Mastering the Art of the Bicycle Kick in FIFA 23

The bicycle kick, a gravity-defying feat of athleticism, is a spectacle to behold on both the real and virtual football pitches. In FIFA 23, pulling off this audacious maneuver can leave your opponent stunned and the crowd roaring. But button mashing alone won’t cut it when it comes to developing this ability. 

This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of executing the perfect bicycle kick, transforming you from a spectator to a bicycle kick maestro.

Understanding the Flair Shot:

The bicycle kick falls under the “flair shot” category in FIFA 23. Flair shots encompass a range of stylish and unconventional ways to shoot the ball, prioritizing aesthetics over pure efficiency. While powerful volleys and well-placed ground shots are often the bread and butter of goalscoring, flair shots add a touch of magic to the beautiful game.

Key Factors for a Successful Bicycle Kick:

Player Skill: Not all players are created equal in the world of flair shots. Players with high skill ratings and the “Flair” trait have a significantly better chance of executing a bicycle kick when prompted. Look for attackers with exceptional skill moves and the Flair trait, such as Kylian Mbappé, Neymar Jr., or Mohamed Salah.

Ball Positioning: The ball must be in the air for a bicycle kick attempt. This can be achieved through crosses, volleys, flick-ons, or even long passes. Ideally, the ball should be slightly behind and above the player, allowing them to contort their body and connect with the volley.

Player Positioning: The player attempting the bicycle kick should have their back towards the goal and be facing the direction from which the ball is approaching. If the ball comes from behind, they might perform a scorpion kick instead.

Executing the Bicycle Kick:

Initiate the Flair: Once the ball is in the air and the player is positioned correctly, hold down the “L2” button on PlayStation or “LT” button on Xbox. This activates the “flair shot” trigger, indicating your player will attempt a stylish shot.

Time the Shot: As the ball approaches the player, press the “shoot” button (Circle on PlayStation, B on Xbox) at the precise moment for maximum power and accuracy. Timing is crucial, as hitting the ball too early or too late will result in a mishit or a complete miss.

Additional Tips for Bicycle Kick Success:

Practice Makes Perfect: Like any skill in FIFA, mastering the bicycle kick takes time and dedication. Practice in various game modes like Skill Games or Kick-Off to hone your timing and positioning.

Utilize Skill Moves: Certain skill moves, like the “Fake Rabona” or “Heel Flick,” can help manipulate the ball into the perfect position for a bicycle kick attempt.

Consider Player Stamina: Performing a bicycle kick requires significant athletic exertion. Ensure your player has enough stamina to execute the move effectively, as low stamina can lead to a weaker shot or even a failed attempt.

Read the Situation: While bicycle kicks are visually stunning, they are not always the most practical option. Don’t attempt a risky bicycle kick when a simpler shot or pass would suffice.

Advanced Techniques:

Power vs. Accuracy: Holding the “shoot” button longer charges up the shot for more power, but also reduces accuracy. Find the right balance between power and precision based on the distance to the goal and the angle of the shot.

Curling Bicycle Kicks: By slightly adjusting the direction of the analog stick while pressing the “shoot” button, you can add curve to your bicycle kick, potentially bending it around defenders and into the net.

First-Time Bicycle Kicks: While most bicycle kicks are performed after receiving a pass, skilled players can attempt them directly from a cross or long pass. This requires even more precise timing and player skill.


What is a bicycle kick in FIFA 23?

A bicycle kick, also known as an overhead kick or scissor kick, is a spectacular and acrobatic move performed by a player to strike the ball while in mid-air with their legs in a scissors-like motion. In FIFA 23, performing a bicycle kick can lead to spectacular goals and moments of excitement during gameplay.

How do I perform a bicycle kick in FIFA 23?

In FIFA 23, execute a bicycle kick by following these steps: Position your player in front of the ball as it approaches in mid-air.

Press the shoot button (typically the circle or B button) and the cross button (typically the square or X button) simultaneously.

The player will attempt to execute a bicycle kick if the timing and positioning are correct.

What are the requirements for successfully executing a bicycle kick in FIFA 23?

Successfully executing a bicycle kick in FIFA 23 requires precise timing, positioning, and player attributes. It is essential to position your player correctly in front of the ball and time the button inputs accurately to perform the kick. Additionally, players with higher skill ratings and attributes, especially in areas such as agility, balance, and acrobatics, are more likely to successfully execute bicycle kicks.

Can any player perform a bicycle kick in FIFA 23?

While any player can attempt a bicycle kick in FIFA 23, the likelihood of success varies depending on the player’s skill level, attributes, and the context of the situation. Players with higher ratings in attributes such as agility, balance, and acrobatics are more adept at performing bicycle kicks and are more likely to succeed.

Are there specific situations where bicycle kicks are more effective in FIFA 23?

Bicycle kicks are most effective when the ball is delivered to the player in mid-air, typically from a cross or lofted pass into the penalty area. Players can attempt bicycle kicks when the ball is at the right height and distance from the goal, providing an opportunity to strike the ball with precision and power.

What are some tips for mastering bicycle kicks in FIFA 23?

Practice timing and positioning: Master the timing of your button inputs to ensure accurate execution of bicycle kicks. Position your player correctly in front of the ball to maximize your chances of success.

Use players with high skill ratings: Select players with high ratings in attributes such as agility, balance, and acrobatics to increase the likelihood of successfully performing bicycle kicks.

Experiment in skill games and training: Utilize skill games and training modes in FIFA 23 to practice and refine your technique for executing bicycle kicks in various situations.

Are bicycle kicks effective for scoring goals in FIFA 23?

Bicycle kicks can be effective for scoring goals in FIFA 23, especially in situations where traditional shooting methods are not feasible or when attempting to create spectacular highlight-reel moments. However, the success rate of bicycle kicks depends on various factors, including player attributes, positioning, and timing.

Where can I find more information about performing bicycle kicks in FIFA 23?

For more information about performing bicycle kicks and other advanced techniques in FIFA 23, refer to the in-game tutorials, community forums, online guides, and video tutorials available on platforms such as YouTube. Additionally, practicing and experimenting in-game will help you improve your proficiency in executing bicycle kicks during gameplay.

In conclusion, mastering the bicycle kick in FIFA 23 is a journey of dedication and finesse. By understanding the key factors, practicing consistently, and utilizing the advanced techniques outlined in this guide, you can transform your virtual players into acrobatic marvels capable of scoring breathtaking goals. 

Remember, the bicycle kick is more than just a powerful shot; it’s a statement of skill and audacious flair that can leave your opponents awestruck and the crowd roaring. So, embrace the challenge, hone your skills, and prepare to unleash the magic of the bicycle kick on the virtual pitch.

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