Serie B 2023/24 Standings: Promotion Race

Italy’s Serie B, the second tier of professional football, is currently witnessing a captivating battle for promotion to the top-flight Serie A. With just a handful of games remaining in the season, the top positions are fiercely contested, promising a thrilling climax. 

Let’s delve into the current standings and analyze the teams vying for automatic promotion and the coveted playoff spots.

Parma Leads the Charge

Parma Calcio 1913, a team steeped in history, sits atop the Serie B table. The Crociati (The Crusaders), as they are nicknamed, have displayed remarkable consistency throughout the season. Their well-oiled defense, conceding only 32 goals in 32 games, provides a strong foundation for their success. 

Upfront, a potent attack led by the likes of Matteo Brunori and Roberto Inglese has delivered 57 goals. With a nine-point lead over second-placed Como, Parma is well on their way to a return to Serie A after a three-year absence.

Como Chasing Closely

Hot on Parma’s heels are Como 1907. The Larian Blues have surprised many with their impressive showing.  They boast a balanced squad with a strong midfield trio of Cesare Caserta, Alberto Cerri, and Nicolas Schiappacassi, who dictate the tempo of the game. 

While Como’s attacking prowess isn’t as prolific as Parma’s, their defensive solidity, with only 34 goals conceded, has kept them within touching distance of the top spot.

Cremonese: A Team on the Rise

US Cremonese, another historic club, occupies the third position.  The Grey-Reds have undergone a resurgence under manager Fabio Pecchia, known for his tactical acumen.  

Their squad boasts experience in Serie A veterans like Daniel Ciofani and Luca Cigarini, who provide leadership and composure on the pitch.  With Cremonese only seven points behind Como, a strong finish could see them snatch the second automatic promotion spot.

The Playoff Contenders: A Dogfight Ensues

The battle for the remaining playoff spots promises to be equally exciting. Venezia FC, despite a slightly leaky defense, finds itself in fourth place with a potent attack led by the creative talents of Mattia Aramu and Francesco Forte.  

Catanzaro, with their passionate fanbase, sit just behind in fifth, their attacking style spearheaded by the in-form striker,  Jacopo Dall’Oglio.

Palermo, a fallen giant of Italian football, is also in the mix for the playoffs. Their attacking flair, featuring the prolific Matteo Brunori, is undeniable. However, defensive frailties continue to plague them.  

Just outside the playoff zone are Brescia Calcio and UC Sampdoria, two clubs with rich Serie A heritage. Their experience and hunger for promotion make them dangerous contenders.

The Relegation Scrap: A Fight for Survival

Serie B’s relegation battle is a fight for survival, a desperate scramble to avoid the financial and sporting abyss of Serie C. Three teams find themselves clinging to the cliff edge, each facing a unique struggle.

Calcio Lecco: Anchored to the bottom are Calcio Lecco. The Aquile (Eagles) have been a defensive nightmare, conceding a staggering 60 goals. Injuries and a lack of squad depth have severely hampered their campaign. They face an uphill battle to avoid an immediate return to Serie C.

Spezia Calcio: The Aquilotti (Little Eagles) are a team in turmoil. Despite flashes of attacking brilliance, inconsistency has plagued them all season. Key players haven’t lived up to expectations, and a change in management hasn’t yielded the desired results. They desperately need a winning streak to climb out of the danger zone.

Ternana Calcio:  The Rossoverdi (Red-Greens) are a team with potential but lacking a killer instinct. They’ve drawn too many games, failing to capitalize on promising performances.  With a crucial run of fixtures coming up, their experience in close battles might prove invaluable in their fight for survival.

Each team faces a different challenge. Lecco needs a complete defensive overhaul. Spezia requires stability and a rediscovery of their attacking form. Ternana needs that bit of extra ruthlessness to convert draws to wins.

The pressure is mounting with every passing week. One bad result could see a team plummet further into the relegation zone, while a string of victories could propel them towards safety. The remaining games will be a nerve-wracking test of resilience, composure, and a desperate will to survive in Serie B.

The Intrigue Remains

With the season nearing its conclusion, the Serie B standings offer a compelling narrative. The race for promotion remains wide open, with several teams still in contention. The fight for survival at the bottom adds another layer of drama.  

Serie B fans can expect a thrilling climax to the season, filled with twists and turns, as teams battle for their ultimate goals.


What is Serie B in Italian football?

Serie B is the second-highest division in the Italian football league system, sitting directly below Serie A. It serves as a crucial platform for clubs aiming for promotion to the top flight or seeking to maintain their competitiveness in professional football.

How many teams participate in Serie B?

Serie B typically consists of 20 teams competing in a round-robin format, where each team plays a total of 38 matches over the course of a season—19 home games and 19 away games.

What are the promotion and relegation rules in Serie B?

At the end of the Serie B season, the top two teams in the standings are automatically promoted to Serie A for the following season. Additionally, the third-placed team qualifies for a promotion playoff tournament with teams finishing from 3rd to 8th place in the Serie A standings. On the other hand, the bottom three teams in Serie B are relegated to Serie C.

How often are Serie B standings updated?

Serie B standings are typically updated after each round of matches. This allows fans and stakeholders to track the progress of their favorite teams throughout the season and monitor the battle for promotion and relegation.

Where can I find the latest Serie B standings?

The latest Serie B standings can be found on various sports websites, football news platforms, and the official website of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC). Additionally, sports channels and broadcasters often provide updates on Serie B standings during match coverage.

Who are some of the notable clubs in Serie B?

Serie B features a mix of historic clubs with rich footballing traditions and ambitious teams striving for success. Some notable clubs that have competed in Serie B include Brescia, Parma, Empoli, Frosinone, and Venezia, among others. These clubs often attract attention due to their fan base, stadium atmosphere, and past achievements in Italian football.

What impact does Serie B have on Italian football as a whole?

Serie B plays a crucial role in the development and competitiveness of Italian football. It provides a platform for young talents to showcase their skills, offers clubs the opportunity to rebuild and compete for promotion, and contributes to the overall excitement and drama of Italian football through its promotion and relegation battles.

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