Moonrise Towers: A Guide to Baldur’s Gate 3’s Fortified Menace

In Baldur’s Gate 3’s Act II, players will inevitably encounter the imposing Moonrise Towers. This once-hallowed structure, shrouded in shadow and crawling with danger, serves as a key location and a significant hurdle to overcome. 

This guide delves into everything you need to know about Moonrise Towers, from its history and inhabitants to strategies for conquering its challenges.

A Legacy Tainted: The History of Moonrise Towers

Moonrise Towers boasts a storied past. Originally, it stood as a majestic temple devoted to Selûne, the moonmaiden goddess. However, its history took a dark turn when Ketheric Thorm, the tower’s architect, succumbed to grief after the loss of his wife and daughter. Consumed by despair, he turned to the goddess Shar, the embodiment of darkness and loss.

Thorm, empowered by Shar, transformed Moonrise Towers into a base of operations for his growing army, the Cult of the Absolute. This sinister force now threatens the surrounding lands.

An Illumination amid the Shadows: The Last Light Hotel

Before venturing into the perilous depths of Moonrise Towers, players will encounter the Last Light Inn. This ramshackle tavern serves as a crucial waypoint, offering a brief respite from the Shadow Curse plaguing the surrounding lands and providing valuable information.

Here, you can interact with various characters, including:

Araj Oblodra: A seemingly benevolent drow who may offer cryptic insights into the tower and its inhabitants.

Lann Tarv and Roah Moonglow: These Zhentarim agents can be persuaded to assist you in infiltrating the tower, although their motives might not be entirely altruistic.

Be sure to exhaust all dialogue options and explore every corner of the Last Light Inn before facing the true dangers within Moonrise Towers.

Breaching the Shadows: Entering Moonrise Towers

Reaching Moonrise Towers is a straightforward process. Follow the quest marker and be prepared to face enemies guarding the entrance.  Here’s where things get interesting – you’ll need a Moonlantern to survive within the tower’s shadow-cursed halls.

There are two ways to acquire a Moonlantern:

Free Nere: Locate a group of characters near the Moonrise Towers entrance digging through rubble. Help them free Nere, who will reward you with a Moonlantern.

Speak to Halsin: If you rescued Halsin earlier in the game, he may have a Moonlantern you can barter for.

Once equipped with your Moonlantern, approach the gate and gain access to the tower.

Navigating the Peril: Levels of Moonrise Towers

Moonrise Towers consists of several treacherous levels, each presenting unique challenges and adversaries. Here’s a breakdown of what awaits you on each floor:

Entrance Hall: Brace yourself for a skirmish with cultists guarding the entrance. Explore the area thoroughly – you might find hidden stashes containing useful supplies.

Upper Floors: Prepare to navigate a labyrinth of corridors and chambers teeming with various enemies, including cultists, undead creatures, and monstrous aberrations. Utilize your party’s strengths strategically and take advantage of environmental hazards to overcome these foes.

The Gauntlet of Shar: This brutal gauntlet serves as a test of your combat prowess. You’ll face wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies. Utilize defensive tactics, crowd control abilities, and well-coordinated attacks to survive this ordeal.

The Domain of Shar: Deep within the tower lies the heart of darkness – the Domain of Shar. Here, you’ll confront powerful entities serving the dark goddess. Be prepared for a challenging encounter that will test your party’s full capabilities.

Strategic Considerations: Tips for Conquering Moonrise Towers

Party Composition: Ensure your party has a well-rounded mix of skills. Include characters with strong offensive capabilities, healing abilities, and crowd control spells.

Exploration: Don’t rush through the tower. Explore every nook and cranny – you might uncover hidden pathways, secret stashes, and valuable lore entries that enrich the story.

Environmental Puzzles:  Keep an eye out for environmental puzzles that require manipulating objects or using your character’s abilities to unlock hidden passages or access hidden areas.

Dialogue Options:  Talk to every character you encounter within the tower. Some may offer valuable information, quests, or even assistance in your fight against the Cult of the Absolute.

Loot Management:  The Moonrise Towers are filled with loot, including weapons, armor, potions, and crafting materials. Keep your inventory organized and prioritize items that benefit your party composition.


Moonrise Towers in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) is a pivotal location shrouded in mystery and danger. This is an overview of all the information you require: 

What is Moonrise Towers?

Moonrise Towers was once a majestic temple devoted to the moon goddess Selune. However, in the dark world of BG3, it’s now the base of the Cult of the Absolute, who worship the shadowy Shar. It’s one of the few places in the Shadow-Cursed Lands untouched by the harmful curse.

How do I get to Moonrise Towers?

There are two main paths:

The Overland Route: This requires the Spider’s Lute, obtained by siding with Minthara or looting her corpse. You’ll then navigate through specific landmarks like the Mountain Pass and Rosymorn Monastery Trail.

The Underdark Route: This involves venturing into the Underdark, a vast underground network. You’ll need to find a way to bypass the Shadow Curse before reaching Moonrise Towers.

What awaits me in Moonrise Towers?

Moonrise Towers is crawling with dangers, including:

Cult Fanatics: Prepare to face hostile members of the Cult of the Absolute who will defend their base.

Gauntlet of Shar: This brutal obstacle course tests your combat prowess and resourcefulness.

Dark Secrets: Unravel the mysteries of the Cult’s activities and the power they seek within the Towers.

Are there any friendly faces in Moonrise Towers?

A glimmer of hope exists in the form of Araj Oblodra, a Drow who isn’t hostile towards you. Depending on your choices, you might even gain her aid.

What are some helpful tips for conquering Moonrise Towers?

Stock Up: Make sure your party is well-equipped with potions, healing items, and appropriate weaponry.

Strategic Party Composition: Having a balanced party with strong frontline fighters and spellcasters is crucial.

Explore Thoroughly: Look for hidden passages, loot caches, and environmental clues that might give you an edge.

Talk it Out: Depending on your character’s charisma and approach, you might negotiate or deceive your way through some situations.

Where can I find more detailed information and walkthroughs?

IGN BG3 Wiki – Moonrise Towers:

IGN Walkthrough – Infiltrate Moonrise Towers:

Youtube Guides: Search for “Moonrise Towers BG3 Walkthrough” for video tutorials.

Remember: Moonrise Towers is a challenging but rewarding location. By preparing well, using cunning tactics, and exploring every corner, you’ll overcome the threats and uncover the secrets it holds. Good luck, adventurer!

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