Street Fighter 6: A Roundhouse Kick into the Roster

The latest iteration of the legendary fighting game franchise, Street Fighter 6, has arrived, bringing a fresh batch of challengers to the ring alongside some familiar faces. 

This new entry boasts a diverse roster of fighters, each with unique fighting styles and motivations. 

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the Street Fighter universe, this guide will delve into the core cast of Street Fighter 6, dissecting their backgrounds, fighting styles, and what makes them exciting additions to the game.

The World Warriors Return: Classic Fighters Step Back Up

Street Fighter 6 wouldn’t be complete without the iconic heroes who have defined the series for decades. Here’s a look at some of the returning World Warriors:


The ever-stoic karate master, Ryu, returns to hone his skills and test his strength against worthy opponents.  His signature moves like the Shoryuken (rising dragon uppercut) and Hadoken (energy projectile) remain potent weapons in his arsenal.


The strong and determined  Chinese martial artist, Chun-Li, continues her fight against the Shadaloo criminal organization. Her agility and powerful kicks make her a formidable opponent.

Ken Masters: 

Ryu’s American rival and best friend, Ken, returns with his flashy fighting style and fiery spirit.  Expect his signature Shoryuken and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (hurricane kick) to be on full display.


The stoic American soldier, Guile, brings his military background and devastating Sonic Boom projectiles to the battlefield.  His command grab throws and punishing counterattacks make him a defensive powerhouse.


The imposing Russian wrestler, Zangief, returns with his powerful throws and grappling techniques.  His signature Spinning Pile Driver and Cyclone Lariat remain a threat to any opponent who dares get close.


The enigmatic Indian yogi, Dhalsim, utilizes his mastery of yoga and fire manipulation to control the battlefield.  His long-range attacks and unorthodox movement patterns keep opponents guessing.


The mysterious British special forces operative, Cammy, is back with her deadly assassin skills and devastating Spiral Arrow technique.  Her agility and acrobatic attacks make her a tricky opponent to pin down.

These seasoned veterans bring their experience and iconic movesets to Street Fighter 6, offering players familiar ground to stand on while exploring the game’s new mechanics.

Fresh Faces in the Ring: New Challengers Rise

Alongside the iconic World Warriors, Street Fighter 6 introduces a compelling cast of newcomers, each with their own unique fighting style and story:


Introduced in Street Fighter V, Luke takes center stage in Street Fighter 6.  This American MMA fighter combines explosive strikes with a mysterious power for a dynamic and aggressive playstyle.


A young Brazilian Capoeira fighter, Jamie, brings a flashy and acrobatic fighting style to the ring.  His use of improvised weapons and capoeira techniques makes him unpredictable and exciting to play.


An enthusiastic American ninja, Kimberly, utilizes gadgets and technology alongside her ninjutsu skills.  Her fast-paced attacks and mix-ups keep opponents on their toes.


A French judoka and bodyguard, Manon, utilizes powerful throws and grappling techniques to control the fight.  Her unique command grab system adds a layer of depth to her gameplay.


An Italian kickboxer brimming with confidence, Marisa throws devastating kicks and utilizes powerful rushdown tactics.  Her aggressive approach is perfect for players who enjoy a high-pressure offense.

Dee Jay: 

A Jamaican kickboxer with a flamboyant personality, Dee Jay returns to the Street Fighter universe after a long absence.  His powerful kicks and flashy special moves make him a captivating addition to the roster.


A mysterious newcomer shrouded in secrecy, JP utilizes a unique stance-based fighting style that allows him to switch between offensive and defensive stances.  His unpredictable attacks and counter-hit potential make him a complex and rewarding character to master.

These new characters bring a breath of fresh air to Street Fighter 6, offering players a variety of fighting styles and character archetypes to explore and master.

Beyond the Basics: Exploring Character Roles and Playstyles

While the core fighting mechanics remain the same, Street Fighter 6 introduces a new “Drive System” that adds depth and strategic options to gameplay. Here’s a breakdown of the different character roles and how they might utilize the Drive System:


Characters like Luke and Marisa excel at aggressive tactics, utilizing the Drive System’s Offensive Drive options to close the distance and pressure opponents.

Zoner: Fighters like Dhalsim and Guile can use the Drive System’s Defensive Drive options to create space and punish opponents


Q: How many characters are playable at launch in Street Fighter 6?

A: There are 18 playable characters available at launch in Street Fighter 6.

Q: What are the different character types in Street Fighter 6?

A: Characters fall into various archetypes based on their fighting style and range. These include Shotokans (fireball-focused), Grapplers (close-quarters specialists), Rushdown (aggressive attackers), and more.

Q:  Are there any new characters in Street Fighter 6?

A: Absolutely! Several new fighters join the fray, including Luke, Jamie, Kimberly, and Manon.

Q:  Where can I find more information about the Street Fighter 6 characters’ lore?

A: The game itself will reveal some backstory, but you can also search for character bios and information on the official Street Fighter website or fighting game news sites.

Q:  What’s Ryu’s fighting style like in Street Fighter 6?

A: Ryu remains a Shotokan fighter, focusing on fireballs, Shoryukens, and powerful Tatsumaki Senpukyaku kicks.

Q:  How does Chun-Li play in Street Fighter 7? (typo correction: Street Fighter 6)

A: Chun-Li maintains her agility and close-range dominance with kicks and signature moves like the Spinning Bird Kick.

Q:  Is Dhalsim still stretchy in Street Fighter 6?

A: You bet! Dhalsim’s yoga-based fighting style utilizes long-range attacks and his signature Yoga Flame.

Q:  What’s new with Ken in Street Fighter 6?

A: Ken seems to have embraced a more aggressive fighting style, potentially incorporating flaming attacks.

Q:  Tell me about the newcomer, Luke, in Street Fighter 6.

A: Luke is a newcomer with a strong focus on leg attacks and a mysterious past potentially linked to M. Bison.

Q:  How does Jamie fight in Street Fighter 6?

A: Jamie utilizes a drunken boxing style, incorporating unpredictable movements and a unique counter system.

Q:  Is Kimberly a martial artist in Street Fighter 6?

A: Kimberly combines elements of ninjutsu with spray paint can technology for a flashy and unpredictable fighting style.

Q:  What’s Manon’s fighting style in Street Fighter 6?

A: Manon is a French kickboxer known for her powerful leg strikes and a focus on pressuring opponents.

Q:  Which character is best for beginners in Street Fighter 6?

A: Characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, and Ken offer a good balance of offense and defense, making them suitable for newcomers.

Q:  How do I find a character that suits my playstyle in Street Fighter 6?

A: Consider what kind of fighter you enjoy – do you like close-range brawling, long-range attacks, throws, or a mix? Experiment with different characters to find your perfect fit.

Q:  Are there any resources to help me learn more about Street Fighter 6 characters?

A: Definitely! Many online resources offer character guides, move breakdowns, and gameplay tips. You can also watch pro players or fighting game streamers to see these characters in action.

Q:  Will there be additional characters released as DLC for Street Fighter 6?

A: Capcom has announced the first season of DLC will include characters like Rashid, Ed, and Akuma. More characters could potentially follow.

Q:  How will future balance patches affect the characters in Street Fighter 6?

A: Balance patches are common in fighting games and may adjust character moves or strengths to maintain a fair playing field.

Q:  Where can I find news and updates about the Street Fighter 6 characters?

A: Follow the official Street Fighter social media channels and fighting game news websites to stay updated on character reveals, balance changes, and more.

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