Laurence Rickard: From Horrible History to Hilarious Hauntings

Laurence Rickard, a name synonymous with laughter and side-splitting sketches, has carved a unique niche in British comedy. An actor, writer, and comedian, Rickard’s career spans over 15 years, marked by illustrious projects like “Horrible Histories,” “Yonderland,” and the wildly popular sitcom “Ghosts.”

Born in 1975 in Brighton, England, Rickard’s comedic journey began early.  While details about his formative years remain relatively private, his educational background hints at a curious mind. He attended Brunel University London, a prestigious institution known for its focus on engineering, design, and social sciences. Perhaps this instilled in him a unique perspective, later reflected in his comedic creations.

Rickard’s professional foray into the world of entertainment started in the mid-2000s. He honed his writing skills, contributing to various established comedy shows like “The Armstrong and Miller Show” and “The Impressions Show with Culshaw and Stephenson.”  His talent for witty observations and quirky characters wasn’t limited to adult audiences. He also flexed his creative muscle in children’s programming, writing for the imaginative show “Me and My Monsters.”

Horrible Histories: Making Learning Ludicrously Fun

The year 2009 marked a turning point in Rickard’s career. He became a core member of the now-legendary “Them There” collective, a group of talented writers and performers who would leave an indelible mark on British comedy. Their most iconic creation was undoubtedly “Horrible Histories,” the CBBC show that turned learning history into a laugh riot.

Rickard wasn’t just a performer on “Horrible Histories”; he was a significant creative force.  He co-wrote sketches, breathed life into unforgettable characters like “Special Correspondent” Bob Hale (a hilarious parody of presenter Peter Snow), and even penned many of the show’s catchy songs.

“Horrible Histories” was a runaway success.  The show’s irreverent take on historical figures and events resonated with audiences of all ages.  It garnered critical acclaim, winning numerous awards, including a record-breaking four consecutive BAFTAs (British Academy Film Awards).  Rickard’s contribution to the show’s success cannot be overstated.  His comedic timing, sharp writing, and ability to embody diverse historical figures were instrumental in making “Horrible Histories” a pop-culture phenomenon.

Yonderland: A Whimsical Escape

Building on the success of “Horrible Histories,” Rickard and his “Them There” colleagues embarked on a new adventure in 恹2013 (2013). They created “Yonderland,” a fantasy sitcom that transported viewers to a quirky, magical realm.  Rickard served as the showrunner, shouldering the responsibility of overseeing the entire production.

“Yonderland” showcased Rickard’s versatility as a writer.  He crafted a world filled with eccentric characters, witty dialogue, and fantastical elements.  The show garnered positive reviews, praised for its warmth, humor, and ability to capture the spirit of classic fantasy adventures.  While “Yonderland” didn’t achieve the same level of mainstream recognition as “Horrible Histories,” it cemented Rickard’s reputation as a creative force with a knack for blending humor with heart.

Ghosts: A Hauntingly Hilarious Hit

In 2019, Rickard co-created (alongside Ben Willbond) another sitcom destined for mainstream success – “Ghosts.” This charming show revolves around a young couple who inherit a grand old house, only to discover it’s brimming with resident ghosts from various historical eras.  The comedic potential of this premise is undeniable, and Rickard and Willbond capitalized on it brilliantly.

“Ghosts” is a masterclass in blending heartwarming moments with laugh-out-loud situations. The show’s strength lies in its relatable characters, both living and deceased. Rickard, though not directly involved in the acting this time, undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping the show’s comedic voice and endearing characters.

“Ghosts” has become a ratings juggernaut, consistently topping the charts and garnering critical acclaim.  It has received numerous awards and nominations, solidifying Rickard’s position as a leading figure in British comedy.

Beyond the Spotlight: A Glimpse into Rickard’s Personal Life

While Laurence Rickard enjoys immense professional success, he maintains a relatively private personal life.  It is known that he has a son, Isaac Rickard.  Beyond that, details about his family and personal relationships remain out of the public eye.

This privacy adds to Rickard’s mystique.  The man behind the comedic genius is somewhat of an enigma, allowing his work to speak for itself.


When and Where Was Laurence Rickard Born?

Born in 1975, Laurence Rickard hails from Brighton, England. While details about his early life are relatively private, his birthplace suggests a coastal upbringing, potentially influencing his creative spirit.

What Was Laurence Rickard’s Educational Background?

Rickard attended Brunel University London, a prestigious institution known for its focus on engineering, design, and social sciences. This background might explain his ability to approach comedy from a unique, multifaceted perspective.

How Did Laurence Rickard Get Started in Comedy?

Rickard’s professional journey began in the mid-2000s. He honed his writing skills, contributing to established shows like “The Armstrong and Miller Show” and “The Impressions Show with Culshaw and Stephenson.” He even wrote for the children’s program “Me and My Monsters,” showcasing his range in comedic writing.

What Was Laurence Rickard’s Role in “Horrible Histories”?

Joining the “Them There” collective in 2009 proved pivotal for Rickard.  “Horrible Histories,” their iconic creation, became a cultural phenomenon. He wasn’t just a performer; he co-wrote sketches, embodied iconic characters like “Special Correspondent” Bob Hale, and even penned catchy songs. Rickard’s writing talent and comedic timing were instrumental in making “Horrible Histories” a success.

How Did “Horrible Histories” Impact Rickard’s Career?

“Horrible Histories” revolutionized history education with its irreverent humor.  The show garnered critical acclaim, winning numerous BAFTAs, solidifying Rickard’s reputation as a creative force.  His contribution to the show’s success cannot be overstated.

Laurence Rickard’s career trajectory is a testament to his comedic talent and creative vision. From his early days as a writer to his success as a co-creator and showrunner, he has consistently delivered projects that entertain and leave audiences wanting more.

Rickard’s ability to blend humor with historical accuracy in “Horrible Histories,” create a whimsical world in “Yonderland,” and craft heartwarming stories with laugh-out-loud moments in “Ghosts” showcases his remarkable versatility. He is a true triple threat – a gifted actor, a sharp writer, and a comedian with impeccable timing.

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