Malta vs England: Player Ratings

England secured a scheduled 2-0 triumph over Malta in their Euro 2024 qualifying coordinate, but Gareth Southgate’s men were distant from persuading. Let’s dive into the player evaluations for both sides and see who inspired and who underwhelmed.

England: A Night of Blended Bags

Despite the win, England’s execution needed ease. Here’s a closer see at their person displays:

Goalkeeper & Protectors: 

Jordan Pickford (5/10) scarcely had a spare to make. Kieran Trippier (4/10) and Fikayo Tomori (4/10) battled to get into the diversion upsettingly. Marc Guehi (7/10) stood out as the most dependable guard, whereas Harry Maguire (5/10) was blameworthy for free passes.


Declan Rice (7/10) and Jordan Henderson (7/10) given robustness in the centre. In any case, the assaulting midfield trio of Bukayo Saka (7/10), Phil Foden (N/A – substituted early due to harm), and James Maddison (7/10) fizzled to touch off the start Britain craved.


Harry Kane (7/10) snatched an objective, but something else, his impact was constrained. Marcus Rashford (3/10) had a night to disregard, wasting a few chances.

Malta: Rebellious In spite of Defeat

While the scoreline proposes a comfortable win for Britain, Malta put on a vivacious show. Here are a few of their key performers:


The Maltese backline, marshalled by Enrico Bonello (7/10) in objectives, held firm for long periods, with Steve Borg (6/10) and Zach Muscat (6/10) especially impressive.


Matthew Teuma (7/10) was Malta’s imaginative outlet, whereas Ryan Camenzuli (6/2) gave resolute vitality in the centre of the park.


Forthright, things were calmer for Malta, in spite of the fact that Luke Gambin (N/A – subbed on late) appeared with impressions of pace on the counter.

Southgate’s Situation: Turn or Consistency?

With a vital Euro 2024 campaign drawing nearer, Southgate has a choice of migraine. Does he adhere to underperforming players for consistency, or pivot the squad to discover a winning equation? 

This coordinate might have given him profitable experiences into periphery players like James Maddison (who awed) and Cole Palmer (who looked exuberant after coming on as a substitute).

Looking Ahead: Can England Recover Their Form?

England’s stammering execution against Malta raises concerns ahead of harder qualifiers. Tending to shortcomings in midfield inventiveness and finding a way to get the best out of assailants like Rashford will be crucial.

Social Media Buzz: Did Fans Concur with the Ratings?

The web, as continuously, had its say on the player appraisals. Here’s a see into the social media buzz:

England’s Wrapping up: 

Numerous fans took to Twitter criticising England’s wrapping up, especially from players like Rashford. Hashtags like #RashfordStruggles and #WhereAreTheGoals trended, reflecting fan frustration.

Maddison Inspires:

James Maddison’s execution was commendable, with tweets calling for him to be given a beginning spot in future matches.

Malta’s Cautious Heroics: 

Malta’s fans were vocal on their team’s protective show. Posts praised Bonello and the backline for making England work difficult for the win.

Man of the Coordinate Talk about: Who Merits the Nod?

While a clear victor developed on the scoreboard, the address of who really awed on the pitch remains. Here are a few contenders for Man of the Match:

Trent Alexander-Arnold (in the event that he played): 

Reports propose a strategic switch might have seen him play in midfield for Britain. Had he included and duplicated his club frame, he seems to have been a solid contender.

Marc Guehi (England): 

The youthful protector was a shake at the back for England, composed on the ball and dependable in his challenges.

Enrico Bonello (Malta): 

Malta’s goalkeeper pulled off a string of amazing spares, denying Britain on different occasions and keeping his side in the diversion for long stretches.

In Summary:

While England eventually secured the win, their unconvincing execution took off questions for Southgate. Then again, Malta can take heart from their protective strength and seek to construct on that for future matches.


How did England’s players perform overall?

A: England secured a win but their execution was underwhelming. A few players like Declan Rice and Jordan Henderson awed, whereas aggressors like Marcus Rashford struggled.

Did any Maltese players stand out?

A: Yes! Malta’s guards, particularly Steve Borg, Zach Muscat, and goalkeeper Enrico Bonello, were lauded for their resilience.

Did fans concur with the ratings?

A: Social media talks about! Fans criticised England’s wrapping up, especially from Rashford, while lauding James Maddison’s execution. Maltese fans celebrated their team’s protective display.

Who was Man of the Match?

A: It depends! There are contenders like Marc Guehi (England) for his cautious robustness, or Enrico Bonello (Malta) for his goalkeeping heroics. A few indeed wrangled about Trent Alexander-Arnold (England) if he had played in midfield.

Were there any astonished entertainers in the match?

A: Yes! James Maddison (England) awed numerous with his inventiveness in midfield, possibly pushing for a beginning spot. Also, youthful protector Marc Guehi stood out for England with his composure and unwavering quality. On the Maltese side, goalkeeper Enrico Bonello’s string of spares shocked a few, keeping Britain at narrows for a noteworthy period.

How did the evaluations compare between England and Malta’s beginning lineups?

A: Interests, a few sources like the Standard [connected over] gave higher normal appraisals to Malta’s players compared to England’s. This reflects the adequacy of Malta’s cautious technique and England’s battles to break them down.

Is there any contention encompassing the player ratings?

A: Player evaluations are continuously subjective, and there might be differences. For example, a few fans might feel Marcus Rashford’s rating was cruel, whereas others might accept that Harry Maguire merited lower marks for his passing errors.

Where can I discover highlights of the coordinate to see the players in action?

A: Numerous sports websites and YouTube channels offer coordinated highlights. You can look for “Malta vs. England highlights” to see key minutes and personal player performances.

Did any injuries affect the player ratings?

A: Yes!  Phil Foden’s early substitution due to injury could have impacted his overall rating. It also potentially affected England’s attacking fluidity, as he was replaced with a different style of player.

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