Josh Segarra: From A Capella Stages to Stealing the Show

Josh Segarra is an American actor who has carved his way over tv, film, and theater. His flexibility and charisma have landed him parts in everything from quirky comedies to superhero dramas, with solid measurements of musicals sprinkled in between.

This article dives into the life and career of Josh Segarra, investigating his travel from Florida stages to captivating audiences nationwide.

Early Life and Education: A Foundation in the Arts

Born in Longwood, Florida on June 3, 1986, to Puerto Rican guardians, Josh Segarra’s aesthetic slants were apparent from a youthful age. 

Whereas details around his early life stay private, it’s clear that his energy for performance was nurtured.

Segarra honed his gifts at NYU’s Tisch School of the Expressions, graduating in 2008. Here, his adore for music genuinely bloomed. 

He wasn’t fair drawn to conventional singing; Segarra grasped beatboxing and indeed rapped for the university’s prestigious a capella group, the N’harmonics. 

The bunch accomplished national recognition, performing at prestigious scenes like Lincoln Center.

This cherish for music would later interweave with his acting career in a wonderful way, but first, Segarra would take his abilities to the professional stage.

Finding His Footing: Early Roles and Theater Breakthrough

Segarra’s proficient acting career started shortly after graduating from NYU. He landed his first credited part in the Off-Broadway melodic “Fools in Adore” amid his sophomore year. 

This early taste of the proficient theater world likely fueled his desire to proceed performing.

Throughout the early 2010s, Segarra landed parts in different tv appearances, counting single-episode appearances in well known arrangements like “Orange is the New Black” and “Chicago P.D.” 

He moreover secured a repeating part in the children’s instructive series “The Electric Company,” a play known for launching the careers of numerous comedic actors.

However, it was in the theater that Segarra really started to shine. In 2 011, he started the part of Perseus in the Off-Broadway melodic “Lysistrata Jones,” 

A comedic take on the classic Greek play. This part showcased not only his acting chops but moreover his amazing vocal talent.

The following year, Segarra landed the part that would be a major turning point in his career: Emilio Estefan in the jukebox melodic “On Your Feet!” 

This personal melodic chronicled the life and career of Gloria Estefan and her spouse, Emilio. Segarra’s depiction of the music tycoon was broadly lauded by faultfinders and audiences alike. 

The part not only earned him basic recognition but moreover presented him to a more extensive national audience. “On Your Feet!” enjoyed a fruitful Broadway run, encouraging Segarra’s put in the theater world.

Breaking into Television: Sirens, Arrow, and Beyond

With the victory of “On Your Feet!”, Segarra’s tv career started to pick up energy. In 2014, he landed a starring part in the USA Organize comedy arrangement “Sirens.” 

The appearance, which centered around the lives of paramedics in Chicago, permitted Segarra to grandstand his comedic timing and charisma. 

Although “Sirens” only lasted two seasons, it advanced Segarra as a flexible entertainer who may excel in both emotional and comedic roles.

In 2016, Segarra joined the cast of the popular superhero arrangement “Arrow” as Adrian Chase/Prometheus. 

This complex scalawag part permitted Segarra to show his emotional extent. His depiction of the character was a standout of the show’s afterward seasons, setting his nearness in the superhero genre.

Since “Arrow,” Segarra has continued to be an installation on tv. He has had repeating parts in appearances like “Orange is the Modern Dark” and “The Other Two,” 

A comedy arrangement co-created by previous SNL star Sarah Sherman. He has guest-starred in prevalent arrangements like “Chicago Fire” and “Deputy.”

Segarra remains dynamic in the theater world as well. In 2019, he featured in a generation of Stephen Sondheim’s “Assassins” at the Pasadena Playhouse.

A Life Beyond the Spotlight: Family and Personal Life

While Josh Segarra appreciates a fruitful career in the open eye, he chooses to keep his individual life generally private. He hitched actress Brace Rice in 2014, and the couple have a child, Gus Maine Segarra. 

In interviews, Segarra has talked about the significance of family and maintaining a solid work-life adjustment. He is known to be very active on social media,


Q: Where is Josh Segarra from?

A: Josh Segarra was born and raised in Longwood, Florida on June 3, 1986.

Q: Did Josh Segarra always need to be an actor?

A: There isn’t a parcel of open data available about Segarra’s early life desires, but his inclusion in melodic theater all through his tutoring recommends a long-standing enthusiasm for performance.

Q: What was Josh Segarra’s first acting role?

A: Segarra’s first credited acting role was in the Off-Broadway musical “Fools in Love” during his sophomore year at NYU.

Q: What is Josh Segarra known for in theater?

A: Segarra is maybe best known for beginning the part of Emilio Estefan in the jukebox melodic “On Your Feet!”

Q: Did Josh Segarra sing in On Your Feet!?

A: Yes! Playing Emilio Estefan required Segarra to grandstand both his acting and singing talents.

Q: Did Josh Segarra win any grants for his work in On Your Feet!?

A: While Segarra did not win any major grants, his execution was critically acclaimed and helped dispatch him into the national spotlight.

Q: What TV shows has Josh Segarra been in?

A: Segarra has appeared in a wide variety of tv appears, counting “The Electric Company,” “Sirens,” “Arrow,” “Orange is the New Black,” “Chicago P.D.,” “The Other Two,” and most recently, “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.”

Josh Segarra’s journey from Florida stages to captivating audiences nationwide is a testament to his talent, dedication, and charisma. 

His ability to seamlessly transition between dramatic and comedic roles, coupled with his impressive vocal abilities, makes him a truly versatile performer.

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