Lost Following Rowland Oakes’ Map in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy throws you into a whirlwind of magical classes, fantastical creatures, and thrilling quests. One such quest, “The Tale of Rowland Oakes,” tasks you with finding a missing wizard – Rowland Oakes. The only clue you have is a cryptic map found in his abandoned campsite.

This guide delves into the mystery of Rowland Oakes’ map, providing a walkthrough, deciphering its clues, and offering tips to navigate the dangers that await.

The Disappearance of Rowland Oakes

The quest begins by speaking to Adelaide Oakes in the Transfiguration Courtyard. She reveals her uncle, Rowland, went missing during an expedition in the North Hogwarts Region.

Your first objective is to locate Rowland’s last known campsite, marked on your main map. Upon reaching the campsite, you’ll encounter a band of hostile goblins. Dispatch them and scour the area for clues. You’ll find two crucial items: Rowland’s journal, offering some backstory, and the cryptic map that holds the key to finding him.

Deciphering the Cryptic Map

Rowland’s map appears confusing at first glance. It depicts a path leading from the campsite, marked by a campfire symbol, down a winding river towards a ruined castle. Here’s a breakdown of the map’s symbols:

Campfire Symbol: This marks Rowland’s abandoned campsite, your starting point.

Winding Lines: These likely represent the river that Rowland followed.

Three Landmark Symbols: A large rock formation, a crooked tree, and a ruined tower, depicted in a specific order.

Red Line: This indicates the general direction Rowland was likely traveling.

While the map itself is simple, its cryptic nature can be misleading. The key lies in understanding these symbols represent actual landmarks in the North Hogwarts Region, not just abstract illustrations.

Following the Trail: Locating Rowland

Now that you’ve deciphered the map’s basic elements, it’s time to translate them into the real world. Here’s how to find Rowland:

Head Westward: Open your main map and locate the westernmost point of the North Hogwarts Region. You’ll see a large river flowing southward. This river matches the winding lines depicted on Rowland’s map.

Navigate the River: Travel westward, following the river’s path. Keep an eye out for the three landmarks mentioned on the map.

Landmark Identification: The first landmark you’ll encounter is a large, distinctive rock formation near the riverbank. This confirms you’re on the right track.

Continue Downstream: As you follow the river further west, you’ll spot a crooked tree standing out from the surrounding foliage. This is the second landmark.

Reaching the Bandit Camp: Finally, you’ll reach the final landmark – a ruined castle, likely overrun by bandits. This is the location marked by the red line on Rowland’s map, indicating where his journey ended.

Note:  This ruined castle is not explicitly marked on the main map but becomes evident as you follow the river westward.

Danger in the Ruins: Confronting the Bandits

The ruined castle, now a Bandit Camp, is crawling with hostile enemies.  Here are your options:

Stealthy Approach: If you prefer a more tactical approach, use the Disillusionment Charm to become invisible and sneak past the bandits.

Open Conflict: For a more direct approach, engage the bandits in combat. Be prepared for a challenging fight, as these bandits are well-equipped and pose a significant threat.

Once you’ve cleared the area, explore the ruins to find Rowland. You may find him imprisoned within the castle or encounter clues leading to his exact location.

The Aftermath: Rescuing Rowland and Rewards

Rescuing Rowland concludes “The Tale of Rowland Oakes” quest. You’ll receive valuable rewards for your efforts, such as experience points, powerful equipment, or even unique spells depending on your choices throughout the quest.

This quest not only rewards you with valuable items but also offers a glimpse into the dangers that lurk beyond the walls of Hogwarts. It highlights the importance of resourcefulness, exploration, and deciphering cryptic clues – all essential skills for a young witch or wizard in the magical world.

Beyond the Quest: Exploring the Secrets of the Map

While the quest guides you towards a specific outcome, Rowland’s map holds a deeper intrigue. Here are some additional thoughts and theories to consider:

Alternative Paths: The map’s simplicity might conceal alternative routes to the ruined castle. Perhaps there are hidden passages or shortcuts that weren’t part of Rowland’s journey.


Struggling to decipher Rowland Oakes’ cryptic map in Hogwarts Legacy? Don’t worry, this FAQ will equip you to find the missing wizard!

What is Rowland Oakes’ Map?

This map is a key item in the “The Tale of Rowland Oakes” side quest. It provides clues to locate Rowland, Adelaide Oakes’ missing uncle.

Where do I find the map?

Talk to Adelaide Oakes in the Transfiguration Courtyard after completing “The Helm of Urtkot” main quest.

She’ll point you towards Rowland’s last campsite northwest of Hogwarts.

Defeat the goblins occupying the camp and use Revelio to find the map on a crate near Rowland’s journal.

The map seems confusing! How do I read it?

The map depicts a path from Rowland’s camp, marked by a campfire symbol. It shows landmarks like a rock formation, a crooked tree, and ruined towers leading to a final destination.

Okay, but where does the map lead?

Head west from the goblin camp to the far corner of the North Hogwarts Region on your main map.

Look for a river flowing into a ruined castle – these are the Korrow Ruins.

The map’s landmarks (rock formation, crooked tree, ruined towers) should be near the entrance.

What awaits me at the Korrow Ruins?

Brace yourself for more enemies guarding the ruins.

Once inside, you’ll need to navigate through a series of tunnels and solve puzzles.

The map won’t help you within the ruins itself, so rely on exploration and your combat skills.

Are there any tips for using the map effectively?

Consult the Bigger Picture: Open your main map and compare the landmarks on Rowland’s map to the geographical features in the North Hogwarts Region.

Follow the River: The river on the map is a clear indicator of the direction you should take.

Still stuck? Where can I find more help?

Video Walkthroughs: Search “Hogwarts Legacy: The Tale of Rowland Oakes” on YouTube for visual guides.

Online Guides: Websites like IGN (https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/hogwarts-legacy-rowlands-map-guide/) offer detailed walkthroughs with screenshots.

Remember, with a bit of exploration and deduction, you’ll crack the code of Rowland Oakes’ map and continue your Hogwarts adventure!

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