Martin Kemp: Breaking Down the Star’s Net Worth

Martin Kemp, the title evokes pictures of a stolid bassist laying down offbeat grooves for new wave legends Spandau Ballet, or perhaps the steely-eyed villain Steve Owen from the iconic soap opera EastEnders. But beyond the music and the threat, there’s a successful career that’s interpreted into a healthy net worth. So, how much is Martin Kemp worth, and how did he build his financial empire?

Spandau Ballet’s Golden Touch

A large chunk of Kemp’s wealth stems from his time with Spandau Ballet. The band, formed in the late 70s, rose to prominence in the new wave scene, churning out chart-topping hits like “True” and “Gold.” Spandau Ballet wasn’t just about catchy tunes; they were known for their flamboyant fashion and enthusiastic live shows. This success translated into significant income streams. Collection deals, sold-out visits, and lucrative promoting deals all contributed to the band’s financial well-being, and by extension, Martin Kemp’s.

While correct figures are difficult to stick down, Spandau Ballet is estimated to have sold over 25 million collections worldwide. Royalties from these sales, especially from their greatest hits, would have given a steady income for Kemp over the years. Additionally, Spandau Ballet’s get-together tours, including their most recent in 2017, likely generated a significant amount of cash.

From Bass to Bad Boy: Acting Accolades

Martin Kemp wasn’t content with just rocking the stage. He actively pursued an acting career, carving a specialty for himself as a gifted character actor. His depiction of the ruthless gangster Steve Owen in EastEnders cemented his put in British tv history. The part not only gathered him basic acclaim but also translated into a hefty salary. EastEnders is one of the UK’s most-watched shows, and actors on popular characters can command significant fees.

Kemp’s acting credits amplify past EastEnders. He’s appeared in various movies and tv shows, counting The Krays (where he starred alongside his brother Gary) and Sheridan Smith’s drama series “The Moorside.” Each acting role adds to his by and large net worth.

Reality Bites: Big Brother Boost

Martin Kemp wasn’t afraid to embrace the world of reality TV. In 2012, he participated in the tenth season of Celebrity Big Brother, a UK reality show that throws celebrities together in a house for several weeks. While he didn’t win the competition, he finished a respectable third put. Celebrity Big Brother appearances come with a strong paycheck, and Kemp’s participation likely added a significant sum to his net worth.

Father-Son Powerhouse: The Kemp Family Business

Martin Kemp has found a new avenue for success by teaming up with his child, Roman Kemp, a popular radio and tv identity. Together, they’ve landed profitable showing gigs, counting the ability to appear on “Sunday Best.” The reported combined expense for the father-son duo is estimated to be around £450,000 for the show, exhibiting the combined earning power of the Kemp family brand.

Investing in Spandau Ballet’s Brand

Spandau Ballet wasn’t just a band; it was a brand. Kemp, along with his bandmates, understood the power of their picture and music. They actively participated in merchandising deals, ensuring their likeness and music were put on t-shirts, blurbs, and other memorabilia. This not only generated additional income during their crest but proceeds to be a source of income through online sales and licensing deals.

So, How Much is Martin Kemp Worth?

Celebrity net worth figures are often estimated, but according to Celebrity Net Worth, Martin Kemp’s net worth is assessed to be around £3.2 million. This figure considers his profit from music, acting, reality TV appearances, and joint ventures with his son.

Beyond the Numbers: A Legacy of Entertainment

Martin Kemp‘s net worth is a testament to his diverse and successful career. From rocking stages with Spandau Expressive dance to captivating audiences with his acting ability, Kemp has reliably reinvented himself. He’s built a loyal fanbase and carved a unique space in the entertainment industry. While the net worth figure is impressive, it doesn’t completely capture the effect Martin Kemp has had on British music and tv. His legacy amplifies far past the numbers, leaving a lasting impression on fans worldwide.


What does Martin Kemp’s net worth tell us about his career?

The net worth reflects his different and successful career in music, acting, and tv. It exhibits his ability to adapt and reinvent himself throughout his career.

Is Martin Kemp still making money?

Yes, Martin Kemp continues to be active in the excitement industry. He participates in acting roles, presenting gigs, and potentially other ventures, adding to his net worth.

Did Spandau Ballet’s reunions significantly impact Martin Kemp’s net worth?

It’s likely that Spandau Ballet‘s reunion tours contributed a substantial amount to Martin Kemp’s net worth. Reunion visits often generate significant revenue from ticket deals, merchandise, and potential branding deals. While specific figures are unknown, the victory of their most recent tour in 2017 suggests a positive financial impact.

How did Martin Kemp’s role in EastEnders affect his net worth?

Playing a popular character on a long-running show like EastEnders can be exceptionally lucrative. Actors on such appearances typically receive salaries based on encounter and character popularity. Whereas details are private, Martin Kemp’s portrayal of Steve Owen likely commanded a critical fee, boosting his net worth considerably.

Does Martin Kemp benefit financially from Spandau Ballet’s music streaming?

Yes, Martin Kemp, along with his bandmates, would likely get royalties whenever their music is streamed on platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. The exact amount depends on various factors, but with Spandau Ballet’s extensive back catalogue, streaming revenue might be a steady source of income for Kemp.

How does Martin Kemp’s business ventures with his son Roman influence his net worth?

Joining up with his child Roman for displaying gigs and other ventures allows them to possibly command higher fees than they might exclusively. This combined gaining power adds to Martin Kemp’s overall net worth. Also, any ventures they establish together, such as potential production companies, may generate further income streams in the future.

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