Tasie Lawrence: From Nickelodeon Star to Multifaceted Artist

Tasie Lawrence, a name synonymous with riddle and music for numerous, has carved a unique way in the excitement industry. 

Born Anastasia Katya Breezy Dhanraj on December 22, 1990, in Brighton, Britain, Tasie’s travels include not only fair acting but also singing and songwriting. Let’s dig into the life and career of this gifted actress and musician.

Early Life and Musical Pursuits

Tasie, with a title meaning “princess” in Russian, hails from a multicultural foundation. Her father, Derek Dhanraj, is of Indian descent, whereas her mother, Rebecca Sinnatt, is English. This legacy ingrains a cherish for diversity in Tasie, reflected in her imaginative endeavors.

Music played a significant part in Tasie’s life from a youthful age. She sharpened her melodic abilities at the Foundation of Modern Music in Guildford and indeed secured a record bargain with Island Records as a singer-songwriter. 

This period saw her seeking after a career in music, conceivably as a portion of a band called the “WooWoos,” though subtle elements around the band stay scarce.

While there’s restricted data available online regarding the “WooWoos” or the sort of music they played, 

Tasie’s melodic foundation hints at a potential slant towards a darker, more elective sound. This adjusts with the “dim pop shake” sort sometimes associated with her.

Stepping into the Spotlight: House of Anubis

A turning point in Tasie’s career arrived with her part as Mara Jaffray in the Nickelodeon adolescent drama secret arrangement “House of Anubis.” 

The appear, a captivating mix of high school life and antiquated Egyptian mythology, debuted in 2011 and ran for three seasons. Tasie’s depiction of Mara, a quick-witted and steadfast companion, reverberated with a global audience.

“House of Anubis” not only moved Tasie into the spotlight but also presented her to a devoted fanbase. The series, shot in Liverpool

Britain, brought together a different cast and handled subjects of friendship, loyalty, and self-discovery, all woven into an exciting riddle narrative.

Tasie’s time on “House of Anubis” permitted her to grandstand her acting skills with nearby co-stars like Nathalia Ramos (Nina Martin), 

Fabian Loeb (Fabian Rutter), and Ana Mulvoy Ten (Golden Millington). The show’s victory cemented Tasie’s position as a rising star and opened entryways to modern opportunities.

Beyond Anubis: Acting and Beyond

Following “House of Anubis,” Tasie proceeded to investigate acting openings. There were reports of her being cast in a Fox dramatization titled “Hieroglyph” in 2015, set in old Egypt. In any case, data regarding the project’s status remains unclear.

Despite a potential break from acting in later years, Tasie’s nearness on social media recommends she’s still effectively included in imaginative interests. 

There are impressions of her going to industry occasions and enigmatic posts indicating continuous projects.

It’s critical to note that details about Tasie’s current acting endeavors are rare. This might be due to her inclination for security or a move in career focus.

A Life Less Ordinary: Personal Life and Advocacy

Tasie’s individual life has earned a few media consideration. In September 2020, she married comedian Jim Jefferies in a little ceremony. The couple invited a child together, although details approximately their family life are kept private.

Beyond her individual life, Tasie is known for her advocacy work. She serves as a Goodwill Minister for the Africa Wellbeing Association (AHO), 

A non-profit organization devoted to improving healthcare get to and results over Africa. This part adjusts with her assorted legacy and commitment to social causes.

The Multifaceted Tasie Lawrence: A See Ahead

Tasie Lawrence’s travel is a confirmation to her multifaceted gifts. From her melodic roots to her captivating depiction of Mara in “House of Anubis,” she has reliably inspired audiences. 

Whereas details around her current acting wanders stay beneath wraps, her nearness on social media clues at progressing imaginative endeavors.

Whether she graces our screens once more or pursues other imaginative roads, Tasie’s ability and devotion are verifiable. It will be curious to see what the future holds for this captivating actress, performer, and advocate.


Q: Where is Tasie Lawrence from?

A: Tasie was born in Brighton, Britain, on December 22, 1990.

Q: What is Tasie Lawrence’s ethnicity?

A: Tasie is of blended ethnicity. Her father is of Indian plummet, and her mother is English.

Q: Was Tasie Lawrence in a band?

A: Yes, there are reports of Tasie being part of a band called the “WooWoos.” Details about the band’s sort or movement are scarce.

Q: Did Tasie Lawrence go to music school?

A: Yes, Tasie sharpened her melodic abilities at the Institute of Modern Music in Guildford.

House of Anubis and Acting Career

Q: What is Tasie Lawrence best known for?

A: Tasie is best known for her part as Mara Jaffray in the Nickelodeon arrangement “House of Anubis.”

Q: When did House of Anubis air?

A: “House of Anubis” debuted in 2011 and ran for three seasons.

Q: What other acting parts has Tasie Lawrence had?

A: There were reports of Tasie being cast in an appearance called “Hieroglyph” in 2015, but details about the venture are hazy. Information about her current acting ventures is limited.

Q: Who is Tasie Lawrence married to?

A: Tasie married comedian Jim Jefferies in September 2020.

Q: Does Tasie Lawrence have children?

A: Yes, Tasie and Jim Jefferies have one child together, but details about their family life are kept private.

Q: Is Tasie Lawrence still included in music?

A: While there’s no affirmation, Tasie’s melodic background recommends a proceeded interest.

Q: Does Tasie Lawrence do any charity work?

A: Yes, Tasie serves as a Goodwill Ambassador for the Africa Health Organisation (AHO).

Q: Will Tasie Lawrence return to acting?

A: There is no official affirmation, but her ability and fanbase recommend a potential return.

Q: What are Tasie Lawrence’s social media profiles?

A: Whereas specific details are inaccessible to secure her security, Tasie does have a social media nearness that offers impressions into her imaginative life.

Tasie’s story serves as an inspiration, reminding us to embrace our passions, pursue our dreams, and use our talents to make a difference. It’s a story that continues to unfold, and we eagerly await what the next chapter holds for this captivating artist and advocate.

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