Rowan’s Evolution: Wyatt Family Enforcer to Bearded Brawler

Joseph Ruud, better known by his wrestling personas Erick Rowan and Erick Redbeard, is an enigma wrapped in a sheep mask. A towering figure with an imposing presence, Rowan’s career has been a captivating blend of brutality, mystique, and surprising athleticism. 

This article delves into the journey of the Minnesota native, from his early days in Japan to his time as a cornerstone member of the iconic Wyatt Family in WWE, and his current endeavors on the independent circuit.

Early Career and Global Travels (2003-2011)

Ruud’s wrestling odyssey began in 2003, training under the tutelage of Eddie Sharkey. He honed his craft in the independent circuit, adopting the ring name Thoruf and later Thoruf Marius. Driven by a desire to expand his horizons, Ruud ventured to Japan, a proving ground for many aspiring wrestlers. 

There, he competed for Pro Wrestling Noah, a renowned promotion, gaining valuable experience and exposure to a different wrestling style.

WWE Arrival and The Wyatt Family (2011-2020)

In 2011, Ruud signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), a defining moment in his career. He was assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), WWE’s developmental territory, where he transitioned to the ring name Erick Rowan. After FCW’s rebranding to NXT, Rowan’s path intertwined with another enigmatic figure – Bray Wyatt.

Bray Wyatt, with his haunting presence and cryptic promos, promised a new era of fear in WWE. Rowan, introduced as Wyatt’s “second son,” became an integral part of the act. Their alliance, later joined by Luke Harper, morphed into The Wyatt Family, one of the most captivating factions in recent wrestling history. The Family’s dark and intriguing aura, coupled with their impressive in-ring dominance, captivated audiences.

As part of The Wyatt Family, Rowan thrived. He displayed a surprising agility for his size, showcasing a blend of power and surprising athleticism. Alongside Harper, they captured the NXT Tag Team Championship, establishing themselves as a formidable force. Their main roster debut further solidified their reputation. They feuded with established stars like The Shield and Kane & Daniel Bryan, leaving a lasting impression on the WWE Universe.

Evolution and Split: The Bludgeon Brothers and Solo Run (2014-2020)

The dynamics within The Wyatt Family shifted over time. After a brief hiatus, Rowan and Harper returned to SmackDown as The Bludgeon Brothers – a more brutal and unforgiving iteration. Gone was the mysticism; The Bludgeon Brothers relied solely on brute force. Their dominance culminated in a SmackDown Tag Team Championship victory at WrestleMania 34.

However, the reign of The Bludgeon Brothers was short-lived. Injuries and creative decisions led to a disbandment. Rowan embarked on a solo run, a period marked by intriguing storylines and glimpses of his potential as a singles competitor. He feuded with the likes of Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan, showcasing his storytelling abilities beyond the confines of a tag team.

Beyond the WWE: Erick Redbeard and The Future (2020-Present)

In 2020, Rowan was released by WWE, marking a turning point in his career. He returned to the independent circuit under the name Erick Redbeard, a nod to his earlier pre-WWE persona. Redbeard has reignited his passion on the independent scene, competing for various promotions and showcasing his veteran experience.

Erick Rowan/Redbeard’s career is a testament to his adaptability and work ethic. He has seamlessly transitioned between different characters and ring styles, consistently delivering impactful performances. While his future trajectory remains unwritten, his dedication to the craft and undeniable charisma ensure he will continue to be a captivating presence in the world of professional wrestling.

Beyond the Ring: A Look at the Man Behind the Mask

Joseph Ruud is a private individual, but glimpses into his life outside the ring paint a picture of a dedicated husband, father of three, and an outdoors enthusiast. 

This duality – the ferocious competitor and the grounded family man – adds another layer to the intrigue surrounding Erick Rowan/Redbeard.


What was Erick Rowan’s career path before WWE?

Joseph Ruud, before becoming Erick Rowan, began his wrestling journey in 2003 under the ring names Thoruf and later Thoruf Marius. He honed his craft in the independent circuit, experiencing valuable growth. Driven by a desire to push his boundaries, he ventured to Japan, a renowned wrestling hotbed, competing for Pro Wrestling Noah. This experience exposed him to a different wrestling style, fostering his adaptability.

How did The Wyatt Family come to be?

The genesis of The Wyatt Family can be traced back to Erick Rowan’s arrival in NXT, WWE’s developmental territory. There, he crossed paths with Bray Wyatt, a character shrouded in mystery and captivating charisma. Rowan’s association began as Wyatt’s “second son,” adding an intriguing layer to the act. Luke Harper later joined the fold, solidifying them as a captivating faction.

What made The Wyatt Family so successful?

The Wyatt Family’s success stemmed from a potent combination of captivating storytelling and impressive in-ring dominance. Bray Wyatt’s haunting promos and unsettling aura created a unique atmosphere that drew fans in. Rowan and Harper, with their imposing size and surprising athleticism, provided a formidable force to back up Wyatt’s words in the ring. Their dark and intriguing presentation, coupled with their undeniable talent, made them one of the most captivating factions in recent wrestling history.

What were Erick Rowan’s biggest accomplishments with The Wyatt Family?

As part of The Wyatt Family, Rowan achieved significant success. Alongside Luke Harper, they captured the NXT Tag Team Championship, establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Their main roster debut further validated their potential. They feuded with established stars, leaving a lasting impression on the WWE Universe.

How did The Bludgeon Brothers differ from The Wyatt Family?

After a brief hiatus, Rowan and Harper returned to SmackDown as The Bludgeon Brothers. This iteration discarded the mystical elements. They relied solely on brute force, wielding mallets as their signature weapons. This change in persona showcased Rowan’s ability to adapt to different characters. Their dominance culminated in a SmackDown Tag Team Championship victory at WrestleMania 34, a testament to their undeniable tag team chemistry.

Erick Rowan/Redbeard’s career is far from over. He has achieved success at every stage of his journey, from his independent circuit beginnings to his time in WWE and his current independent run. His adaptability, captivating presence, and in-ring prowess make him a valuable asset to any promotion. 

As he ventures forward, one thing remains certain – the enigmatic Erick Rowan/Redbeard will continue to enthrall audiences with his unique blend of brutality and surprising athleticism.

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