Simon Hickson: A Career Spanning Acting, Writing, and Podcasting

Simon Hickson is a British creative drive who has carved a specialty for himself in the world of excitement. Whereas he might not be a family title however, his work as an actor, author, and podcaster has earned him a committed following. 

This article digs into Hickson’s career, exploring his differing filmography, writing credits, and his attack into the world of podcasting.

From Stage to Screen: Hickson’s Acting Career

Born in 1962 in Salford, Britain, Hickson’s energy for execution showed early on. Details about his formal preparation, if any, are right now unavailable. 

However, his career direction recommends a solid foundation in dramatic acting. Hickson’s early acting credits lie basically in British tv. His to begin with credited part came in 1991, where he showed up as a storyteller in the children’s tv arrangement “Jackanory.” 

The following years saw him take on different episodic parts in appearances like “Rab C. Nesbitt” (1992), “Transmission Impossible” (1996-1997), and “Hard Spell Abbey” (2004).

A turning point in Hickson’s acting career seems to be the late 2000s. He landed a recurring part as Mr. Desmond in the family sitcom “My Spy Family” (2007) and went on to depict Brother Brendan in the same year. 

This period moreover saw him step into film, with a minor part in the 2008 movie “Let’s Play.”

Hickson proceeded to be active in tv throughout the 2010s. He appeared in shows like “The Slammer” (2013) and loaned his voice to characters in the sound dramatization podcast arrangement “Oddness in Space” (2015-2017) and “Torchwood One” (2017).

While details about his later acting endeavors are rare, it’s apparent that Hickson has carved a space for himself in British tv and film. 

His assorted filmography grandstands his capacity to adjust to different parts, from comedic characters to emotional portrayals.

Beyond the Screen: Hickson’s Work as a Writer

It appears that Hickson’s imaginative talents expand past acting. Whereas data around his composing credits is restricted, there is proof to recommend that he has investigated the world of screenwriting. 

IMDb credits him as an author for the brief movies “Off Their Rockers” (2013) and “Let’s Play” (2012), which seem possibly be the same film he acted in.

Whether these are the only ventures Hickson has composed for or if there are others remains to be seen. 

However, his inclusion in the composing handle for these movies illustrates his well-rounded approach to narrating, including both execution and account creation.

Stepping into the Podcast Arena: Hickson’s Podcasting Journey

In recent years, Hickson has ventured into the ever-expanding world of podcasting. Whereas details about his particular podcast ventures are currently unavailable, his filmography recommends a potential interest in science fiction and fantasy. 

The titles “Strangeness in Space” and “Torchwood One,” where he voiced characters, imply this inclination.

It’s possible that Hickson has taken this intrigued and channeled it into his claim podcast creations. Maybe he investigates these classes through anecdotal stories, interviews with industry experts, or basic talks. 

Advance investigation is required to recognize the particular podcasts Hickson is included in and the thematic substance he explores.

The Appeal of Puzzle: Divulging the Man Behind the Work

Despite a thriving career in excitement, Simon Hickson keeps up a moderately moo profile online. 

There is constrained data promptly accessible approximately his individual life, instructive background, or acting preparing. This discussion of riddles surrounding Hickson includes his intrigue.

One can only conjecture about the reasons behind his choice to keep his individual life private. Maybe he prefers the center to be on his work or maybe than himself. 

This approach permits audiences to appreciate his acting capacities, composing aptitudes, and any potential podcast commitments without the diversion of individual details.

A Career Built on Versatility

Simon Hickson’s career direction grandstands a person enthusiastic around narrating in its various shapes. He has explored the universes of tv, film, and possibly podcasting, illustrating his flexibility as an actor, essayist, and possibly a podcaster. 

Whereas details approximately his particular ventures stay elusive, the accessible data paints a picture of a devoted imaginative drive who proceeds to engage audiences.


Q: Where was Simon Hickson born?

A: Simon Hickson was born in Salford, Britain in 1962.

Q: What was Simon Hickson’s first acting role?

A: Whereas details about his earliest roles are limited, Simon Hickson’s to begin with credited part shows up to be in the children’s tv arrangement “Jackanory” in 1991.

Q: Did Simon Hickson get any formal acting training?

A: There is currently no freely available data regarding Simon Hickson’s formal acting preparing, if any.

Q: Is Simon Hickson best known for any particular acting roles?

A: Simon Hickson is likely best recognized for his work on British children’s tv shows in the late 1980s and 1990s. In any case, he has appeared in different sitcoms, dramatizations, and movies throughout his career.

Q: Was Simon Hickson in any movies?

A: Yes, Simon Hickson has had minor roles in films like “Let’s Play” (2008).

Q: What later acting ventures has Simon Hickson been involved in?

A: Specific details about Simon Hickson’s most later acting endeavors are currently unavailable.

Writing and Podcasting

Q: Did Simon Hickson type in any of the appearances he acted in?

A: There is constrained data accessible around Simon Hickson’s composing credits. In any case, IMDb records him as an author for the brief movies “Off Their Rockers” (2013) and possibly “Let’s Play” (2012).

Q: Does Simon Hickson have a podcast?

A: While there is no affirmation at this time, considering his voice acting parts in science fiction and daydream podcasts like “Strangeness in Space” and “Torchwood One,” 

it’s conceivable that Simon Hickson has his podcast centered on comparable subjects. More investigation is required to identify particular podcasts he might be included in.


Simon Hickson’s career path paints a picture of a multifaceted creative force with a passion for storytelling. He has navigated the worlds of television, film, and potentially podcasting, showcasing his versatility as an actor, writer, and potentially a podcaster.

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