A Guide to the Soryotanog Shrine in The Legend of Zelda

The vast deserts of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom hold numerous secrets, including a series of hidden Shrines testing Link’s newfound abilities. One such Shrine is the Soryotanog Shrine, perched precariously high above Gerudo Town. 

This guide delves into everything you need to know about conquering the Soryotanog Shrine, from locating it to solving its sand-based puzzles.

A Sandy Perch: Finding the Soryotanog Shrine

The Soryotanog Shrine can be found overlooking Gerudo Town in the Gerudo Desert region. Here’s how to locate it:

Look for a prominent, blue-hued Shrine structure perched atop a high mesa directly east of Gerudo Town.

You can easily spot it from a distance, especially while exploring the town or traversing the Gerudo Canyon.

The Shrine’s coordinates for those with a keen eye for detail are (-2374, 2232, 1797).

Reaching the Shrine can be a challenge in itself. Here are two options:

Climbing: For the bold adventurers, you can scale the walls of Gerudo Town and use your climbing skills to reach the Shrine’s entrance. Be prepared to deal with Gerudo enemies patrolling the town walls.

Ascending with Sheikah Slate Abilities: If climbing isn’t your forte, utilize the Sheikah Slate’s “Ascend” ability to propel yourself up the mesa’s side until you reach the Shrine entrance.

Unveiling the Buried Truth: The First Challenge

Upon entering the Soryotanog Shrine, you’ll find yourself in a room filled with sand, obscuring the path forward. Here’s how to reveal the hidden secrets:

Look around for a partially buried object in the center of the room. It’s a Sheikah Slate-powered Fan!

Use the Ultrahand ability on your Sheikah Slate. Extend your spectral hand and grab the buried Fan.

Once unearthed, activate the Fan by swinging it. A rush of wind will blow away the sand, revealing a hidden chest containing a small key.

Locate the locked door to the next chamber. Use the small key to unlock it and proceed.

Facing the Zonai Construct: A Trial of Combat and Resourcefulness

The next chamber throws a combat challenge your way. Here’s how to overcome it:

A Zonai Construct, an ancient enemy type, awaits you within. Defeat it using your combat skills and weapons.

Once the enemy is vanquished, explore the room thoroughly. You’ll find another sand-filled area obscuring the path forward.

Light the Way: Utilizing the Zonai Device and Mirror

The next challenge requires using a special device and a bit of environmental manipulation:

Remember the Fan you unearthed earlier? Bring it along! You’ll need it again.

Clear the sand blocking the path with the Fan, revealing a strange, glowing device embedded in the wall – a Zonai Device.

The Zonai Device emits a beam of light. However, its current direction isn’t helpful.

Locate a strategically placed mirror on the opposite side of the room.

Here’s the key: Use the Ultrahand ability to grab and rotate the mirror until it reflects the Zonai Device’s light beam towards a locked gate at the back of the chamber.

The reflected light beam acts as a key, unlocking the previously inaccessible gate. Proceed through the newly opened passage.

A Final Challenge: Reflecting Light for the Exit

The final challenge utilizes a similar principle but requires more precise manipulation:

You’ll enter a large chamber with sand dunes and a central platform bathed in light.

Locate another Zonai Device on the platform, and a mirror on a raised ledge at the room’s edge.

As before, use the Ultrahand to rotate the mirror until it reflects the Zonai Device’s light beam towards a panel on the ceiling.

This reflected light activates the ceiling panel, revealing another mirror above the locked exit door.

With careful maneuvering, use the Ultrahand to rotate the newly revealed mirror so it reflects the light beam from the ceiling mirror down onto a light receptor embedded in the exit door.

The activated light receptor unlocks the door. Congratulations, you’ve conquered the Soryotanog Shrine!


The Soryotanog Shrine in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” tests your puzzle-solving skills with a unique twist on light manipulation. Here are some answers to burning questions about this Gerudo Desert challenge:

Where is the Soryotanog Shrine?

This floating shrine sits majestically above Gerudo Town.  Look for it on a high rock formation. You can climb the town walls or use Revali’s Gale (if unlocked) to reach it.

What’s the challenge all about?

The Soryotanog Shrine, also called the “Buried Light” shrine, revolves around reflecting beams of light with strategically placed mirrors.  By maneuvering these mirrors, you’ll need to direct the light to activate mechanisms and unlock the path forward.

How do I solve the puzzles?

Find the Buried Fans: Look for piles of sand; hidden beneath some are Zonai fans, a Sheikah Slate power that can create wind currents. Use the Ultra-strength ability of the Sheikah Slate to pull them out.

Uncover the Light Beams: Blowing away the sand with the fans will reveal hidden beams of light that you’ll need to manipulate.

Mirror Magic: Strategically rotate the Zonai mirrors to redirect the light beams and hit designated targets, unlocking doors or activating mechanisms.

What are some helpful tips?

Explore Thoroughly: Each room likely has hidden secrets or interactive objects. Look for clues and hidden fans beneath sand piles.

Experiment with the Mirrors: Try rotating them in different directions to see how they affect the light beams.

Don’t Get Frustrated: The puzzles can be tricky, so take your time and analyze the layout of each room.

Are there any video guides available?

Absolutely! Here are some resources to help you conquer the Soryotanog Shrine:

IGN Walkthrough: https://www.ign.com/videos/the-legend-of-zelda-tears-of-the-kingdom-miryotanog-shrine-gameplay-walkthrough

YouTube Video Guide: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yXx_1vWrRaM

What awaits me after completing the Shrine?

Once you solve the final puzzle, you’ll claim a valuable treasure chest and gain access to a fast travel point, making it easier to explore the Gerudo Desert.  More importantly, you’ll be one step closer to completing your quest in Tears of the Kingdom!

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