-legend-of-zelda-tears-of-the-kingdom-jirutagumac-shrine-gameplay-walkthrough

YouTube Video Guides: Search for “Jirutagumac Shrine Walkthrough” on YouTube for video tutorials.

What can I expect to earn from completing the Shrine?

Once you conquer the flying puzzle, you’ll be rewarded with a Spirit Orb, a crucial item for enhancing your character’s abilities.

Are there any hidden secrets in the Shrine?

The Jirutagumac Shrine itself seems straightforward. However, some players speculate there might be hidden lore or secrets tied to the rotating orb or the Zonai devices used in the puzzle. Keep your eyes peeled for anything that might stand out!

Remember: While these FAQs provide a helpful overview, tackling the Jirutagumac Shrine’s challenges and uncovering its secrets yourself is a rewarding part of the Tears of the Kingdom experience.

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