Robin Windsor: A Life Lit Up by Dance

The news of Robin Windsor’s sudden passing in February 2024 shocked the dance world and beyond. More than just a skilled dancer, he was a teacher, choreographer, and entrepreneur, leaving a lasting legacy that extends far beyond the glitter and grace of the ballroom. 

Robin Windsor, the beloved professional dancer from Strictly Come Dancing, has left an indelible mark on the world of ballroom and Latin dance. His infectious energy, remarkable talent, and tragic end have captivated audiences worldwide. This article delves into his remarkable journey, explores the questions surrounding his career, and remembers the vibrant personality who touched so many lives.

Who Was Robin Windsor?

Born on September 15, 1979, Robin Windsor graced our screens during his tenure on Strictly Come Dancing. His journey began in 2010, and over the next four series, he waltzed, cha-cha-ed, and jived his way into our hearts. But there’s more to this story than just dance steps.

The Tragic News

On February 19, 2024, tragedy struck. Robin Windsor, aged only 44, passed away. The news reverberated through the dance community, leaving fans and fellow dancers in shock. His vibrant spirit, contagious laughter, and boundless kindness will be sorely missed.

A Dancer Like No Other

Robin’s dance moves weren’t just steps; they were emotions set to music. Whether he was twirling across the floor or executing a dramatic lift, his ability to express feelings through movement was unparalleled. His partnership with Susanna Reid on a Children in Need special remains etched in our memories. And who can forget his lively performance with Great British Bake Off host Alison Hammond in the 2015 Christmas special?

The Slip Disc Incident

In 2013, disaster struck. A slipped disc left Robin paralyzed for four agonising days. Despite his resilience, he had to step down from Strictly Come Dancing. The show’s organisers decided not to call him back the following year, ending his glittering run on the dance floor.

A Dancer’s Journey

Born in Ipswich, England, in 1979, Robin Windsor embarked on his dance journey at a young age. His passion for Ballroom and Latin dancing led him to London at the tender age of 15, where he honed his skills and competed at the highest levels. Representing England in numerous World Championship competitions, he established himself as a force to be reckoned with, his talent and dedication shining through.

Spotlight Success

From 2003 to 2010, Robin became a captivating part of the internationally renowned dance troupe “Burn the Floor,” touring the world and captivating audiences with his fiery energy and undeniable charm.

 His success continued when he joined the BBC’s “Strictly Come Dancing” in 2010, partnering with celebrities like actress Patsy Kensit and television personality Lisa Riley. His performances were consistently praised for their technical brilliance and showmanship, leaving audiences mesmerised and judges impressed.

A Legacy Beyond the Ballroom

Robin’s impact transcended the competitive dance scene. He established his own dance company, “Dance Nation,” and dedicated himself to sharing his passion with aspiring dancers of all ages. He actively participated in outreach programs, inspiring countless individuals with his enthusiasm and infectious joy for dance. He was also a successful choreographer, showcasing his creative talent in various productions and performances.

Remembering Robin’s Life

As news of Robin’s passing spread, tributes flooded in. Susanna Reid, emotional on air, described him as “incredibly strong” and “so creative.” Craig Revel Horwood, a fellow Strictly judge, praised Robin’s kindness and honesty. Former pro James Jordan shared fond memories of working with him, while Graziano Di Prima expressed his admiration.

Robin’s untimely passing left a void in the hearts of many. Tributes poured in from fellow dancers, celebrities, and fans, all honouring his talent, kindness, and unwavering spirit. While celebrating his life, questions naturally arise. What were the circumstances surrounding his passing? How will his legacy be carried forward?

Looking Back 

The cause of Robin’s death remains private, respecting the wishes of his family during this difficult time. However, his impact on the dance world and the lives he touched continue to be celebrated. Dance schools he founded continue to nurture young talent, his colleagues share memories and lessons learned, and fans cherish the joy he brought through his performances.

Beyond the Headlines

Online, Robin’s name continues to generate searches, with viewers seeking insights into his life, career, and the events surrounding his passing. This demonstrates the widespread interest in his persona and the impact he had on audiences around the world.


Who was Robin Windsor?

Robin Windsor was a renowned British professional dancer specialising in Latin and Ballroom styles. He gained widespread recognition after appearing on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, captivating audiences with his talent, charm, and positive energy.

What are the latest updates regarding Robin Windsor’s passing?

Tragically, Robin Windsor passed away in February 2024. While the cause of his death remains officially undisclosed at the family’s request, numerous tributes and memorials have been held to celebrate his life and achievements.

What were Robin Windsor’s career highlights?

Before Strictly, Windsor represented England in World Championship competitions and performed with the prestigious global touring show “Burn the Floor.” On Strictly, he partnered with celebrities like Patsy Kensit and Anita Dobson, leaving a lasting impression with his skill and positive spirit. His historic same-sex dance routine in 2014 remains a significant moment in the show’s history.

What was Robin Windsor’s impact on the dance world?

Windsor’s influence transcended entertainment. He inspired countless young dancers with his dedication and talent, advocating for inclusivity and representation within the dance community. His vibrant personality and commitment to his craft resonated with fans worldwide.

What was the cause of his death? 

While unknown, respecting the family’s privacy is important.

What are some of his most memorable performances? 

Videos showcase his skill and charisma in shows like Strictly and Burn the Floor.

What can we take away from Robin Windsor’s story?

Robin Windsor’s life reminds us of the transformative power of passion, dedication, and the joy of dance. His legacy goes beyond entertainment, inspiring us to pursue our dreams with positivity and strive for inclusivity in all aspects of life. As we remember him, let us be inspired by his light and continue to celebrate the beauty of dance in all its forms.


Robin Windsor’s story is one of passion, dedication, and a life lived to the fullest. He leaves behind a legacy that extends far beyond the ballroom, inspiring dancers, educators, and fans alike. Although his presence is deeply missed, his memory lives on in the hearts of those he touched and the joy he brought to the world through his artistry.

Robin Windsor’s legacy extends beyond dance. His laughter, warmth, and infectious enthusiasm touched everyone who knew him. As we bid farewell to this remarkable soul, we remember the joy he brought to millions.

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