Saints Row 2: Cheating Your Way to Mayhem in Steelport

Welcome to Saints Row 2, a sandbox game reveling in over-the-top violence, criminal ventures, and outrageous customization. While the core gameplay loop is fun and engaging, some players might crave a little extra chaos or a helping hand to achieve their goals. 

 This guide delves into the world of Saints Row 2 cheats, providing a comprehensive list and explaining their effects.Important Note: Using cheats can disable achievements on some platforms. Use them at your own risk and with caution!

Accessing the Cheat Menu

Unlike some games, Saints Row 2 doesn’t have a built-in cheat menu accessible through menus.  However, the developers included a clever way to activate cheats – using your phone! Here’s how:

Open your in-game phone by pressing the designated button (default: Up on the D-pad).

Go to the contacts list.

Instead of dialing a friend, enter the cheat code using the phone keypad.

If the code is valid, a message will confirm its activation.

A Word of Caution:

Not all cheat codes are created equal. Some provide harmless fun, while others can break the game or make it unplayable.  Use these cheats with caution, especially if you plan on continuing your save file.

General Mayhem: Cheats for Invincibility, Money, and More

Here are some general cheats that alter gameplay mechanics:

Full Health (1): Never fear a bullet again! This cheat instantly restores your health to full.

Never Die (36): Become virtually invincible. This cheat disables death, allowing you to rampage through Steelport without consequences (until you disable the cheat).

Infinite Ammo (11): Say goodbye to reloading! This cheat ensures your weapons never run out of ammo.

Get $1,000 (2274666399): Feeling financially challenged? This cheat grants you a quick $1,000 cash injection.

Super Explosions (7): Like Michael Bay on a sugar rush? This cheat makes explosions significantly larger and more visually spectacular.

Super Saints (8): Unleash your inner superhero! This cheat grants you enhanced strength, speed, and jumping abilities.

Player Pratfalls (5): Feeling silly? This cheat makes your character trip and fall randomly, adding a touch of slapstick humor to your gameplay.

Weather Control: Sunshine or Downpour with a Keystroke

Want to control the weather in Steelport?  These cheats let you manipulate the skies:

Time Set Noon (1200): Set the in-game time to noon for a bright and sunny day.

Time Set Midnight (2400): Turn Steelport into a city of shadows with this code that sets the time to midnight.

Wrath Of God (666): Channel your inner deity with this code that unleashes a lightning storm upon Steelport.

Overcast (78665): Craving a gloomy atmosphere? This cheat brings overcast skies to Steelport.

Heavy Rain (78666): Let it rain! This code triggers heavy rainfall.

Light Rain (78668): Prefer a gentle drizzle? This cheat brings light rain to Steelport.

Clear Skies (78669): Enough with the wet weather! This code clears the skies and brings back sunshine.

Restore Weather to Normal (78670): Want to go back to the default weather settings? This cheat resets the weather to its natural state.

Gang Warfare and Police Attention: Dialing Up the Action

These cheats directly influence your notoriety in Steelport:

Add Gang Notoriety (35): Increase your gang’s notoriety, making them a bigger target for rival gangs. Use with caution!

Add Police Notoriety (4): Attract unwanted attention from the law with this cheat that increases your police notoriety level.

No Cop Notoriety (50): Tired of pesky police chases? This cheat removes all police 

notoriety, allowing you to roam freely without attracting unwanted heat.

No Gang Notoriety (51): Dial down the gang wars with this cheat that removes all gang notoriety.


So you want to spice up Stilwater with some good ol’ fashioned cheats? Saints Row 2 offers a variety of codes to unleash mayhem or make life a breeze. Here’s a breakdown of the most sought-after cheats:

How do I activate cheats in Saints Row 2?

On PC, simply pull out your phone and dial the cheat code using the in-game keypad. On consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3), open the phone and go to the Contacts list. Dial the number using the keypad there.

Important Note: Enabling cheats might disable achievements or trophies on some platforms, so proceed with caution if that’s important to you.

General Mayhem

Infinite Ammo (PC: 11, Console: #11): Never run out of bullets with this cheat.

Super Explosions (PC: 7, Console: #7): Make everything go boom with a bigger bang!

Super Saints (PC: 8, Console: #8): Become invincible (almost) and deal tons of damage.

Player Pratfalls (PC: 5, Console: #5): Because why be serious when you can ragdoll everywhere?

Gunning for Greatness (Weapons Cheats):

These cheats give you specific weapons:

Pistol (.44 Cal): PC: #921, Console: #921

Shotgun (12 Gauge): PC: #920, Console: #920

Assault Rifle (AR-200): PC: #922, Console: #922

And many more! Check out IGN Saints Row 2 Cheats [invalid URL removed] for a full list.

Feeling the Need for Speed (Vehicle Cheats):

Repair Vehicle (PC: 1056, Console: #1056): Patch up your ride after a rough encounter.

Car Mass Hole (PC: 2, Console: #2): Send any car flying with this hilarious (and destructive) cheat.

Getting Groovy (Other Cheats):

Full Health (PC: 1, Console: #1): Patch yourself up instantly.

$1000 Cash (PC: #cashmoneyz or 2274666399, Console: #cashmoneyz): Because who doesn’t love some quick cash?

Infinite Sprint (PC: 6, Console: #6): Run forever (or at least until the cops catch you).

Weather Control: Change the weather with various codes (check IGN list linked above).

Looking for more?

These resources offer even more details on Saints Row 2 cheats:

IGN Wiki:

Youtube: Search for “Saints Row 2 Cheats” for video tutorials.

Remember: While cheats can be fun, they can also take away from the challenge of the game. Use them responsibly and have a blast wreaking havoc in Stilwater!

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