Mastering Buoyancy in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The world of Tears of the Kingdom is brimming with hidden Shrines, each one a test of Link’s skills and resourcefulness. Among these challenges lies the Jonsau Shrine, a unique puzzle focused on understanding and utilizing the mechanics of buoyancy. 

This guide equips you with the knowledge to conquer the Jonsau Shrine and claim your reward, whether you’re a seasoned Zelda veteran or a newcomer to Hyrule.

Unveiling the Jonsau Shrine’s Location

The Jonsau Shrine resides in the scenic Lanayru Wetlands region. Here’s how to find it:

Look for the Shrine east of Lookout Landing and northeast of the Wetland Stable.

It’s a readily visible structure sitting on a small hill overlooking the vast wetlands.

You can easily spot the familiar blue entrance from afar.

For those with a keen eye for coordinates, the Shrine’s location is (1743, 0018, 0025).

Stepping Inside: The Deep Force Awaits

Upon entering the Jonsau Shrine, you’ll find yourself in a room with a central pool of water and a metal treasure chest resting on the bottom. But retrieving it won’t be a simple swim. The key to this Shrine lies in mastering the concept of buoyancy, a core principle of physics that Link will need to utilize strategically.

Puzzle 1: Understanding Buoyancy

The first puzzle introduces you to the core mechanic. Here’s what you need to do:

Notice the yellow orb floating near the water’s surface. This is your key to manipulating the water pressure.

Don’t pick up the orb! Instead, use the “Ultrahand” ability introduced in Tears of the Kingdom. This spectral hand allows you to grab and manipulate objects from a distance.

Extend the Ultrahand and grab the yellow orb.

With the orb secured, use the D-pad on your controller to move it up and down. Experiment with its movement – you’ll see how it affects the water pressure in the pool.

Here’s the key: Pushing the orb down displaces water, creating a strong upward force.

Puzzle 1 Solution: Lifting the Treasure Chest

Now that you understand buoyancy, it’s time to use it to your advantage:

While holding the yellow orb with the Ultrahand, push it all the way down towards the bottom of the pool.

As you release the orb, the water pressure will surge upwards, creating a powerful force.

This upward force will propel the metal treasure chest sitting at the bottom of the pool all the way to the surface.

Swim up and claim your reward – you’ll likely find rupees or arrows within the chest.

Puzzle 2: Reaching the Monk and the Exit

Having retrieved the treasure, it’s time to progress further. Here’s how to unlock the path to the next room:

Locate another yellow orb near the edge of the pool, opposite the metal treasure chest.

Use the Ultrahand to grab this orb as well.

Look up – you’ll see a metal target hanging from the ceiling.

Maneuver the yellow orb with the Ultrahand and aim for the metal target. The goal is to strike the target with the orb, causing it to fall.

Once the target falls, it will activate a mechanism, opening the pathway to the next room.

Puzzle 3: A Final Buoyancy Challenge

The final puzzle utilizes the same buoyancy principle with a slight twist:

In the next room, you’ll find another yellow orb and a large metal block blocking your path.

Use the Ultrahand to grab the yellow orb.

Here’s the challenge: You’ll need to position the orb strategically to push the metal block and clear the passage.

Experiment by pushing the orb up and down to control the water pressure. Aim to create an upward force that pushes the metal block high enough for you to slip underneath and proceed.

Reaching the Monk and Claiming Your Reward

After navigating the final metal block, you’ll find yourself facing the Monk overseeing the Jonsau Shrine.

Speak to the Monk to learn more about the shrine’s trials and the importance of understanding buoyancy.

The Monk will reward you with a Spirit Orb for completing the Shrine, a valuable item that contributes to strengthening Link’s abilities.


The Jonsau Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom is one of many intriguing challenges Link encounters. Here’s a breakdown to quench your thirst for knowledge:

Where can I find the Jonsau Shrine?

The Jonsau Shrine resides in the Lanayru region, specifically in the Lanayru Wetlands. Look for it east of Lookout Landing and northeast of the Wetland Stable. It rests on a small hill, easily spotted while exploring the area.

What awaits me inside the Jonsau Shrine?

This shrine focuses on the concept of buoyancy, introducing a unique mechanic to the game. Prepare to use your wit and the trusty Sheikah Slate to navigate the watery puzzles within.

What are the challenges of the Jonsau Shrine? (Spoiler-Free)

Buoyancy Bonanza: You’ll encounter objects that react differently underwater. Use this concept to your advantage to solve environmental puzzles and progress.

Treasure Hunt: Keep an eye out for a hidden chest containing valuable loot!

How can I conquer the Jonsau Shrine? (Light Spoilers)

The Sheikah Slate is your Ally: Utilize the Ultra-Remote to manipulate objects and influence water flow.

Think Like Water: Experiment with submerging and releasing objects to leverage their buoyancy for puzzle solutions.

Explore Every Corner: The hidden chest is cleverly placed, so take your time to explore the shrine’s nooks and crannies.

Looking for a Walkthrough?

If you get stuck or prefer a visual guide, there are plenty of resources available:

IGN Jonsau Shrine Guide:

YouTube Walkthroughs: Search for “Jonsau Shrine Walkthrough Tears of the Kingdom” for video tutorials.

Jonsau Shrine: More Than Just a Puzzle

While the shrine offers a fun puzzle challenge, some theories suggest it might hold deeper meaning:

The Significance of Deep Force: The shrine’s title, “Deep Force,” could hint at a connection to a larger lore element in Tears of the Kingdom.

Learning from the Past: Perhaps the shrine’s mechanics foreshadow future challenges or tie back to ancient technologies within the game’s world.

Ready to conquer the Jonsau Shrine? With a dash of logic and a sprinkle of experimentation, you’ll be out in no time, ready to face the next adventure that awaits Link.

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