Madden NFL 24: A Fumbled Snap or a Touchdown

Madden NFL 24 hit the gridiron in August 2023 with the promise of a revitalized experience.  Fans clamored for improvements, and EA Tiburon aimed to deliver with a focus on gameplay, animations, and AI. But did Madden NFL 24 finally break the cycle of yearly iterations with minimal changes? Let’s dissect the game’s strengths and weaknesses to see if it’s a fumble or a touchdown.

On the Field: A Breath of Fresh Air

Madden NFL 24 most significant strides come in the core gameplay. Animations have received a long-overdue overhaul, with a wider variety now on display. This translates to less predictability and a more dynamic feeling on the field. Whether it’s a diving interception or a juke move to break a tackle, the animations add a layer of realism that was missing in previous installments.

The artificial intelligence (AI) has also seen a significant boost. Defensive players react more realistically to plays, closing down passing lanes and making tackles with improved awareness. Quarterbacks, a perennial pain point for Madden players, have also been tweaked.  They make better decisions with the ball and scramble more effectively when under pressure.  This smarter AI creates a more challenging and rewarding experience, especially on higher difficulty settings.

Off the Field: Same Old Playbook

While the on-field experience takes a step forward, Madden 24 stumbles a bit when it comes to the off-field aspects. Franchise mode, a mainstay for many players, sees minimal changes. Presentation and menus feel outdated, and requested features like a robust scouting system or a more in-depth coaching carousel are still absent.

Ultimate Team, the series’ moneymaker mode, remains a familiar mix of pack collecting and team building. While the core gameplay loop can be addictive, the ever-present pressure to spend real money for better players continues to be a turn-off for some.

Technical issues also mar the experience. Menu lag, particularly in Ultimate Team, can be frustrating, and occasional input lag disrupts the flow of gameplay. These glitches, while not game-breaking, are a reminder that Madden 24 could use some additional polish.

Fumbled Potential or a Hail Mary Pass

Madden NFL 24 is a game of two halves. The on-field experience is undeniably improved, with better animations, smarter AI, and more granular control for seasoned players. However, the off-field aspects remain largely unchanged, leaving a sense of missed opportunities. Franchise mode feels stagnant, Ultimate Team continues to push microtransactions, and technical issues dampen the experience.

So, is Madden 24 a touchdown or a fumble? It depends on your expectations. If you’re primarily concerned with the core gameplay, you’ll find a more polished and enjoyable experience than in recent years. However, if you’re hoping for a complete overhaul that addresses long-standing franchise mode issues and monetization concerns, you might be left disappointed.

Here’s a quick breakdown to help you decide:

Who Should Buy Madden 24

Fans who crave a more realistic and strategic on-field experience.

Players who enjoy the core gameplay loop of Ultimate Team and don’t mind the grind.

Madden newcomers looking for a solid football simulation.

Who Should Wait for a Sale

Franchise mode enthusiasts hoping for a significant revamp.

Players turned off by the microtransaction push in Ultimate Team.

Those who experienced technical issues in previous Maddens.

Ultimately, the decision to buy Madden 24 comes down to your priorities. If you crave a fresh take on the core gameplay, it’s a step in the right direction. However, if you’re yearning for a more comprehensive overhaul that addresses longstanding issues, you might want to wait and see what the next iteration holds.


How’s the gameplay in Madden 24?

Reviews are mixed. The core gameplay sees some improvements, with more animation variety keeping things fresh and improved AI making for a more challenging experience, especially on higher difficulties. However, some reviewers feel the changes are minor and the overall gameplay loop remains similar to past Maddens.

Is Madden 24 easier to play?

The inclusion of new quarterback control options might make it easier for newcomers to pick up and play. However, mastering the game on higher difficulties still requires skill and knowledge.

Are there any new game modes in Madden 24?

No, Madden 24 focuses on refining existing modes. The popular Superstar mode and Franchise mode return with some minor tweaks. However, the lack of innovation in terms of game modes is a point of criticism for some fans.

How’s Franchise Mode in Madden 24?

Franchise mode sees some minor improvements, like a more streamlined scouting system. However, many long-time players feel the mode lacks significant changes and depth compared to previous iterations.

Does Madden 24 offer more customization for Franchise Mode?

There are no major customization additions for Franchise Mode this year. Fans hoping for a more in-depth ownership experience might be disappointed.

Is Ultimate Team still a grind in Madden 24?

Ultimate Team remains a pay-to-win heavy mode. While it’s possible to build a competitive team without spending real money, it requires significant time investment.

Are there any improvements to Ultimate Team in Madden 24?

There are no groundbreaking changes to Ultimate Team. Some reviewers suggest looking to Madden Mobile for inspiration on how to improve the mode’s engagement.

How’s the presentation in Madden 24?

The visuals see a slight upgrade, but the overall presentation remains similar to Madden 23.

Does Madden 24 suffer from bugs or glitches?

Unfortunately, some bugs and glitches present in past Maddens carry over to Madden 24. This includes visual glitches and occasional input lag

Should I buy Madden 24?

This depends on your expectations. If you’re a die-hard Madden fan and enjoy the core gameplay loop, the improved animations and AI might be enough to warrant a purchase. However, if you’re looking for significant changes or a revamped Franchise Mode, you might be better off waiting for next year’s iteration.

Are there any alternatives to Madden 24?

While there’s no direct competitor offering an NFL simulation experience, alternative football games like Axis Football might be worth exploring, especially if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option.

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