Paul Craig The Enigma of MMA

Paul Craig, a name synonymous with unorthodox brilliance in the brutal world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), has carved a unique path. This Scottish submission specialist, hailing from Airdrie, boasts a journey from childhood wrestling prodigy to UFC middleweight contender.

From Wrestling Roots to the Cage: A Foundation Forged in Grit

Born in 1987, Craig’s athletic talent bloomed early. He dominated the wrestling scene throughout his youth, meticulously honing the grappling skills that would become the cornerstone of his fighting style. However, Craig’s path wasn’t linear. He explored other sports and even donned the hat of a gas engineer before ultimately succumbing to the allure of the octagon.

In 2013, Craig officially entered the MMA arena. Primarily competing in regional promotions across Scotland and England, he swiftly established himself as a submission specialist. His unorthodox grappling style, characterized by unconventional entries and an unwavering pursuit of joint locks, proved highly effective. Craig amassed an impressive 6-1 record, with every victory secured through submission.

BAMMA Glory and the UFC Beckons

Craig’s dominance in regional promotions attracted the attention of BAMMA, a prestigious European MMA organization. In 2016, he signed with BAMMA and wasted no time scaling the ranks. He captured the coveted BAMMA Light Heavyweight Championship with a spectacular submission victory, further solidifying his reputation as a world-class grappler. Craig’s reign in BAMMA, though brief, was impactful. He successfully defended his title once before setting his sights on the ultimate stage – the UFC. In 2016, Craig signed a UFC contract, marking a new chapter in his fighting career.

The Bearjew in the UFC: A Tale of Triumph and Tribulation

Craig’s UFC debut in 2017 was a baptism by fire. He faced the highly regarded Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist Luis Henrique da Silva and fell short via first-round knockout. However, Craig isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. He bounced back with a series of impressive submission victories, showcasing his unique skill set to the global audience.

Craig’s UFC career has been a rollercoaster ride, filled with exhilarating victories and unexpected setbacks. He has submitted notable fighters like Magomed Musayev and Nikita Krylov, proving his ability to hang with the middleweight division’s elite. However, he has also suffered some high-profile losses, often by way of knockout strikes. These losses highlight the double-edged sword of Craig’s fighting style. While his submission skills are undeniable, his unorthodox approach can leave him vulnerable to strikes from powerful opponents.

A Glimpse into the Bearjew’s Trophy Cabinet

2017: Submits Khalil Rountree Jr. in the first round with a triangle choke, a rarely seen submission at the highest level.

2018: Earns a “Performance of the Night” bonus for his spectacular flying triangle choke submission of Jim Crute.

2019: Submits John Almeida with a unique “Twister” neck crank, a move rarely seen in professional MMA competition.

2023: Upsets the previously undefeated Brendan Allen with a rear-naked choke submission in the third round, proving his ability to compete with the top contenders.

More Than Just a Fighter: The Man Behind the Moniker

Outside the octagon, Paul Craig is a different persona altogether. A dedicated family man, he is known for his quiet demeanor and dry sense of humor. He actively supports social causes and uses his platform to raise awareness for important issues.

Fun Facts about the “Bearjew”

He’s a huge fan of the video game series “Metal Gear Solid.”

He holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

He’s known for his insightful fight breakdowns and witty commentary on social media.

Paul Craig is more than just a fighter; he’s an enigma. He embodies the “fight or flight” mentality, constantly pushing the boundaries of the sport and never backing down from a challenge. His unorthodox style and relentless pursuit of submissions make him a captivating figure to watch, leaving fans and opponents alike on the edge of their seats.

Climbing the Middleweight Ladder:

Craig has established himself as a middleweight contender with the potential to challenge for the belt. With continued improvement in his striking defense and a strategic approach to fight selection, he could climb the rankings and secure a coveted title shot. This path would involve facing top-ranked middleweights and emerging victorious in high-pressure fights.

Refining the Bearjew Style:

Craig’s unorthodox grappling style is both his greatest strength and weakness. By working with his coaches to refine his entries and takedown defense while maintaining his signature submission prowess, he could create an even more formidable skillset. This would involve strategically integrating striking techniques to set up his grappling attacks and minimize the risk of getting knocked out.

The Legacy of the Bearjew:

Even without a title shot, Craig could solidify himself as a legend in the middleweight division. By continuing to rack up submission wins over ranked opponents and entertaining fans with his unique style, he could carve a niche as a true submission specialist. This path would involve maintaining his exciting fighting style while potentially exploring submission coaching opportunities or commentary roles


What is Paul Craig’s nickname and why?

Paul Craig’s nickname is “Bearjew.” The exact origin of the nickname is not publicly known.

What fighting style is Paul Craig known for?

Craig is known for his unorthodox grappling style, characterized by unconventional entries and a relentless pursuit of joint locks. He is a submission specialist, with most of his victories coming via submissions.

What are some of Paul Craig’s weaknesses?

While his submission skills are undeniable, Craig’s unorthodox approach can leave him vulnerable to strikes from powerful opponents, particularly in his stand-up game.

Will Paul Craig ever fight outside the UFC?

While unlikely in the immediate future, it’s not entirely impossible. It would depend on his UFC contract and potential opportunities in other organizations like Bellator or ONE Championship.

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