Metroid Dread: A Guide to Navigating ZDR

Welcome, Samus Aran fans, to a comprehensive walkthrough for Metroid Dread! This guide will navigate you through the dangerous depths of Planet ZDR, helping you collect essential upgrades, conquer powerful bosses, and ultimately escape the clutches of the X parasite threat.

Getting Geared Up: Artaria

Your journey begins in Artaria, a ruined research facility overrun by hostile creatures. Here’s what to focus on:

Escape the wreckage:  After a brutal encounter with a mysterious Chozo warrior, you awaken stripped of your abilities. Navigate the initial escape sequence, relying on your basic arm cannon and newfound agility.

Retrieve the Morph Ball:  This essential upgrade allows Samus to curl into a ball, squeezing through tight spaces and activating Morph Ball switches. Locate it in the northwestern part of Artaria.

Conquer the First E.M.M.I.:  These relentless robots relentlessly hunt Samus. Your first encounter with a damaged E.M.M.I. serves as a tense introduction. Use your newfound Phantom Cloak (acquired shortly after the Morph Ball) to become temporarily invisible and evade its attacks. Lure it into a strategically placed Omega Cannon and unload a powerful blast to bring it down.

Unlock New Abilities:  As you explore Artaria, collect Missile Expansions to increase your missile capacity and Charge Beam Shines to enhance your arm cannon’s charged shot.

Venturing Deeper: Dairon and Cataris

With your core abilities restored, it’s time to delve deeper:

Dairon:  This scorching zone introduces extreme heat mechanics. Locate the Varia Suit to withstand the intense temperatures.  Look for the Speed Booster Shines to unlock the exhilarating Speed Booster ability, allowing for high-speed dashes.

Cataris:  This flooded area requires the Morph Ball Bomb to navigate submerged passages and destroy obstacles.  Find the Wide Beam to expand your arm cannon’s firing range.

Return to Artaria: Power Up

Backtrack to Artaria with your newfound abilities to access previously inaccessible areas:

Grapple Beam:  This essential tool allows you to grapple onto designated points, opening new pathways and aiding in combat.

Screw Attack:  This powerful technique acquired by combining the Charge Beam and Spin Jump allows Samus to home in on enemies and deal significant damage.

Exploring New Regions: Burenia, Ghavoran, Elun

With a more robust arsenal, prepare to venture into uncharted territories:

Burenia:  This frigid region requires the Gravity Suit to navigate underwater sections with ease.  Look for the Flash Shift ability, allowing for short-distance teleportation through designated points.

Ghavoran:  This volcanic zone offers intense platforming challenges.  Locate the Spin Boost to enhance your Spin Jump for greater mobility.  Find the Super Missiles and the Ice Missiles, powerful new missile types that deal significant damage to specific enemies and environments.

Elun:  This desolate area houses the Plasma Beam, a powerful new energy weapon effective against heavily armored foes.

Confronting Evil: Boss Battles

Throughout your journey, you’ll face formidable foes. Here are some tips for conquering key bosses:

Corpius:  This hulking creature encountered in Dairon utilizes powerful attacks. Utilize the Speed Booster to evade its charges and counter with charged beam blasts.

Kraid:  This returning foe from previous Metroid titles resides in Ghavoran. Exploit its weak points on its underbelly and utilize the Ice Missiles to freeze and shatter its armored segments.

Experiment with your arsenal:  Don’t be afraid to experiment with different abilities and beam types to discover what works best against each boss.

Unveiling the Truth: Ferenia and Itorash

The final stretch of your journey takes you to these crucial zones:

Ferenia:  Unravel the mysteries surrounding the X parasite threat and the motivations of the Chozo warrior.  Here, you’ll acquire the Storm Missiles and Space Jump, significantly enhancing your mobility.

Itorash:  Prepare for the ultimate showdown with the true mastermind behind the X parasite threat. This multi-phase battle tests your mastery of all your acquired abilities.  Utilize the Screw Attack, powerful missiles, and strategic movement to overcome this final challenge.

Beyond the Main Story: Secrets of ZDR

Metroid Dread offers a wealth of secrets to uncover after completing the main story:

Hidden Energy and Missile Tanks:  These scattered containers permanently increase your health and missile capacity. Exploring every nook and cranny is highly rewarding.

Power Suit Upgrades:  Look for additional Suit upgrades scattered throughout ZDR, further enhancing Samus’ capabilities.


Metroid Dread throws bounty hunter Samus Aran into a thrilling fight for survival on the mysterious planet ZDR. Stuck on a boss or can’t find that crucial upgrade? This FAQ will guide you through the labyrinthine corridors and pulse-pounding encounters.

Getting Started: Where Do I Begin?

Metroid Dread excels in its non-linear exploration, but if you’re feeling lost, here’s a good starting point:

Artaria: You’ll begin your journey here. Explore and collect your basic arsenal, including the Morph Ball and Charge Beam.

Cataris: Look for the Dairon Shuttle to access this fiery region. Here, you’ll acquire the Wide Beam and Morph Ball Bomb.

Dairon: This scorching area holds the Speed Booster and Flash Shift upgrades, crucial for navigating tricky terrain.

Essential Upgrades: What Do I Need to Find?

Metroid Dread is all about acquiring new abilities to unlock previously inaccessible areas. Here are some key upgrades to prioritize:

Morph Ball: Essential for squeezing through tight spaces and activating hidden switches.

Varia Suit: Protects you from extreme heat and cold environments.

Grapple Beam: Lets you grab onto designated points and swing across gaps.

Speed Booster: Grants a temporary burst of speed, ideal for breaking through obstacles and reaching new areas.

Phantom Cloak: Allows you to become temporarily invisible to enemies.

Facing Fearsome Foes: How Do I Beat the Bosses?

Metroid Dread features challenging boss battles that test your reflexes and understanding of Samus’ abilities.¬† Here are some general tips:

Observe and Learn: Each boss has unique attack patterns. Watch their movements and find openings to counter.

Utilize Your Arsenal: Scan bosses to identify their weaknesses and exploit them with specific beams or missiles.

Practice Makes Perfect: Don’t be discouraged if you fall. Analyze your mistakes and keep trying until you emerge victorious.

Stuck and Stressed: Where Can I Find Help?

No shame in needing a little guidance! Here are some resources for a more detailed walkthrough:

IGN Metroid Dread Guide: This comprehensive guide offers a step-by-step walkthrough of each area, boss strategies, and hidden item locations.

YouTube Walkthroughs: Search for “Metroid Dread Walkthrough” on YouTube. You’ll find numerous video guides showcasing the entire gameplay experience.

Beyond the Basics: Any Additional Tips?

Talk to Your Crew: Your crewmates on the ship can offer hints and point you in the right direction if you’re stuck.

Scan Everything: Scan enemies and environments to reveal hidden information and lore entries that can aid you in your exploration.

Backtracking is Key: As you gain new abilities, revisit previously explored areas to reach zones that were inaccessible before.

Remember, Metroid Dread rewards exploration and experimentation. Don’t be afraid to revisit areas, test your skills, and have fun unraveling the mysteries of ZDR!

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