Middlesbrough F.C. Standings: A Comprehensive Overview

Middlesbrough Football Club, also known as the Boro, is a professional football club based in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England. The club currently competes in the EFL Championship, the second tier of English football.

 In this article, we will delve into the standings of Middlesbrough F.C., providing an in-depth analysis of their performance, key players, recent matches, and fan reactions.

As a proud member of the Sky Bet Championship, they continue to battle it out on the pitch, aiming for promotion to the Premier League.

Current Standings

Let’s kick off by examining Middlesbrough’s position in the Championship table. As of the latest update, Boro sits at 10th place with 54 points from 38 matches.

Their performance includes 16 wins, 6 draws, and 16 losses, resulting in a goal difference of 1. They’ve found the back of the net 53 times, while conceding 52 goals1.

Title Contenders and Challengers

While Middlesbrough isn’t leading the pack, they’ve been a formidable opponent for other teams. Let’s take a look at the top contenders:

Leicester City: The current table-toppers, Leicester, have been dominant with 74 points. However, Boro managed to defeat them 1-2 in a thrilling encounter on February 17th, 2024.

Leeds United: Leeds sits in second place with 79 points. Their clash with Boro ended in a 1-3 defeat on February 23rd, 2024.

Ipswich Town: Ipswich, in third place, boasts 78 points. They’ve been scoring freely, including a 4-3 victory against Rotherham United on February 20th, 2024.

Performance Analysis

Middlesbrough F.C.’s performance in the EFL Championship is a topic of interest for fans and analysts alike. The team’s performance is influenced by various factors, including the form of key players, the tactics employed by the manager, and the level of competition in the league.

Key Players

Middlesbrough F.C. boasts a talented squad of players who have the potential to make a significant impact on the team’s performance. Some of the key players to watch include:

Marcus Tavernier: A versatile midfielder known for his creativity and vision on the field.

Duncan Watmore: An energetic forward with a knack for scoring crucial goals.

Matt Crooks: A dynamic midfielder who provides both defensive solidity and attacking flair.

Grant Hall: A commanding defender who leads by example at the back.

These players, along with others in the squad, play a crucial role in determining Middlesbrough F.C.’s success on the pitch.

Recent Matches

Middlesbrough F.C.’s recent matches have been closely followed by fans and pundits, with each result shaping the team’s standing in the league. The team’s performance in these matches can provide valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their prospects for the remainder of the season.

Middlesbrough’s recent form has been a mixed bag. Here are some notable results:

Victory Over Sunderland: On March 5th, 2024, Boro secured a crucial 1-0 win against Sunderland.

Thrilling Draw with Hull City: The match against Hull City on March 9th, 2024, ended in a 2-2 draw.

YouTube Buzz

Fans turn to YouTube for highlights, analysis, and fan reactions. Here’s what’s trending:

Boro’s Goal Machine: Fans can’t stop talking about Boro’s top scorer. Who is it? Check out the YouTube channels for exciting goal compilations.

Manager’s Tactics: Tactical breakdowns and post-match analyses are gaining views. How does the manager set up the team? Dive into the content.

Fan Vlogs: Supporters share their matchday experiences, chants, and celebrations. These vlogs capture the passion of Boro fans.

Fan Reactions

The Middlesbrough F.C. fan base is known for its passion and loyalty, with fans turning out in numbers to support the team both at home and away matches. Fan reactions to the team’s performance, both positive and negative, are often vocal and can provide an interesting perspective on the team’s standing in the league.


What is Middlesbrough F.C.?

Middlesbrough F.C. (Football Club) is a professional football team based in Middlesbrough, England. They compete in the Sky Bet Championship, which is the second tier of English football.

How is Middlesbrough performing in the current season?

As of now, Middlesbrough is positioned 10th in the Sky Bet Championship standings. They have accumulated 54 points from 38 matches.

Their recent form includes 16 wins, 6 draws, and 16 losses. The team has scored 53 goals while conceding 52


Who are the top teams in the Championship?

The current leaders are Leicester City, followed closely by Leeds United and Ipswich Town.

Leicester City has 82 points, Leeds United has 79 points, and Ipswich Town has 78 points.

When did Middlesbrough last play against Leicester City?

Middlesbrough faced Leicester City on February 17th, 2024, resulting in a 1-2 loss for Middlesbrough.

What about their recent matches?

Middlesbrough secured a 1-0 win against Sunderland on March 5th, 2024.

They also had a thrilling 2-2 draw with Hull City on March 9th, 2024.

How does the goal difference impact their position?

Middlesbrough’s goal difference is +1, which means they’ve scored one more goal than they’ve conceded. This factor plays a crucial role in determining their position in the standings

Where can I find the latest news and updates about Middlesbrough F.C.’s standings?

Fans can stay updated with the latest news and updates about Middlesbrough F.C.’s standings by following the club’s official website and social media accounts. Sports news websites and dedicated football news outlets also provide regular updates on the team’s standings and performance.

Are there any upcoming key fixtures for Middlesbrough?

Keep an eye on their matches against other top teams. These encounters can significantly impact their position in the league.

Remember, football standings can change rapidly, so stay tuned for updates and cheer on Middlesbrough as they strive for success! 🙌⚽


In conclusion, Middlesbrough F.C.’s standing in the EFL Championship is a reflection of the team’s performance and results in the league. With a talented squad of players and passionate fan base, the team is well-positioned to compete at the highest level and achieve success in the current season. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on Middlesbrough F.C. as they aim to climb the league table and achieve their goals.

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