A Guide to Hogwarts Legacy’s Landing Platforms

Welcome, young witches and wizards, to a comprehensive guide on Hogwarts Legacy’s Landing Platforms! These fantastical platforms scattered across the magical landscape serve as designated fast travel points, allowing you to explore the vast open world with ease.  Whether you’re a seasoned Gryffindor or a wide-eyed Hufflepuff, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to locate and utilize these platforms efficiently.

Understanding Landing Platforms

Landing Platforms are magical structures resembling raised stone circles etched with intricate runes. Once you approach a Landing Platform, you’ll witness it activate, emanating a soft blue glow. Here’s a breakdown of their key functionalities:

Fast Travel:  This is the primary purpose of Landing Platforms. Interact with an activated platform, and you’ll be presented with a map showcasing all discovered Landing Platforms. Simply select your desired location, and whoosh! You’ll be whisked away through the skies, arriving at your chosen platform in a flash.

Unlocking New Platforms:  As you explore the world, you’ll encounter undiscovered Landing Platforms. These platforms will appear shrouded in a faint mist until you get close enough to activate them. Once activated, the mist clears, revealing the platform and adding it to your fast travel map for future use.

Strategic Placement:  Landing Platforms are strategically positioned throughout the map, often near key locations like Floo Flame travel points, settlements, and points of interest. This thoughtful placement allows you to seamlessly navigate between these areas, maximizing your exploration efficiency.

Locating All Landing Platforms: A Regional Breakdown

Hogwarts Legacy boasts a sprawling open world encompassing iconic locations from the Harry Potter universe. Here’s a region-by-region breakdown to help you discover all Landing Platforms:

Hogwarts Castle:

There’s a single Landing Platform located within the castle grounds, situated near the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower. This platform allows for quick access to the heart of Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Valley:

Three Landing Platforms are scattered across this region.

The first one is situated north of the West Hogwarts Valley Floo Flame, nestled amidst ancient castle ruins perched on a cliff.

The second one can be found northwest of Keenbridge, close to a body of water.

The third platform rests south of The Mine’s Eye Floo Flame, near a Merlin Trial location.

Feldcroft Region:

This region holds four Landing Platforms waiting to be discovered.

The first one lies between the North Feldcroft and West Hogwarts Valley Floo Flames.

Another platform is hidden within some castle ruins near a cave, likely remnants of a forgotten structure.

Explore the Feldcroft coast to find a platform situated near the South Feldcroft Floo Flame.

The final platform in Feldcroft can be found southwest of Irondale, a small settlement within the region.

Other Regions (Information Subject to Change):

As more information about Hogwarts Legacy emerges, details on Landing Platforms in other regions like Poidsear Coast, Marunweem Lake, Manor Cape, Cragcroftshire, and Clagmar Coast will likely become available. Stay tuned for future updates!

Tips for Utilizing Landing Platforms Effectively:

Early Exploration:  Make discovering Landing Platforms a priority as you explore each region.  This expands your fast travel network, allowing you to revisit previously explored areas quickly.

Strategic Planning:  Before embarking on a quest or venturing into uncharted territory, consider utilizing Landing Platforms to establish a fast travel network in the vicinity. This allows for a swift escape or quick resupply trips if needed.

Combining with Floo Flames:  Landing Platforms and Floo Flames work together beautifully. Use Floo Flames for quick travel within Hogwarts itself, and rely on Landing Platforms for broader exploration of the open world regions.

By mastering the Landing Platform system, you’ll become a nimble explorer, navigating the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy with speed and efficiency. So, grab your broomstick (or simply cast a fast travel spell!), and get ready to soar through the skies on your next magical adventure!


Hogwarts Legacy lets you soar through the skies on your trusty broom. But where do you land in style?  Landing platforms are your answer, and this guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need!

What are Landing Platforms?

Landing platforms are designated areas scattered throughout the Hogwarts Legacy map where you can safely land your broom.  They typically consist of raised platforms with clear landing zones, often marked by flags or magical beacons.

Why Use Landing Platforms?

Fast Travel: Landing platforms act as fast travel points. Landing on one brings up a menu allowing you to instantly zip to other unlocked platforms, saving you valuable exploration time.

Safe Landing: These platforms provide designated landing zones, preventing you from taking awkward tumbles off your broom after a long flight.

Strategic Advantage: Some platforms offer stunning vistas and might be strategically placed near points of interest, allowing you to quickly survey an area or swoop into action.

How Many Landing Platforms are There?

The vast open world of Hogwarts Legacy boasts a multitude of landing platforms. The exact number isn’t officially confirmed, but estimates suggest there are well over two dozen scattered across various regions.

Where Can I Find Landing Platforms?

Landing platforms are found throughout the explorable regions of the game, including:

Hogwarts Castle Grounds: Explore the castle grounds and surrounding areas to discover platforms offering breathtaking views of the iconic school.

Hogsmeade Valley: Several platforms are conveniently located around Hogsmeade, allowing for quick access to shops and points of interest.

The Broader Open World: As you explore the vast map, keep an eye out for platforms perched on cliffs, nestled near settlements, or hidden within ruins.

Tips for Finding Landing Platforms:

Consult Your Map: Landing platforms are often marked on the map with broom icons. Keep an eye out for these as you explore.

Talk to Shopkeepers and NPCs: They might offer hints about nearby landing platform locations.

Explore with a Keen Eye: Landing platforms are often situated in prominent locations or marked with visual cues like flags or magical beacons.

Are There Any YouTube Guides to Finding Landing Platforms?

Absolutely! Search for “Hogwarts Legacy Landing Platform Locations” on YouTube to find several video guides showcasing the locations of these platforms across the map.

With this knowledge, you’re ready to become a master of the skies in Hogwarts Legacy!  So, grab your broom, seek out those landing platforms, and explore the magical world with ease!

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