Starfield: Embarking on the “Into the Unknown” Mission

Starfield, the highly anticipated space exploration RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, takes players on a vast journey across the settled systems of the Milky Way. A core quest within the game is “Into the Unknown,” propelling you towards the heart of the interstellar mystery surrounding ancient artifacts.

 This guide delves into everything you need to know about “Into the Unknown,” from its objectives to the challenges you’ll face.

Unearthing the Unknown: Mission Activation

The “Into the Unknown” mission becomes available relatively early in the game. Here’s how to get started:

Speak to  Captain Ramiro at the Constellation Space Station:  The bustling Constellation Space Station serves as your central hub throughout Starfield. Captain Ramiro, a seasoned explorer, can be found within the station. Talk to him to initiate the mission.

Unraveling the Anomaly:  Captain Ramiro will brief you about a mysterious anomaly detected by Constellation during routine scans. He tasks you, a promising new recruit, with investigating the anomaly and uncovering its secrets.

Following the Trail: The Quest Begins

The “Into the Unknown” mission unfolds across several key stages:

Traveling to the First System:  Ramiro equips you with a starship and provides coordinates for the first destination – a specific star system harboring the initial anomaly.

Locating the Artifact:  Upon reaching the designated system, you’ll need to scan planets and celestial bodies for signs of the anomaly. Utilize your ship’s scanner to detect unusual energy readings.

Landing and Exploration:  Once you pinpoint the anomaly’s location, prepare to land on the designated planet or moon.  Gear up and explore the landing zone, searching for the source of the anomaly.

Unearthing the First Artifact:  Your search will lead you to an ancient artifact likely connected to the anomaly. Interact with the artifact to collect it.

Back to Ramiro:  With the artifact secured, return to the Constellation Space Station and brief Captain Ramiro on your findings. He’ll be intrigued by the artifact’s properties and urge you to continue your investigation.

Deeper into the Mystery: The Second Artifact and Beyond

The first artifact is just the beginning. Here’s what unfolds next:

Analyzing the Artifact:  Ramiro will send the artifact to Constellation’s science department for analysis. The artifact sheds light on a larger pattern, leading to another anomaly in a different star system.

The Second Anomaly:  Equipped with new coordinates, you embark on another interstellar voyage, following the trail of the anomaly and repeating the process of locating, acquiring, and returning the second artifact.

The Bigger Picture:  As you recover more artifacts, a pattern emerges. The artifacts seem to be interconnected, hinting at a grander mystery about the history of the settled systems and the existence of a potentially ancient civilization.

Unraveling the Secrets:  The mission continues as Ramiro assigns you to locate additional artifacts, each piece adding to the puzzle and potentially leading to a significant discovery that could rewrite history.

Beyond “Into the Unknown”: What to Expect

“Into the Unknown” serves as a springboard for your Starfield journey. Look forward to these aspects:

Choices and Consequences:  Your decisions throughout “Into the Unknown” may have a lasting impact on the narrative, potentially influencing your relationships with factions and the overall story arc.

Branching Paths:  Depending on your actions and discoveries, the mission might branch into different storylines, leading to unique experiences within the vast Starfield universe.

Unlocking New Possibilities:  Completing “Into the Unknown” can unlock access to previously unavailable locations, equipment upgrades, or even new companions for your interstellar adventures.

Tips for Conquering “Into the Unknown”

Here are some helpful pointers for a successful “Into the Unknown” mission:

Upgrade Your Scanner:  Invest in upgrades for your ship’s scanner.  An enhanced scanner will allow you to detect anomalies from a greater distance, saving you valuable exploration time.

Suit Up:  Exploring alien planets often presents environmental hazards.  Ensure you have a spacesuit equipped with the necessary protection for the specific environment you’re venturing into.

Prioritize Exploration:  “Into the Unknown” is heavily exploration-focused.  Don’t rush through planets; take your time to scan for points of interest and uncover hidden secrets.

Stay Alert:  While the focus is on exploration, hostile creatures or space pirates might pose a threat.  Be prepared for combat encounters and equip appropriate weaponry.


“Into the Unknown” is a pivotal quest in Starfield, Bethesda’s upcoming space odyssey.  Here’s a breakdown of what players are curious about:

What is the “Into the Unknown” mission about?

This quest delves into the enigmatic concept of “Unity,” a recurring theme in Starfield’s lore.  You’ll team up with Matteo, a fellow Constellation member, to decipher clues and uncover the truth behind Unity.

What are the objectives of the mission?

Uncover Secrets: Prepare to unearth hidden information about Unity through exploration, conversations with characters, and potentially deciphering puzzles.

Seek Guidance: Matteo will be your partner in this investigation. Utilize his knowledge and insights to progress.

Unravel the Mystery: The ultimate goal is to shed light on the significance of Unity and its role within the Starfield universe.

How do I activate the “Into the Unknown” mission?

This quest becomes available after completing the “High Price to Pay” mission.  Following a key loss, Matteo proposes seeking answers about Unity.

Are there any tips for conquering this mission?

Explore Thoroughly: Every location you visit might hold clues or secrets related to Unity. Leave no stone unturned!

Talk to Your Crew: Chat with your crewmates; they might offer valuable information or point you in the right direction.

Embrace the Puzzles: The mission might throw some puzzles your way. Take your time, analyze the clues, and experiment with solutions.

Where can I find a walkthrough for “Into the Unknown”?

Since Starfield is not yet released, specific walkthroughs might not be available yet. However, you can keep an eye on these resources for future guides:

IGN Starfield Guide: Likely to have a dedicated section for the “Into the Unknown” mission upon release. (

YouTube: Search for “Starfield Into the Unknown Walkthrough” closer to the launch date for video guides.

What knowledge am I likely to gain from this mission?

“Into the Unknown” is rumored to be a turning point in the Starfield story. Here’s what you might discover:

Secrets of the Starborn: You may gain valuable insights into the enigmatic Starborn, a recurring element in Starfield’s lore.

The Meaning of Unity: The mission might shed light on the true nature of Unity and its significance within the game’s universe.

Clues for the Main Story: Expect to uncover crucial information that will propel you further in Starfield’s main storyline.

Remember: While these FAQs provide a helpful overview, experiencing the thrill of discovery firsthand in Starfield is the best way to unravel the mysteries of Unity. So buckle up, space explorers, and get ready for an unforgettable journey!

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