Sara Arfaoui

Sara Arfaoui, the football player Ilkay Gundogan’s spouse, appears to be reconsidering her feelings about Manchester. The summary is as follows:

At first, she didn’t enjoy Manchester: she had complained about the “horrible” culinary industry and had trouble finding nice eateries, particularly Italian ones.

Grew to adore the city: Sara Arfaoui, claims that she established acquaintances and established a life in 

Manchester notwithstanding her initial dietary problems. After her husband’s departure to Barcelona the previous year, she had a hard time leaving.

Barcelona makes a shocking move: As for Sara, she seemed surprised by the change of location itself, describing it as a “big shock.”

Here is a few details regarding the Manchester and Sara Gundogan problem:

Perspective-shifting: Her conversion to a different belief emphasizes how quickly opinions can evolve. 

Possibly she discovered some undiscovered gastronomic treasures, or maybe she made friends outside of the football community.

  • Storm on the internet: Her original remarks about “horrible food” created an uproar on the web, prompting some owners of eateries in Manchester to speak out about the culinary culture in their community. She might have been inspired to consider other possibilities by this.
  • Identifying a specific: It’s also likely that she developed an appreciation for a particular culture Manchester gave her. Perhaps it was the close-knit group surrounding the bar, the fast-paced lifestyle, or its artistic attractions.

At present, Ilkay Gundogan is a player for Barcelona! When his deal with Manchester City expired in the middle of the summer of 2023, he moved here.

Here’s a brief summary: Manchester United Achievement: Under Pep Guardiola, Gundogan played an essential part for Manchester City, leading the squad throughout their treble year and winning the Champions League title.

  • Move to Barcelona: He agreed to a two-year deal at Barcelona on an unrestricted move in June 2023.
  • Achievements at Barcelona: In October 2023, he scored the inaugural goal for the team in El Clásico vs Real Madrid, demonstrating his strong integration into the team. In addition, he has started most games and is regarded as a key member of the squad.

Gundogan Net Worth

The stated wage of Ilkay Gundogan at Barcelona is approximately €18.75 million total annually, or approximately £165,000 a month after customs.

The numbers are broken out as follows:

Annual gross of €18.75 million: Here is more details regarding Ilkay Gundogan’s deal and wages:

  • Rewards: Usually, just the fundamental salary is included in the stated figures. Gundogan’s contract probably contains incentives for reaching targets, collecting trophies, or making a predetermined amount of games. These perks have the potential to greatly raise his overall income.
  • Length of Agreement: In June 2023, Gundogan agreed to a two-year agreement with Barcelona, with an opportunity for an extension for a third.
  • This implies that after the first two years, his pay may stay at that level or be revised.
  • Economic Fair Perform: Barcelona’s previous overspending has resulted in stringent budgetary constraints. Gundogan may incorporate signing-on incentives or payment delays in its remuneration structures in order to abide by these laws. 

How much did Gundogan cost

In actuality, Ilkay Gundogan’s 2023 move to Barcelona wasn’t going to cost them anything! After his Manchester City deal ended, he rejoined on an unrestricted move.

He was first signed by Manchester City in 2016 for a one-year deal reportedly around £20 million. However, Barcelona was able to speak with him personally and acquire him without having to pay Manchester City an acquisition fee because the player’s contract expired in 2023.

  • Administrative Impact: Gundogan’s previous Manchester City supervisor, Pep Guardiola, is currently in charge of Manchester United, Manchester City’s opponent. According to some accounts, Gundogan decided to move from City to Barcelona in search of another assignment under an entirely different manager as a result of this . This might be based on fact, or it might just be conjecture.
  • Fit for Strategic Action:  Xavi Hernandez at Barcelona employs a possession-based method of play that is comparable to Guardiola’s City, where Gundogan flourished. Gundogan may have benefited greatly from this technical knowledge, as he felt at ease quickly adjusting to Xavi’s approach.
  • Management Function: The midfield leadership void was caused by Sergio Busquets’ departure from Barcelona in 2023. Barcelona was probably drawn to Gundogan because of his background and leadership abilities, possibly considering him as a replacement for Busquets’ sway.
  • Reviving Barcelona: Following their La Liga victory in 2023, Barcelona was experiencing growth; however, their tournament record was not up to par. Acquiring a highly-regarded player such as Gundogan may have been a component of a plan to bolster their team and contend for the league’s championship.
  • The monetary ramifications: Barcelona made a wise financial decision by acquiring Gundogan on an unrestricted transfer in light of their previous financial challenges. His skill and expertise were reasonably priced in relation with other athletes’ transfer costs. 

How many goals has Gundogan scored at Barcelona

It’s challenging to pinpoint the exact cause of Gundogan’s move because there were probably a number of variables at play. These insights offer a more profound comprehension of the possible reasons for the relocation.

Important Objectives: We can evaluate the importance of his objectives. Were any goals enough to seal victories, spark turnarounds, or end significant impasses? This background can be obtained by watching match summaries or television clips.

Performing Approach and Goalscoring: Examine how Gundogan’s scores at Barcelona are influenced by his method of play. Does he score through a series of long-term shots, or by entering the penalty box?


Who is Sara Gundogan?

  • Sara Arfaoui, works as an actor, the speaker, and designer.
  • Ilkay Gundogan, a German soccer player, is her husband.
  • Although she was reared in Italy, she arrived in France and is a French citizen.

Her Career?

  • Sara Arfaoui, enjoyed great professional achievement in Italy prior to her marriage to Ilkay.
  • She was an actress, TV host, and actor who starred in movies and television series.
  • She has stated that she wants to pursue a profession and regain her prior successes.

What is her relationship with Ilkay?

  • The pair got hitched in 2022 after starting a courtship in 2021.
  • Kais, their joint son, arrived in March 2023.
  • Sara has talked about the difficulties she faced being a WAG (wife and girlfriend of a football player) and her wish to be acknowledged for her own achievements.

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