Legia Warsaw Standings

Legia Warsaw Standings Following 25 games, is presently ranked fifth in the Ekstraklasa standings. A closer look depending on your interest is provided here:

The show of Legia Warszawa:

  • Scores: With a total of 41 so far, they are just a point or two behind the top 3.
  • Their record is at 11 victories, 8 generated, and 6 defeats.
  • Penalties: They have a good total of 38 objectives obtained, but they have also let up 30 goals.

Important Statistics to Take into Account:

  • Goal differential: With a goal differential of +8, they have marginally outperformed the other team.
  • Form: What matters is their previous performance. Have they recently lost games or are they currently enjoying a winning streak? A more comprehensive picture of their present pace may be obtained by looking at their form (last five to ten matches).

Who is the owner of Legia Warsaw

Legia Warsaw Standings is controlled by Dariusz Mioduski.

He is a sports director, businessperson, and attorney from Poland who is associated with Legia Warszawa in a number of capacities:

Proprietor: After purchasing the remaining stake of the club in 2017, Mioduski is the only proprietor of the organization.

Leader: He has considerable authority over the team’s activities as the club’s leader.

Which club is Legia Warsaw?

Legia Warsaw Standings is a team unto itself, not a component of a different team. The professional soccer squad has an avid following and an extensive history. It is situated in Warsaw, Poland.

To help explain, here’s an overview:

The entire football team, comprising its players, staff, administration, and backers, is referred to as Legia Warszawa.

Legia Warszawa plays in the premier sporting competition in Poland, known as the Ekstraklasa.

What is the budget of the Legia Warsaw Standings

Extra Information

Because budgets can change during the season, it’s critical to take the source of the data and date into account.

Even though Legia Warsaw has a substantial budget of 140 million PLN, it’s important to remember that they are not as wealthy as the dominant teams in European football.

Additional Research:

Contrasting Legia Warszawa Standings budget to that of other teams in the major European leagues or the Ekstraklasa may be interesting to you.

Articles in the news about football’s corporate fair play laws help set club finances in reference.

  • Revenue Streams: Although a detailed breakdown is not easily accessible, Legia Warszawa probably receives funding from a number of sources:
  • Matchday income is the amount made from goods, compromises, and ticket purchases at home matches.
  • Television Rights: Money received by stations in exchange for showing Legia Warszawa games.
  • Sponsored events: Collaborations with businesses that put their logos on uniforms, name stadiums, etc.
  • Moves of individuals: Selling individuals to other teams might bring in money.
  • European Contests: There are cash prizes for competing in European competitions like the Champions League and Europa Conference League.

Cash Management:

There may be financial reports or news stories (perhaps in Polish) that examine the long-term financial health of Legia Warszawa. These reports may show:

Earnings capacity: Is there an earnings or loss for the club?

obligations: Are there any current obligations owed by the club?

Movement of Transferring: In recent years, how much money has Legia Warszawa obtained and spent on player transfers?

References for Additional Study:

Legia Warszawa Annual Reports: If available, the club’s financial status can be found in the annual reports found on their website (in Polish).

Websites Providing Polish Financial News: Finding stories on Legia Warszawa’s financial situation by browsing Polish economic-related sites may provide some information.

Polish commercial periodicals may publish articles examining the financial situation of Polish football teams, such as Legia Warszawa Standings.


It can be difficult to locate comprehensive financial data regarding football teams, particularly for small businesses like Legia Warszawa. The obligation to report obligations are stricter for NYSE-listed enterprises. 

Is Warsaw an expensive city

Compared with other main European capitals as well as some significant cities in Western Europe, Warsaw is thought to be a reasonably priced metropolis. The following is an overview of the variables influencing Warsaw’s expenses for living:

Reasonably priced in comparison to:

Western Europe: When considering costs to housing, food, services, and travel, Warsaw is typically less expensive than places like London, Paris, or Berlin.

US Cities: Warsaw has a cheaper cost of living than big American towns like New York City or Los Angeles.

Cost Division:

  1. Housing: Rent tends to be less expensive than in a number of European cities, though it might vary based on area and unit size.
  2. Food: There’s a broad range of selections at various costs, and shopping and dining out are cheaper than in Western Europe. 
  3. Transit: Warsaw’s public transit system is effective and reasonably priced.
  4. Utilities: Compared to many cities in Western Europe, utility costs, such as those for power and water, are generally lower.

Remember to:

In contrast to Western Europe: Warsaw isn’t the most inexpensive city in the European Union, but it is still reasonably priced. Eastern European cities like Prague or Budapest may provide slightly lower prices.

Personal Requirements: Your lifestyle and spending patterns will determine your total cost of living.

Is Poland budget friendly?

Season: Summer, the busiest travel season, and the days surrounding significant holidays are usually when prices are highest. If money is tight, think about visiting in the middle of the seasons (autumn and spring), when costs are cheaper and there are less tourists.

Location: The cost of living is higher in bigger municipalities like Warsaw and Krakow than in towns and villages that are smaller. That being said, you may still find affordable options for lodging, meals, and entertainment in larger cities.

Some recommendations for inexpensive travel to Poland:

Look around ahead of time to get the greatest offers on travel, lodging, and activities.

It’s generally less expensive to use the train or bus while commuting between towns than to fly.

Benefit from inexpensive things like walking tours that are free of charge.


Where is Legia Warsaw currently ranked in the Ekstraklasa?

As of today, March 23, 2024, Legia Warszawa sits in 5th place in the Ekstraklasa standings after 25 games played.

How many points do they have?

They have collected 41 points, putting them within striking distance of the top 3.

What is their win-draw-loss record?

They have a record of 11 wins, 8 draws, and 6 losses

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