Matt Long: Kentucky to Hollywood

Matt Long, a name synonymous with charming, good looks and a versatile acting range, has carved a niche for himself in the ever-competitive landscape of Hollywood. From his early days navigating the world of television to his recent leading role in the captivating sci-fi drama “Manifest,” Long’s career trajectory reflects a dedication to his craft and an undeniable charisma that resonates with audiences.

Born and raised in Winchester, Kentucky, in 1980, Long’s passion for acting bloomed early on. Participating in school plays, he nurtured his talent throughout his college years at Western Kentucky University. It was his dedication to theater that led him to New York City after graduation, where he honed his skills further. A pivotal moment arrived when he was spotted by his current manager while performing at the Williamstown Theater Festival in Massachusetts. This fortunate encounter paved the way for his television debut in the WB series “Jack & Bobby” (2004-2005).

Long’s portrayal of the confident and often arrogant Jack McCallister showcased his natural screen presence. The role not only launched his television career but also established him as a rising star with the potential to carry a show. This potential was further solidified with his appearances in films like “Ghost Rider” (2007) and the quirky rom-com “Sydney White” (2007). In “Ghost Rider,” he embodied the younger version of Nicolas Cage’s Johnny Blaze, hinting at his ability to portray complex characters with depth. “Sydney White” cast him as the charming Tyler Prince, solidifying his status as a leading man material.

The late 2000s saw Long actively navigate the world of television. He landed the lead role in the short-lived ABC drama “The Deep End” (2010), showcasing his ability to anchor a series. He also secured recurring roles in critically acclaimed shows like “Mad Men” (2010) and “Private Practice” (2012-2013). These diverse roles demonstrated his adaptability, allowing him to seamlessly transition between genres and character types.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Long continued to embrace a variety of projects. In 2013, he took on the lead role in the ABC drama series “Lucky 7,” further solidifying his place as a television mainstay. While the series itself was short-lived, it cemented Long’s reputation as a reliable and captivating performer.

A turning point came in 2019 when he landed the role of Ezekiel Landon, better known as Zeke, in the compelling NBC drama “Manifest.” Initially a recurring character in the first season, Long’s portrayal of the complex and endearing Zeke resonated with audiences. His character’s journey, from a cynical outsider to a man grappling with newfound faith and purpose after a mysterious plane reappears years later, allowed Long to showcase his nuanced acting abilities. The positive audience response led to his well-deserved promotion to series regular for the show’s second season.

“Manifest” not only reignited Long’s career but also introduced him to a new generation of fans. The show’s exploration of themes like faith, hope, and the power of human connection resonated deeply, and Long’s portrayal of Zeke became a key element in the show’s success. His ability to convey vulnerability, humor, and unwavering loyalty endeared him to viewers, solidifying his position as a Hollywood favorite.

Beyond his undeniable talent, Matt Long possesses an off-screen charm that further endears him to audiences. He is known for his down-to-earth personality and genuine interactions with fans. Active on social media, he offers glimpses into his life, showcasing his love for the outdoors and his dedication to his family. This authenticity resonates with fans, creating a deeper connection that transcends the silver screen.

As Matt Long continues his journey in Hollywood, one thing remains certain: his dedication to his craft, his versatility as an actor, and his genuine connection with audiences ensure a long and successful career. With an ever-expanding filmography and a captivating presence, Matt Long is a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving world of entertainment. Whether gracing the big screen or captivating audiences on television, one can expect to see Matt Long continue to entertain and inspire for years to come.


When and where was Matt Long born?

Matt Long was born in Winchester, Kentucky, in 1980.

How did Matt Long get his start in acting?

Long’s passion for acting began in school plays. After graduating from Western Kentucky University, he honed his skills in New York City before a pivotal moment at the Williamstown Theater Festival. There, he was spotted by his current manager, leading to his television debut in “Jack & Bobby” (2004-2005).

What was Matt Long’s breakthrough role?

While “Jack & Bobby” launched his television career, Matt Long’s roles in films like “Ghost Rider” (2007) and “Sydney White” (2007) helped solidify his status as a leading man with wider recognition.

What are some of Matt Long’s most notable television appearances?

Beyond “Jack & Bobby,” Matt Long has landed recurring roles in critically acclaimed shows like “Mad Men” (2010) and “Private Practice” (2012-2013). He also played the lead in short-lived series like “The Deep End” (2010) and “Lucky 7” (2013).

What is Matt Long best known for currently?

Matt Long is currently best known for his role as Ezekiel “Zeke” Landon in the NBC drama series “Manifest” (2018-present). His portrayal of the complex and endearing Zeke has earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase.

Does Matt Long have any upcoming projects?

As of May 2024, there haven’t been any official announcements regarding Matt Long’s upcoming projects outside of “Manifest” (assuming it continues beyond its current season). However, his growing popularity suggests a future filled with exciting roles and projects.

In conclusion, Matt Long’s career trajectory embodies the tenacity and talent required to thrive in Hollywood. From his early days on television to his leading role in “Manifest,” he has consistently demonstrated a willingness to embrace diverse projects and portray characters with depth.  

His ability to seamlessly transition between genres, coupled with his undeniable charisma, has solidified his place as a versatile and captivating performer.

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