Rachel Leskovac From Yorkshire to the Cobblestones 

Rachel Leskovac, a name synonymous with captivating performances in British tv shows and cleanser musical dramas, has carved a distinct way in the amusement industry. 

Her travel, traversing over two decades, grandstands her flexibility as an actress and vocalist. This article dives into Leskovac’s career, investigating her striking parts, honors, and the most recent advancements in her acting trajectory.

Early Life and Stepping onto the Stage

Born on June 5, 1976, in Bradford, West Yorkshire, Britain, Leskovac’s creative slants were apparent from a youthful age. She sharpened her abilities at the Liverpool Founded for Performing Expressions (LIPA), graduating in 1998 with a BA Hons degree. 

LIPA, known for supporting acting greats like Paul McCartney and Jamie Foxx, gave Leskovac a solid establishment for her future success.

Leskovac’s proficient career started on the organize. Her depiction of the youthful Viv Nicholson in the melodic “Spend Spend Spend” garnered basic recognition. 

The part indeed landed her an assignment for the prestigious Laurence Olivier Grant for Best Actress in a Melodic at the 2000 Laurence Olivier Grants. 

This early acknowledgment was a confirmation to Leskovac’s exceptional ability and stage presence.

Taking Center Stage in Medical Shows and Soaps

The turn of the millennium saw Leskovac transitioning to television. She landed the part of Kelly Yorke, a serial killer nurturer, in the BBC therapeutic dramatization arrangement “Holby City” (2003-2004). 

This complex character showcased Leskovac’s capacity to depict characters with profundity and darkness.

In 2008, Leskovac embarked on a journey that would bring her broad acknowledgment – the part of Natasha Blakeman in the notorious ITV soap opera “Coronation Road” (2008-2010, 2020-2021). 

Natasha, a beautician with a searing identity, rapidly became a fan favorite. Leskovac’s depiction of the character’s enthusiastic battles, connections, and comedic minutes resounded with audiences, setting her position as a soap musical drama stalwart.

Leskovac’s stint in “Coronation Road” wasn’t without its challenges. Her character, Natasha, was included in hard-hitting storylines, counting residential savagery and habit. 

Leskovac’s nuanced execution brought light to these delicate issues, starting discussions and garnering commendation for her portrayal.

After a brief rest from the cobbles, Leskovac reprised her part as Natasha in 2020, much to the enchantment of fans. 

In any case, her moment spell on the cleanser opera finished in 2021, leaving the entryway open for a potential return in the future.

Exploring Diverse Parts Past Soaps

While “Coronation Road” brought Leskovac standard recognition, her career amplified distant past the cobblestones. 

She has appeared in different tv shows, displaying her flexibility. Some striking appearances incorporate the BBC show arrangement “Indecent” (2004) and the verifiable drama “WPC 56” (2013).

Leskovac moreover wandered into the world of cleanser operas past “Coronation Road.” She played Joanne Cardsley in the Channel 4 cleanser musical drama.

“Hollyoaks” (2015-2016), exhibiting her capacity to adjust to distinctive cleanser opera settings and character dynamics.

In 2022, Leskovac took on a modern challenge, joining the restoration of the BBC school-based dramatization arrangement “Waterloo Street.” 

Her depiction of Coral Walker, an English instructor, includes another layer to her different filmography.

A Life Beyond the Camera

Leskovac keeps up a moderately private life outside the highlight. She hitched David Tench in 2005, and the couple has a girl named Macy Bloom Tench. 

Despite her active acting career, Leskovac prioritizes her family life, striking an adjustment between proficient success and individual fulfillment.

What’s Next for Rachel Leskovac?

With her ability and commitment, Rachel Leskovac’s career direction proceeds to be on an upward swing. 

Whereas there haven’t been any official declarations about her other ventures, Leskovac’s filmography proposes she’s open to exploring different parts over tv, theater, and possibly indeed film.

Here are some possibilities for what the future holds for Rachel Leskovac:

Reprising an adored part: A potential return to “Coronation Road” as Natasha Blakeman is continuously a plausibility, particularly considering the character’s ubiquity and the open-ended nature of her departure.

Venturing into unused genres: Leskovac’s ability may be well-suited for classes past cleansers and dramas.


Q: When and where was Rachel Leskovac born?

A: Rachel Leskovac was born on June 5, 1976, in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.

Q: Where did Rachel Leskovac train as an actress?

A: Leskovac honed her craft at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Expressions (LIPA), graduating in 1998.

Q: What was Rachel Leskovac’s breakthrough role?

A: While Leskovac gained recognition early in her career with a Laurence Olivier Grant designation for her organized execution, her tv breakthrough came with the part of Natasha Blakeman in “Coronation Street.”

Q: What is Rachel Leskovac best known for?

A: Leskovac is best known for her depiction of Natasha Blakeman in the ITV cleanser opera “Royal celebration Road” (2008-2010, 2020-2021). However, she has a different filmography counting parts in “Holby City,” “Improper,” “WPC 56,” “Hollyoaks,” and most recently, “Waterloo Road.”

Q: Was Rachel Leskovac ever in a medical drama?

A: Yes, Leskovac played the part of Kelly Yorke, a nurse, in the BBC medical show series “Holby City” (2003-2004).

Q: What other soap operas has Rachel Leskovac been in?

A: Besides “Coronation Road,” Leskovac moreover showed up in the Channel 4 cleanser opera “Hollyoaks” as Joanne Cardsley (2015-2016).

Q: What is Rachel Leskovac’s current role?

A: As of May 2024, Leskovac depicts Coral Walker, an English educator, in the restored BBC school-based drama arrangement “Waterloo Road.”

Q: Is Rachel Leskovac married?

A: Yes, Leskovac married David Tench in 2005.

Q: Does Rachel Leskovac have any children?

A: Yes, Leskovac and her husband David Tench have a daughter named Macy Blossom Tench.

Q: Does Rachel Leskovac have social media?

A: As of May 2024, Rachel Leskovac does not maintain a public nearness on social media platforms.

Rachel Leskovac’s career trajectory paints a picture of an actress dedicated to her craft and open to exploring diverse opportunities. 

From her captivating stage presence to her nuanced performances in television shows, Leskovac has consistently impressed audiences and critics alike.

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